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**NOTE -- I write only one (1) Daily Horoscope, which is for all 12 Sun Signs. In this Daily Horoscope I address and interpret every aspect and transit occurring each day. It is only in the Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscopes that are tailored to each of the 12 Sun Signs.

Today's Astro Awareness
Sunday, May 28, 2017

All about Libra on DrStandley.com

Today I continue on completing the rest of the June 2017 Astro-Memes and getting the July 2017 Astro-Memes up after that. There is a lot of intense writing and creating to get this entire process complete for two (2) months so just bear with me. I am incredibly motivated to get two (2) months posted because I like to have my time freed up and non-committed. I have Jupiter in Aquarius, which is THE MOST freedom-loving planet in THE MOST freedom-loving sign, which means I do not like to be tied down. I think I've been engaged for six (6) years now. Now can you see why I do not book phone readings beyond a few days because I don't know what I'm doing next week. I like to keep my options open. For us 'Natal Jupiter in Aquarius' natives, every decision we make and every thing we do is all based on how it impacts our freedom. So knowing this about me, this is why I want to be way way way way ahead, so that my time is freed up for summer. Plus, I want to be ahead to be ready for other luscious aspects when they roll in this summer. I want to be ready! I need to take a picture of the back of my SUV and you will see how I'm always prepared to have a Good time. I'm ready to go, just in case. The warm weather is here and I want to be ready, which means any work that I can get completed ahead of time, will be completed ahead of time so my hands are untied. This is what keeps me free to take readings on-the-fly and not booking two weeks from now. That's how I roll folks. After 'hot yoga' today, because you know I have to get my yoga fix, I will be planted in my orthopedically tailored leather chair hammering out Daily Horoscopes for several days and getting these Astro-Memes posted for two months. I'M MOTIVATED!

Right now, at this writing, you will see that the first few days of June are absolutely SPECTACULAR, especially for Love and Money. Since Venus has everything to do with both (Love and money), I will be adding more information to the first two aspect pages. On June 3rd you will see that the Sun trines Jupiter, which is the aspect that everyone wants in their Natal Chart or Solar Return and only occurs twice a year. The Sun trine Jupiter only occurs twice per year because when Jupiter is in a certain sign, like it is in Libra right now, which is an air sign, it can only trine the air signs Aquarius and Gemini when the Sun is in Aquarius and when the Sun is in Gemini. So the last time we saw Jupiter trine the Sun was back on February 11, 2017 and the next time is June 3, 2017. You will see the Astro-Memes for Mars moving in Cancer on June 4th, Venus moving into Taurus on June 6th and Mercury moving into Gemini on June 6th as well. These three (3) transits are not linked up to the pages yet but you can still see the Astro-Meme. They will be linked up today once I get the pages written. This page is going to be changing very quickly over the course of the day, so keep checking back and then you will see July 2017 Astro-Memes posted. Once I get rolling, it happens pretty quickly. Stay tuned and Stay Astrologized™

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