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Cat Sun Signs on DrStandley.com

Aries Cat - The Enforcer
Taurus Cat - The Fat Cat
Gemini Cat - Curious Cat
Cancer Cat - The Lover

Leo Cat - Royal and Regal Cat
Virgo Cat - Clean Cat
Libra Cat - Romantic Companion
Scorpio Cat - Mischievious Cat
Sagittarius Cat - Traveling Gypsy
Capricorn Cat - Loyal Loner
Aquarius Cat - Eccentric Cat
Pisces Cat - Imaginative Cat

Aries Cat

Aries cats are typically red in color because they are a fire sign. Their personality is also on fire as they are are always on the prowl. When you see your Aries cat crounched down, ready to pounce on their prey, notice the strategizing that must be playing out in their mind.

Aries cats are naturally aggressive and enjoy engaging in mind games and war games where they can conquer their prey. It's all strategy and calculation. This makes them successful mousers. Don't be surprised when they walk through the back-door carrying their victim in their mouth. Capturing the enemy, holding it hostage or even killing it is all in a day's work.

Aries cats are possessive and will protect their territory under no uncertain terms. And they are quite certain that you are part of their territory. It would be common for a cat owner to say, "My cat thinks he/she is a dog." It may take the Aries cat a while to warm up to your friends or relationships. To the Aries cat, it is you and the cat that have the special relationship.

How can you help your Aries cat? Give him/her something to conquer. Aries cats are soldiers; let them serve and protect.
Aries Cat Archetype: Gen. Sterling Price (Rooster Cogburn's cat)
Names for Aries Cats: General, Patton, Rambo, Sarge, Sir, Strategy or Tiger

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Taurus Cat

Taurus cat is all about pleasure, which happens to come in the form of food and then laying around with a full belly. They are grazers and will rarely walk by their bowl without enjoying the savory taste of just one more bite. Most Taurus cats are overweight because they just can't say no to another tasty morsel of food. The food can look bad, smell bad and even taste bad and they will still eat it. Taurus cats are rarely finicky about their food.

The only exercise a Taurus cat is interested in is when he/she decides to get up and walk over there. Either because food is on the other side of the room or there is a more comfortable place to lay down. These cats rarely ever run because that would be like watching a cow run. Cows stand or sit in the pasteur and craze all day long. The real descripture for the Taurus is not actually a bull, it's a cow. A melodious cow. Mooooooo! Therefore, your Taurus cat may even snore you a melodious tune.

Taurus cats are interested in comfort, first and foremost. A comfortable pillow, a warm fireplace and a full bowl of food is all they need and desire. Spending a lot of money on a Taurus cat is simply unnecessary. They are interested in the simple pleasures that Life has to offer (food and a pillow).

How can you help your Taurus cat? Refrain from cramping their comfort and style with unnecessary toys. Your Taurus cat will know that you Love him/her when you refill their bowl.
Taurus Cat Archetype: Garfield
Names for Taurus Cats: Clarence, Ruth, George, Stella or Winston

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(May 20 - June 21)

Gemini Cat

It is important to realize when you own a Gemini Cat, that you are getting two cats in one. What worked an hour ago for this cat has completely changed. Gemini cats are communicators and they will "meow" looking straight at you as if they are actually speaking to you. The Gemini cat meows are easy to interpret. Just listen and follow what it is you think you heard. Once a Gemini cat thinks you understand, they will probably talk even more. A Gemini cat needs to host their own TV or radio show on Animal Planet.

And speaking of TV or radio; Gemini cat will watch TV and listen to the radio. It would be wise to hide the remote control from Gemini cat because he/she is not just trying to play rug hockey with it, Gemini cat is actually trying to figure and work the remote control. They are trying to change channels. If you leave the TV or radio on when you are gone, they will be content.

Gemini cat has nervous energy and will be constantly on the go. They are witty, sharp and will try to mess with your mind. In fact, the best way to communicate with Gemini cat is to mess with their mind. They are looking to you to be their best friend and favorite playmate.

How can you help your Gemini cat? Change the TV channel every so often. Gemini's are known for getting bored and this goes for your Gemini cat too.
Gemini Cat Archetype: Curious George (the monkey) who was always in trouble
Names for Gemini Cats: Buster, Curious George, Curious Georgia, Gizmo, Inspector Gadget or Sparky

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Cancer Cat

I have a lot of experience with a Cancer Cat. I once had a White Persian (Victoria) who was a cusper cat who sat on the cusp of being a Cancer cat and a Leo cat. Talk about a cat that needed LOTS of attention! If you've ever been in Love and can't quite stop looking at the one you Love, then this is how Cancer cat feels about you. It may appear as though this cat is asleep, but the minute you turn your back, they are Lovingly staring at you again. Wherever Cancer Cat chooses to lay their head, they will always have a clear view of you.

Much like their human counterparts, they are very nurturing, maternal, Loving and extremely cuddley. Their desire to be near you is about taking care of you and your needs. They seek to give you Love and in return they receive Love, so in a sense, it is all about Cancer cat receiving Love. This cat will need so much Love, affection and attention that if you deny them their goal, they will probably pout and give you the cold shoulder. Cancer put the "p" in the word pout!

Cancer cat has probably two favorite places to lay. One place may be secluded where they can go into their shell and be alone, especially if they are pouting. The other place is where they can keep one eye gazing at you. If Cancer cat suddenly meows loudly while looking at you, they are saying to you, "I Love You!"

How can you help your Cancer cat? Talk to your Cancer cat and show them lots of Love and affection. Remember, they are giving you what they seek for themselves (Love), just like their human Cancer counterparts.
Cancer Cat Archetype: Pepe Le Pu (the skunk)
Names for Cancer Cats: Cuddles, Juliet, Lover Boy, Romeo or Valentino

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Leo Cat

Leo cats are as representative of Royalty as royalty can get. When you buy this cat a collar, it would better have rhinestones, gemstones or even diamonds. These cats have an ego and you will be able to tell it outright. They have beautiful stately posture just like a lion on the safari. They are the royalty of the zodiac.

When these cats are resting and relaxing, they tend to enjoy tactile fellowship with lots of licking, purring, touching and head rubbing. The are very romantic and sexy cats with plenty of charm to mesmerize and hypnotize you. And when it comes to their food, each cat looks out for itself. Fighting, squabbling and pestering are common especially with adult males because in Big Cat Country the males usually eat first, followed by the females and then their little cubbies. Yes, these cats are egotistical and will let you know it.

Just like their lion counterparts, they spend a lot of their time resting and are inactive for about 20 hours per day. They prefer for everyone to wait on them because again, they are royalty. Talk about a big ego! They enjoy being admired, Loved, worshiped and stroked. These cats will strut their stuff and prance around the house just looking for praise and admiration. These cats will also be enamoured with their own reflection in the mirror. Just watch them lick their paws and stroke their own body. If you choose to ignore them - they will do what it takes to get your attention, even if they have to pee on something that you Love. They will sulk, pout and turn to someone else for their Love and affection.

How can you help your Leo cat? Give praise and admiration. Their food is actually anything that will feed their ego.
Leo Cat Archetype: The Fancy Feast Cat
Names for Leo Cats: Alexander the Great, King, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Queenie, Prince, Princess or Victoria

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Virgo Cat

My veterinarian told me that cats are not finicky, rather that people are and they create finicky cats. Nothing could be further from the Truth when it comes to Virgo cats. They are THE MOST fastidious, fussy and crotchety cats you will ever come across. It is common knowledge in the land of astrology that a Virgo cat litterbox will resemble that of a Japanese Garden. In fact, decorating their space around the litterbox would make them very happy. Put everything at their eye level, maybe even a bonsai tree and small rice paper screen. Their own meditation music would be great too.

Virgo cats are very very clean. They typically have few health problems because they represent cleaniness, Good hygiene and promote Good health. They tend to be spotless and rarely ever spill their food or splash their water. What? And mess up their clean environment! And when it does come to water, this cat will actually enjoy a relaxing bath every now and again. As far as hairballs; what hairballs? If you find them, they will be tucked away somewhere nice and neat in a little pile or maybe even covered in their litterbox.

How can you help your Virgo cat? If you have a long haired Virgo cat, make certain that you help keep this cat groomed. Keep your house clean, neat and organized because it is their house too.
Virgo Cat Archetype: Tidy Cat or Morris the Cat (the world's most finicky cat)
Names for Virgo Cats: Doc, Nurse Ratchet, Felix Unger, Perfecto or Mr. Clean

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Libra Cat

There is a saying in astrology for humans that goes like this, "Libra plays the game and Scorpio gets the blame." This saying goes with cat country too. Libra cats are charming, fun, sociable and just downright gorgeous. You would be hard-pressed to find a Libra cat that didn't have an attractive personality. Believe me, they know exactly what they are doing with their charming ways. They are no doubt little flirts too.

Libra cats need companionship. In other words, they will get along so much better in their world if they are tag-teamed with another cat, preferably another air sign cat (Gemini or Aquarius). This is only because the entire environment will be fun, playful and the energy in the house will remain positive and high-flying.

In you have an outdoor Libra cat, they will no doubt bring other cats home to dinner and before you know it, you will be feeding the neighborhood cats. They like to get out and about, socialize and check out the scenary. They want a party! These cats do find their way into trouble every now and again because they are just looking for a Good time. Libra cats do not like injustice under any circumstances and will come to the rescue when they find it necessary.

How can you help your Libra cat? Make certain that your Libra cat has a companion, otherwise your Libra cat will be extremely lonely and unhappy. They need to wrestle around with another cat and play chase.
Libra Cat Archetype: Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Names for Libra Cats: Charmer, Socialite, Buddy, Pal, Chatty Cathy, Party Girl, Joker, Barney (Barney Fife) or Dapper Dan

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(October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio Cat

I had a Scorpio cat (Penelope) who was THE MOST mischievious cat you could have ever met. In fact, her own mischievious behavior led to her demise because she bit on more than one occasion. Penelope hid, stayed completely out of sight, ran quickly from one place to another and hissed even when barely looked upon. It was easy to tell that this cat had secrets and something to hide. I even had an animal communicator talk to her because I could not get into this cat's mind to see what would make her happy. Penelope just wouldn't share with me although she did enjoy only ME petting her. Even one stroke too many from me resulted in a HISS two inches from my face with fangs drawn and lightning ready to strike.

Joan informed me about Penelope's past because she was indeed a stray, which naturally brought along baggage that Penelope just couldn't get over. This cat was holding a grudge, which is a typical Scorpio trait. Scorpio's Love and hate with equal fervor and so did this cat.

Scorpio cats have secret hiding places where they will bury or hide their toys, catnip or even your shoes and glasses. You might even joke about this cat and say, "My cat thinks he/she's a dog." Bottom line, Scorpio cats are territorial. They are little detectives and will eye up your house guests in seconds flat. Scorpio cats are also highly jealous. They hiss and throw a fit when someone else is getting your attention and it will be you that pays for it. Not to mention they will never like the person who grabbed your attention away from them, especially if you are the one in the house who feeds them, then they are attached to YOU!

Scorpio cats are not Good cats to have around children because they are too fiesty, jealous and unpredictable. They will protect a child if they absolutely have to, otherwise they just don't like children. They recognize children as small people, which is too close in size to them, which makes children their competition. If you don't want scratch marks on your children, get a different sun sign cat. Also, if you are a Scorpio yourself, then the cat will probably not like you either because you will be competition. That Scorpio cat will plot to sting you the first chance it gets. Again, Scorpio cats are territorial.

How can you help your Scorpio cat? Keep your distance; Scorpio will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Otherwise, your business is their business and their business is none of your business.
Scorpio Cat Archetype: Catwoman from Batman
Names for Scorpio Cats: Columbo, Joe Friday, Kojak, Sherlock, Cagney, Lacey, Superstition, Sleuth, Shadow or Hidden Agenda

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Sagittarius Cat

Sagittarian cats are often strays because they Love to roam and wander the planet. They are typically colorful characters in personality, mannerisms and appearance. They are the explorers and gypsies of the zodiac. In other words, they are the traveling cat who does not get car-sick. This cat would even Love jewelry attached to their collar so that they would sound and look just like a gypsy. If you ever really do see a cat behind a steering wheel, you can believe that it is a Sagittarian gypsy cat ready to explore the world.

These cats are best left with an open door policy, meaning they need to explore the neighborhood and see who is out there. They have places to go, people to meet and homes of different cultures to visit. Sagittarian cats are not nearly as neat and tidy as the Virgo cat. In fact, the Sagittarian cat is probably the messiest cat of the twelve signs. They have so much going on that they cannot take the time to keep their area clean. Their toys are scattered everywhere and their litterbox will need cleaning more often than most cats. They don't have time to worry about things like litterboxes and scattered kitty litter. Whatever!

The Sagittarian cat is a lucky, happy, street smart cat similiar to the character Bugs Bunny who always comes out a winner when engaged in conflicts with personalities like Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Marvin the Martian, Rocky and Mugsy, Wile E. Coyote, Witch Hazel and Yosemite Sam. The Sagittarian cat can easily get on his/her high horse and yell out, "DIS means war!" just like Good ol' Bugs Bunny. Then again, that overconfidence will at times work against Sagittarian cat and will then get caught playing the trickster on others. This is a very 'lucky' cat and seems to have 18 lives as compared to the usual 9 lives of a typical cat.

How can you help your Sagittarius cat? Take this gypsy cat on a trip or it will have to go it alone.
Sagittarius Cat Archetype: Closest cat archetype here is Bugs Bunny (the street smart happy rabbit)
Names for Sagittarius Cats: Lucky, Gypsy Rose, Travelocity, Orbitz, Crash, Tricky, Trickster, Bee-Bop or Bugsy.

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Capricorn Cat

Capricorn cats are rather shy, reserved and not very sociable. That's because they are practical and all business. They are also usually the boss of the house. They are incredibly devoted to their companion (you) as long as you are Good to them. If they are mistreated, you may think that you have a dog on your hands instead of a cat. Still, they take on the archetype of a dog more than a cat.

Capricorn's are known for climbing mountains far and wide, and the ladder of success, which is why the Capricorn Cat takes on the archetype of Lassie, the world's most famous dog. This makes sense because Capricorn rules the 10th house of fame and recognition. If you recall from the story, when Lassie was sold due to economic hard times of her family, she traveled hundreds of miles to get back to the boy she Loved so much. Capricorn cats have the same perseverance and diligence as Lassie. They also have incredible instinct and courage. Capricorn cats can probably prove through their experiences that they do in fact have 9 lives.

Capricorn cats will reveal their need for a boost of confidence by their desire for attention, Love and admiration. Remember, Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, recognition, status and fame. Capricorn cats are popular and may even make it to television one day.

This is also a very materialistic cat. Make certain that their toys and immediate surroundings are only the best that money can buy if you want to make them happy.

How can you help your Capricorn cat? Buy them something nice and you will be their friend for Life. Plenty of kind words and strokes of affection will make this cat man's best friend.
Capricorn Cat Archetype: Closest cat archetype here is Lassie
Names for Capricorn Cats: Boss, Hugo Boss, Buster, Sarge, Sir Edmund (after Sir Edmund Hillary the first man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest)

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(January 20 - February 19)

Aquarius Cat

This Aquarian cat is one quirky and peculiar cat who is out to have an adventurous and explorative Good time. This cat gets twisted in telephone and extension cords while drawing friends into its rebellious and erratic world. Aquarius naturally rules technology, so if you are missing the remote control, follow the Aquarian cat!

This cat is happy, friendly, a bit goofy and curiously inventive. You may think this cat is on drugs half the time but again, it is just the Aquarian cat quirky personality. This cat enjoys playing with string, balls, feathers and may even play catch or fetch like a dog. You may get the feeling that this cat is from another planet simply because Aquarius rules the future, invention and technology.

Aquarian cats definitely require adult supervision unless of course you want to come home and find your home is disarray. Their curious and inquisitive nature is certain to equal trouble and chaos. Sometimes all you can do is shake your head and laugh because it's impossible to stay angry at this seemingly innocent yet chaotic cat.

How can you help your Aquarius cat? A toy cell phone, toy remote control and maybe even its own Barbie car should keep this cat busy for at least another week before it finds more trouble to get into.
Aquarius Cat Archetype: ALF (Alien Life Form), E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial)
Names for Aquarius Cats: Astro, Spacey, Techni, Space Cadet, George Jetson, Judy Jetson, E.T., or Alf

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Pisces Cat

Pisces cat has one heck of an imagination typically seeing what no one else can. This is a very entertaining cat and enjoys being on stage or creating drama wherever and whenever it can. Everything is done dramatically with the Pisces cat due to its over-active imagination.

This cat is obviously under the influence of Neptune, its naturally ruling planet, which also rules drugs and anesthesia. Pisces cat is drawn into surrealism and anything that reflects a dreamlike or bizarre nature. Pisces cat easily frees its unconscious mind and exercises its imagination. This cat can probably paint! You might even see Pisces cat chasing shadows that you do not see, yet know that is exactly what they are doing.

Since this cat is the dreamer, it is also the dancer. Just watch this cat dance playfully while chasing bugs, shadows on the wall or imaginary images that are not seen by anyone else. This is an incredibly happy cat left to its own instincts and playful nature.

Pisces cat is also very affectionate, kind and has incredible social manners. This cat really wants to be Loved and will take it personal if it feels you do not care about them, which is another reason why this cat is so entertaining because it just wants to be Loved. This cat is also very spiritual and you may just get the sense that this cat understands the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Pisces cat is grateful and has "Star Power!"

How can you help your Pisces cat? This cat is moved by kindness and enjoys affection, praise and an audience. If you laugh or clap one time, this will stimulate more of the same. Pisces cat knows when it is on stage.
Pisces Cat Archetype: Felix the Cat (the first cat on the silver screen coupled with surrealism)
Names for Pisces Cats: Dreamer, Dancer, Prancer, Shadow, Miss Manners, Sigmund Freud, Sigmund, Freud, Salvador Dali, Salvador or Aesop

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