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There are seven (7) identifable planetary patterns that operate without attention, credit or regard given to a specific Sun Sign and planet. They are - Bowl, Bucket, Bundle, Locomotive, Seesaw, Splash, Splay.

These patterns pertain to the ten (10) planets - Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

This is NOT including all of the asteroids and the Nodes. It's the planets. Some astrologers study the asteroids, I do not. I call myself a 'Nodal Astrologer', where I focus on and fan out from there. So the patterns are as basic as the ten (10) planets.



Astrology Bowl Pattern on

If your chart has the pattern of the bowl when - your planets cover more than 120° but no more than 180°. This means all of the planets would be sandwiched no less than within a trine of each other and no more than an opposition to each other.

This chart configuration reveals a highly motivated individual who is always chasing something. Something seems to be missing, as you can see from the rest of the chart. It creates a bit of unfulfillment and longing thereby constantly chasing 'something'.

It can be very frustrating like a dog chasing a car. Once the car stops and the dog catches up to it, now what? Okay now that's accomplished, what's next? Something seems to be missing 'again' and the individual is off to chase the next best thing (or the next car) to fill in what is missing.

This individual is not sitting around waiting for the world to spin. This individual spins the world as they are all about action, either stepping into it or creating it. They are activists, not necessarily for a cause, although they certainly can be.



Astrology Bucket Pattern on

If your chart has the pattern of the bowl (sometimes called a funnel) - the chart appears to very much like the bowl only one (1) or two (2) planets are separated from all of the others.

It is the single or pair of planets that appear to be the handle of the bucket, and it is the handle that becomes the focus of the chart. It seems to be the case that the needs of 'the handle' are more important than anything else in the chart. The needs of 'the handle' are always need attention. That one planet floating out there all by itself (or two) seem to always have pain, drama or attention paid to it.

'The handle' is actually so heavy that it serves as the counterweight for everything else in the chart. Now that's heavy, and still that one lone planet can outweigh the rest of the chart because it needs so much attention. It's actually known as the 'toothache' in the chart.



Astrology Bundle Pattern on

If your chart has the pattern of the bundle - your planets are concentrated within four signs or the planets are within a 120° span, which is the width (angle) of a trine.

This bundle pattern reveals concentrated interests 'right there' in the area the planets land. This is where you would focus, drive, clarity, confidence, strength, resilience and stability.

At the same time, a bundle in one area reveals limitation in another area because nothing is really happening there. There aren't any issues, but still, there's nothing happening there to have issues, so you would indeed be limited on what you would be participating in, except for the concentrated area of planets.

The concentrated area of planets reveals your strengths and the area of nothingness reveals not necessarily a weakness, but just 'nothing'. It's not really disinterest, it's no interest.



Astrology Locomotive Pattern on

If your chart has the pattern of the locomotive - then the ten (10) planets would nicely cover about two-thirds of the chart. So you would see the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto lined up like a train covering two-thirds of the chart.

Think of the locomotive chart where there is a leading engine and a caboose at the end. Since the chart is read counter-clockwise, then the planet leading the train going counter-clockwise would be THE MOST important planet, and then the planet at the tail-end of the train would be the caboose, and would be the SECOND MOST important planet.

The locomotive chart has drive, pick-up, weight, continuity, strength and prolonged physical effort that can really hang in there, which is stamina.

This makes it easy to focus on two (2) planets that will get you to the place that you desire to be.

So if the ten (10) planets cover two-thirds of the chart wheel and there are twelve (12) houses, then two-thirds of the chart wheel would mean the ten (10) planets are covering eight (8) out of the twelve (12) houses.



Astrology Splash Pattern on

If your chart has the pattern of the splash - the chart appears as the name implies, which means the planets in this pattern are evenly splashed around the chart wheel. It's like all the planets were thrown on to the canvas and they evenly landed.

This pattern suggests that you would have a multitude, an abundance, or a wide variety of experiences that you can experience, try on, participate in and enjoy throughout your Life. This would be the chart of someone who has done a little bit of everything and never really land on anything.

This would be the chart wheel of someone who has a lot of interests, hobbies and talents of which they are quite Good at doing, but at the same time the collective energy is scattered, distracted and disorganized.



Astrology Splay Pattern on

If your chart has the pattern of the splay - the chart similar to the splash only the planets are sprinkled unevenly around the chart, with as many as three clumps of three or more planets.

If you have this pattern, then it is obvious you have a wide variety of experience, gifts, skills and talents, although it takes a while to figure out what you really want to do as you bounce around from one interest to another.

When you finally settle down and settle into something you enjoy, your dedication is beyond what you may have imagined for yourself, and now you will refuse to budge as your commitment has heart and comfort, meaning you are now comfortable in your zone and have found your niche'.



Astrology Seesaw Pattern on

If your chart has the pattern of the seesaw - the chart will show two (2) groups of opposing planets that are separated by a couple of empty houses on each side.

This pattern reveals that you are literally bouncing up and down, like you are on a seesaw that goes up and down. It's like you are receiving information here and then receiving information there. As you move up and down you are weighing the pros and cons.

This is the pattern of the negotiator, the mediator, the counselor, the judge, the arbitrator, the moderator, the middle-man, the go-between, the peacemaker, the intermediary, the referee, or the broker. As you can see, there are many ways to channel this energy as this is the mark of the individual who has an objective perspective. Being able to clearly see two (2) sides and weigh them accordingly puts you in the seat of one who can be 'that' person who settles differences or sides.

On a personal level you may feel pulled in two (2) directions or split between a rock and a hard place.

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