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Written in mid-July 2022

Pluto in Capricorn on DrStandley.com

This write-up is an addendum to the original Pluto in Capricorn write-up that I posted on October 15, 2008. If you have not yet read that write-up, now would be a great time before reading any further. Just click on the Pluto in Capricorn Astro Meme to the left.

In that write-up you will see throughout the years where I made comments or additions in blue font. Otherwise, I thought it was best to leave the write-up as is, so we could see it play out together in real time. Its a great way to see if a write-up holds weight when you allow it to stand on its own.

As you read through the Pluto in Capricorn write-up, it serves as a gentle reminder to as to how we arrived at what Life looks like now. Pretty F'ing unbelievable is what it looks like now. Wouldn't you say?

What I will be doing here is making a case for 'Spiritual Warfare' and what we are seeing in the world. You WILL have to choose a side and you better decide pretty damn quick because it's GAME ON! Everything that you know and Love has been infiltrated and manipulated, and is 'trans'forming into something it was never intended to be. I'll get to all of that . . . keep reading.


Written in mid-July 2022

I chose to name this page 'Pluto Rising in Capricorn' for many reasons. First, Pluto is 'rising' in degrees and currently we are at the 27 degree mark (out of 30 degrees) which is where Pluto in Capricorn was back in July 1776.

I wrote about this on Wednesday - July 13, 2022 and provided nine (9) pages of chart wheels.

We have two (2) years and four (4) months left of Pluto in Capricorn, which are going to be the worst years as Pluto RISES in degrees. The heat is RISING!

Pluto naturally rules the sign of Scorpio, which is symbolized by three things -- 1) the scorpion, 2) the eagle and 3) the Phoenix Rising. It's important that I set-up this symbology so that when I use descriptions in the paragraphs below and as I add to this, it will make perfect sense.

The Scorpion is a creature that is a fixed sign. It wears its skeleton on the outside of its body, so it has an exoskeleton, whereas we humans have a endoskeleton. Our skeleton is on the inside of our body. The scorpion is the one creature that has not changed in 435 million years. Wholly Wow, that is one tough nut to crack! Think about that for a minute. In 435 million years, the scorpion has changed 'the least' out of all living things. Read more about the sign of Scorpio here and how difficult it is to kill them. If you step on them with your shoe, you might hear a crunch, but they just crawl away. It's like they are immortal. Eeery! Well, Pluto is Scorpio's ruling planet.

The eagle is interesting that it represent Scorpio, as the eagle is the national bird symbol for the United States, which is - strength, courage, freedom and immortality. There it is . . . immortality. Remember that word. This is all going somewhere, so just stay with me.

And did you know that the four (4) gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (the 4 evangelists) are represented by the four (4) fixed signs in Astrology? They are fixed signs in the middle of the seasons. They do not start or end a season. They are fixed in the middle of a season.

I'll touch on this just a little bit, so then you can take off and do your own research.

Matthew is represented by the Man (Aquarius), Mark by the Lion (Leo), Luke by the Calf or Ox (Taurus), and John by the Eagle (Scorpio). These are the four (4) fixed astrology signs. And did you know that these four (4) images correspond to the images written about in Ezekiel 1:10? Look it up folks!

Matthew is associated with the man because his writings (Gospel) focused on the human nature of Christ Jesus and his geneaology.

Mark is associated with the lion because his writings (Gospel) focused on the dignity, nobility, royalty and exaltedness of The Christ. The lion is associated with 'king of beasts'. And we remember John the Baptist (who I LOVE) as the one crying in the desert with the lion's roar.

Luke is associated with the ox because his writings (Gospel) focused on the sacrificial animal from the Old Testament, which became the sacrifice of Christ Jesus in the New Testament. Christ Jesus was the sacrifice!

John is associated with the eagle because his writings (Gospel) focused on the 'Incarnation' of The Christ. The eagle is symbolic of the one who comes from above. The incarnation was beyond the present and that's what John saw . . . beyond the present (at that time).


Now let's fast forward and get to Pluto, which is the planet of transformation, transmutation, transconfiguration, transfiguration, trans, trans, TRANS!!! Associating any words yet?

Pluto rules 'meta'morphosis. Does this ring any bells with the word META?

Did you know that the 'transfiguration' of Jesus, The Christ is represented by a CLOUD? That's right. Jesus came down in a CLOUD after He ascended into Heaven and appeared to Peter, James and John.

Pluto is on task to 'transform' at all costs. Anyone can use the Pluto energy as they wish, as all the planets have their positive and negative traits. Pluto destroys in order to restore. Pluto levels in order to raise. Pluto dismantles in order to rebuild.

Pluto is all about purging, gutting, removing, eradicating and anniliating. Pluto is all about destruction in order for reconstruction to take place, which in turn brings out full-blown transformation. Be careful what you wish for folks!

Have you seen or heard the soundbyte of the word 'dismantle' being used by the far left over and over again to 'dismantle the police'?

I added this section in red on Sat. - October 29, 2022.

Think about this word 'mantle' because it is Scriptural, and it would be just like Pluto to infiltrate this word, take it over and turn it upside down, pointing downward.

When one takes on a mantle, it means to take on something that is important, that also has responsibility and duty associated with it, which must be fulfilled by the one who has either chosen the job or task through passion, spiritual nudge or happenstance (of which we know there is no happenstance or accident). One who carries the mantle, feels compelled to fulfill it. First responders are often mantle carriers.

In Scripture, a mantle is often referred to as a garment that represents a calling or that carries Spiritual energy or some sort of Spiritual authority.

So now take your mind back to the 'use' of the word 'mantle' in society today. Used in a Capricorn way, as Capricorn rules the police, Pluto rules the netherworld and underworld, and we see the world 'mantle' turned upside down where the police are being dismantled. Their power has been stripped and turned upside down.

Granted, some policemen and policewomen needed to go, and we could expect a dis-mantling of police along with all authority figures in order for transformation to occur. We will see the rebuilding of police once it has been purged, but in the necessary purge, we are also seeing the word 'mantle' being used against themselves. Interesting that the dark force chose to 'use' their own word 'mantle' against them. But that is how dark energy works. Right?

Pluto can be a wonderful planet, but he can also be incredibly filthy and dirty. Pluto is the natural ruler of Scorpio, which rules sex, the genitalia, perverts, perversion, intercourse, reproduction, the rectum, the anus, orgies, outrageous acts, which can easily turn violent, grotesque and literally monstrous.

You must understand if not monitored, appreciated, corrected, watched, observed and checked, Pluto will do whatever the 'hell' he wants. In fact, Pluto is the ruler of - the basement, the underworld, the netherworld, baal, moloch, satan, refuse (trash), debris, scum, pus, semen, blood, guts . . . oh oh oh, back up a little bit . . did I say "basement?" Who did we hear about during the presidential campaign about being in his basement the whole time and did virtually no compaigning. Oh wait, all he did was virtual and barely went out in the public. That's right 6-pack joe, meaning 666-iden.

Pluto is sinister, it rules the swamp (does that ring a bell)? Remember PRESIDENT Trump always talked about 'draining the swamp'. Make certain you read the Pluto in Capricorn write-up again because it reminds you of what Pluto rules and Capricorn rules. Incidentally, both 6illary clinton and joe 666iden are Scorpio's! This in no way means all Scorpio's are bad, heck my fiance is Scorpio. But it does 6illary and 6iden are in the thick of this mess.

As a gentle reminder, Capricorn rules authority figures, father figures, bosses, managers, supervisors and those in high places. Capricorn also rules the government and the military. Read the write-up again.


Getting into the meat of the matter . . . everything that you were, have, intended and positioned yourself for, as in goals, it has all been infiltrated. Life as we know it has been overtaken and infiltrated and is in the throes of being TRANS-formed by forces that are incredibly ugly and monstrous.

We are in a place and time in our history where women don't even know who they are anymore and don't even look like themselves because make-up has become so grotesque. There is no other word for it. Women are becoming 'characters' and now biological women have to defend their own gender. It's nuts! (Pun intended). There is an identity crisis that is so jacked-up that suddenly people don't even know who they are anymore and the world is hung up on PRO-NOUNS?

Life has turned crazy and will keep rolling in this crazy train until the masses gather and stop the madness. It seems that the masses do NOT realize they are being dis-mantled themselves. They are being de-fended, not defended. You are being de-fended by defunding the police, de-fended by criminals who are not being jailed and put right back on the street with no bond or hearing set. You are being de-fended by not having a say-so in your children's education and your child can have medical issues withheld from your knowledge. You are being DE-FENDED to where you cannot even defend yourself without going to jail yourself . . . hence the bodega worker in New York.

Even yoga has become infiltrated with madness and I blame it all on losing their drishti (focus) because they began mixing the moving meditation (yoga) with F'ING alcohol. The very thing (peace, zen) that they are attempting to attain or gain, is all lost after class with the yoga and beer or yoga and wine mixture. Yoga is mixed with so many absolutely ridiculous things that its not yoga anymore. I won't promote those types of things because it's NOT F'ING YOGA!

Then there are the churches, which are all going to fall flat on their faces. I can see the steeples beginning to fall over. It's a bummer because I do LOVE church. I have always been very churchy. Even as a little girl my mom would run me into town and drop me off at a church. I would go to the Methodist Church for a few weeks, and then go to the Baptist Church, and then switch off to Catholic. I have always been a church bouncer. I taught 3rd grade Sunday School when I was a Presbyterian and I'm currently a practicing Catholic. I converted when I turned 40 years old, I'm 61 years now.

But church has lost its flavor and churches are going to be closing and held to account for their greedy ways. It just bums me out because I like Church and it's going to be a very sad day when church hits the fan. It's coming soon! Churches are ruled by Saturn and Capricorn. But churches will fall. You know the Scripture . . . Matthew 5:13 Jesus said, "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer Good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot."

There are a lot of fires going down around the world and in the U.S. Explosions, fires and the like. Keep in mind that Pluto is the higher-octave of Mars (fire). Pluto is taking fire to a higher level. We are seeing fires everyone. We are seeing heat (temperatures) rising. We are seeing temperaments rising. Madness rising. Anger rising. Crime rising. Remember, Pluto rules the basement, the netherworld, the underworld, satan, baal, moloch, etc.

Remember this, words that we know, things that we Love, will be used against us in order to lure us in and make the freakiness we are drawn to more appealing or more palatable or somehow 'okay'.

Also, you can find this article listed as 'Pluto Rising' in the left-side navigation column under the header in white font 'Outer Planet Write-Ups'.

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