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The Moon tells us about our emotional nature and basic needs. It is also the key to how we experience intimacy in relationships. The Moon tells us about our mother, as she is our first intimate relationship. The moon describes our experience with nurturing and the type of nurturing that we expect now. It may also show dietary habits and preferences with food.

The Moon glyph is represented by a crescent indicating the moods, feelings, sensitivities and emotions of the personality.

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  • Leo Moon
  • Virgo Moon
  • Libra Moon
  • Scorpio Moon
  • Sagittarius Moon
  • Capricorn Moon
  • Aquarius Moon
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    Capricorn Horoscope

    MOON KEYWORDS: Personality, emotions, feelings, moods, sensitivity, instincts, memory, habits, imagination, instinctual behavior, mother, nurturing and intuition

    CAPRICORN KEYWORDS: Work, career, public image, status, rank in society, social status in the community, manager, ambitious, responsible, materialistic, conscientious, cold, cautious, prudent, pessimistic, business minded, the boss, manager, father, older men, authority figures, the military, fame, public recognition, level of fortune

    You feel secure when Life is structured, or you are working hard. You may be emotionally distant or cold. You mother's Love may be limited in some way. Your mother may have been strict or cold.

    Those with their Moon in Capricorn have some fairly notable characteristics, although the first thing that comes to my mind is; now here is a person who actively seeks financial security, power and status for themselves as well as for their family. This is not a favorable moon position because the moon is in its detriment in Capricorn.

    This moon placement creates a reserved and cautious nature with an inclination toward being austere and cold. This is because Capricorn is naturally ruled by Saturn, which is a cold, deliberate and distant planet. You take life seriously and probably identify "emotionally" more with material things rather than for spiritual reasons. This does not mean you are not spiritual, it just means you identify "emotionally" more with material things rather than identifying with material things "spiritually."

    The Capricorn moon creates a hard and ambitious worker. The ambitious Capricorn worker does have a personal bias where their ambitions are geared more toward status and financial security. Capricorn Moon's make no bones about seeking power, money and status for themselves and for their family. That's the great thing is they are thinking of their family too.

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    Even though they are thinking about their family too, this aggressive approach to money and power could lead to selfish interests and where they hold positions of larger social responsibility; therefore, they would have the power to influence. Remember the Capricorn motto - "I use, therefore I AM."

    The bottom line is -- there is a tendency to be shy and insecure in your own self-worth, which channels the energy into physical possessions therein identifying your self-worth. The more you have, the more successful you see yourself. You could be overly-sensitive to real or fancied slights.

    This really is not so much about money and possessions as much as it seems. It is merely used as a measuring stick for your success. You justify yourself through ambition, success and personal dignity.

    If the Moon in Capricorn is afflicted by an aspect such as; a square, opposition, quincunx, sesquisquare or semisquare, this would indicate a person who calculates their way to the top, seeks power at any cost without taking into account the feelings of others.

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