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What is a Quincunx on DrStandley.com

If this Daily Horoscope resonated with you or you received an 'Ah-ha', please consider supporting my 'original content' and buying ME a coffee. You might say, "One awakening (horoscope) for another awakening (coffee)". What a wonderful exchange of chi'.

Generally, I do not write about quincunx aspects in the Daily Horoscope, simply because there are always a load of minor aspects that would prove to make my day unending if I addressed every little aspect rolling through the day. So I typically stick with - trine, sextiles, square, opposition and conjunctions.

Even though I do not write about quincunx's in the Daily Horoscope, I do include them in your Expansive Natal Charts and Solar Returns.

A quincunx is where two (2) signs pretty much have nothing in common and sit there wondering what to do about each other. It's like they are saying, "What now?" This is how you feel completely uncomfortable in your own family, or with people you should feel comfortable with, but yet you have nothing in common, and sometimes you have nothing to even fight over, so you might just make something up in order to tango/tangle.

It's weird energy to say the least. You just cannot seem to land in the same space and it's like you are coming from different worlds that are not even opposite worlds.

  • Aries - Virgo, Scorpio
  • Taurus - Libra, Sagittarius
  • Gemini - Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Cancer - Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Leo - Capricorn, Pisces
  • Virgo - Aquarius, Aries
  • Libra - Pisces, Taurus
  • Scorpio - Aries, Gemini
  • Sagittarius - Taurus, Cancer
  • Capricorn - Gemini, Leo
  • Aquarius - Cancer, Virgo
  • Pisces - Leo, Libra
  • Using myself as an example . . . I always say this about me and my Scorpion King, that we have everything in common, but nothing in common. Everything about us is just to the left or right of being opposite of each other. That last sentence is an important statement.

    For instance, whatever is your opposite sign, the sign to the left or right of it is your quincunx. So for me, Sagittarius is my opposite sign. The signs to the right or left of it (meaning adjacent) is Gemini's quincunx. That would be Scorpio and Capricorn for me as a Gemini. This is important folks so get another cup of coffee so you can take this in because I happen to be engaged to a Scorpio and I have a lot of Capricorn in my natal chart. How in the heck do I reconcile these quincunx energies? How do I feel comfortable with my Scorpion King or comfortable in my own skin with my Capricorn heavy natal chart?

    Expansive Natal Chart on DrStandley.com

    This is why you can read your Natal Chart or Solar Return or even the Daily Horoscope for each Sun Sign over on my other website - www.Pose-itivelyYoga.com and have a hard time reconciling the BIG Daily Horoscope write-up on this website. Maybe you have a hard time reconciling the Daily Horoscope with your chart. How do they line-up? Well for starters, maybe the Moon is in the sign of your quincunx! Ah-ha!

    So back to having everything in common, but nothing in common. This is how siblings can be raised in the same house and come from two (2) completely different worlds. You have everything in common, BUT NOTHING IN COMMON, and you think to yourself, "Who ARE these people and why am I with them?"

    I could write for days how much my Scorpion King and I have in common. Our mothers have the same first name, but neither was called by their first name, they were always called their nickname. Our fathers were both stationed in Korea. We have the same amount of siblings. We grew up in the exact same style house. Our high school mascots were the same. It goes on and on and on. Our first date we chose to go bicycling as we had that in common. He drove up in a Jeep Cherokee Laredo. HELLOOOOOO! I'm half-Cherokee from Cherokee, NC and my name is LORETTA! Everything we have in common is exact like that. It's bold, it's blatant and you can't miss it.

    Now here is why we have nothing in common. I see nothing as an accident or coincidence, and he does. All of the things I listed mean nothing to him as 'a sign' that we should be together, to him it just is what it is. It's more like a fluke to him, and it is Divine Intervention to me. It was meant to be 'to me', and is circumstantial 'to him'. I don't have to be hurt or take it personal that he does not see things my way, HE'S QUINCUNX TO ME! Ya' see!

    Solar Return Report on DrStandley.com

    If we were offered concert tickets to the Symphony on the same night that we were offered concert tickets to a heavy metal concert, I would get someone to go with me to the symphony, and he would get someone to go to him to the metal concert. It would be a no-brainer. We would both want to go to either with each other, if they were on different nights, but not if they are on the same night. We will choose accordingly, and still go, with someone else. It would be a non-issue, no question, no argument, "Have a great time sweetie." We are independent of each other enough to feel comfortable in ourselves and not make each other uncomfortable making a choice we don't want to make. We force NOTHING!

    It's a Good to know and understand these energies about each other because not understanding these energies can either ruin a relationship or cause you to not even entertain what might have been a great relationship.

    Now what about the Capricorn quincunx to Gemini and me being a heavy charted Gemini/Capricorn. I have my Moon and Saturn in Capricorn. How about that? It would be an easy guess by any astrologer on the planet that both my parents were military as Capricorn rules the military. And yes, both my parents were in the U.S. Army.

    So how do I reconcile being comfortable in my own skin with energies that are quincunx to my sign (Gemini)? I simply choose. I just own that is who I am. I integrate that part of me that is so strong in Capricorn, into me. I work with it. Capricorn is an entrepreur. It is who I am and more.

    I can't stand mayonaisse, but I can't eat tuna fish or potato salad without it. WEIRD! Well, quincunx's are just like that . . . WEIRD! How can I be with or eat something that is so contrary to me? I integrate the mayonaisse!

    The cool thing about having quincunx's is in the 'fulfillment'. Your chart quincunx's give you what you want and need. So work with it. The people in your Life 'can' also give you what you want and need.

    My Scorpion King and I can have a relationship while giving each other what we want and need, even if he does not think just like me. He certainly feels the relationship is cosmic, but not the way I think of cosmic. And that's okay. He doesn't have to think like me for me to accept his definition of cosmic or vice versa. I'm guessing his definition of cosmic means wild.

    What is important to me is that we can laugh our asses off with each other and at each other at 4:45 AM. We laugh A LOT and that comes with acceptance. One thing we have in this relationship is LOTS AND LOTS OF HUMOR! There is a lot of imitating each other in this house and if there is one thing my Scorpion King can do and that is imitate or do impressions of people. He honestly could have been a famous impressionist and played some of his characters on Saturday Night Live. He's pretty damn great at it.

    So, when you see Quincunxes in the Daily Horoscope, you can remind yourself of this article. You will be challenged in these areas where the energy feels weird and kinda uncomfortable.

    When you read your Natal Chart or Solar Return and say to yourself, "How can I be this and that?" where quincunx's are concerned, it will make more sense because sometimes what is written on one page contradicts what is written on another page. Well, welcome to yourself my dear little astrotator. We are all a dichotomy. Once you accept this about yourself, you can accept this about someone else, and then everyone else.

    Compatibility Report with or without a phone reading

    You may also see A LOT of quincunx's in your Compatibility Chart with your favorite people. Quincunx's certainly explain a lot and are super-enlightening if you just accept the commonalities and differences as - a fluke, coincidence, or Divine Intervention (like myself). It's okay. There is no need to force feed yourself on each other. Everyone wants to be accepted, so how about accepting that?

    If this Daily Horoscope resonated with you or you received an 'Ah-ha', please consider supporting my 'original content' and buying ME a coffee. You might say, "One awakening (horoscope) for another awakening (coffee)". What a wonderful exchange of chi'.

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