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This is a 'mini' collection of chart wheels and graphics to help you begin researching your own astrology. Here is an example of the 14 page packet you will receive with your order tailored to your birth information. This example is using Steve Jobs Natal Chart Configurations and Graphics.

This file will help you understand how the chart works and all of the symbols, graphics and lines running through the chart. This will give you a head start on your understanding and then you can grow from there.

If you previously ordered an Expansive Natal Chart from me, you do not need this file because I included a much larger Chart Configurations and Graphics file with your Expansive Natal Chart order. This file is merely for beginners of astrology and is a mini version.

Click here to see a sample of this Chart Configurations and Graphics file using Steve Jobs chart as an example of what you will receive.

Enter First and Last Name
Enter Birth Date (Must be written out as Month, Day and then year)
Enter Birth Time (Make certain you state AM or PM)
Enter Birth City and State
Enter Birth County (if you know it)
Enter Birth Country
Enter e-Mail Address
Enter Phone Number in case your e-mail kicks back to me

Fees on this page are non-refundable merely due to the fact that they cannot be returned or exchanged.


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