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If you are looking at a Natal Chart that I wrote for you, the T-SQUARE in the middle of your Chart Wheel will be the color RED for the square lines and the color GREEN for the opposition lines. In the picture to the right, the longest line running through the middle of the chart will be GREEN for the opposition line in the charts that I write for you instead of RED that you see to the right.

A T-Square or T-Cross is when two planets are in opposition aspect to each other (180 degrees) and both making a square aspect of (90 degrees) to a third planet. It's an isosceles triangle!

View the 2 T-Square's in: Martha Stewart's Chart below. The other side of the T-Square is Jupiter in Gemini in the 8th house. It's saying, "USE YOUR JUPITER IN GEMINI IN YOUR 8TH HOUSE OF OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY!" Interestingly enough, Martha Stewart's company is called "Omni-Media." Media is ruled by the sign of Gemini and Omni means "all or everywhere." Omni is a Jupiter rulership because Jupiter is the most expansive and abundant planet in our Solar System and seeks to take up a lot of space, in space. It makes me wonder if she had an astrologer help her with this name or did she migrate to this name herself. Either way, it is what it is, and as it turn's out . . she used the energy negatively . . but she will recover and eventually use it positively.

Both square and opposition aspects are supposed to be stressful aspects, which can panic the neophytes in astrology when they see they have a T-Square in their natal chart. This is a frequent chart aspect in most successful people. And most successful people can tell you that their success has had its ups and downs, yet they keep moving toward their intended goal. Would you believe Oprah Winfrey has a T-Square? When you think of the challenges she has openly admitted to the world, it makes perfect sense. T-Squares give a person experience, wisdom and character.

Therefore, you will more than likely see T-Square's in the natal charts of CEO's, leaders, famous or creative people because there is nothing that would stop them from attaining their goal. And because of the challenges they experienced, this makes them all the more successful since the focus was brought about by the T-Square. Having a T-Square is like driving a car with 3 wheels. It's obvious you're only driving with 3 wheels so identifying and fixing the problem is fairly easy. If you drove a car with three wheels, you'd have a fairly Good idea what to do in order to fix the car and make it driveable.

So which point do you look at to identify the problem? Look to the planet that is at the 90 degree angle and then look directly across to the other side of the chart and THAT is the point focus. What planet is there and what sign is it in? If there is no planet there, then look at that particular house to see what the house focus is. Then focus on the house rulerships for the answer to any problems.

If a "singleton" planet is involved, then this is the point focus. A "singleton" planet is one that is sitting by itself and away from any other planets, yet it is involved in the T-Square.

You can also look to see where there is emptiness. A T-Square is really a Grand Cross with a planet missing on the other side. Look to see what is on the opposite side of the chart that is not part of the T-Square and see what sign is over there. There's a clue right there. Look to the house position, the sign that is represented there and any planets involved.

By the way, T-Squarer's never give up!

Martha Stewart's 2 T-Squares in her chart

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you've been doing it your whole Life." - (Dr. Loretta Standley)

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