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Today's Astro Awareness
Monday, April 24, 2017

All about Libra on DrStandley.com

Did you notice there is a SPECIAL OFFER coupon on the mobile site? Folks, let me tell you how the mind of Gemini (me) works. When my website stats take a flying leap and make a significant jump, THEN YOU GET REWARDED! That's when you will see me do these things. I watch my stats like a Hawk looking for a mouse (detail) in the field and when I see what I wanna see, I swoop down and give you a gift. When I say numbers matter to me, they do. The coupon does have to be redeemed by April 26, 2017, but the reading does not have to be before that date, you can choose a later date if you like. So if you are able to redeem a couple of them, then you will have saved a nice hunk of money. So remember, when you see SPECIAL OFFERS from me, that means I am responding to you in-kind for smacking those share buttons like a whack-a-mole.

Since the North and South Node will be changing signs from Virgo (NN) and Pisces (SN) to Leo (NN) and Aquarius (SN) on May 9, 2017 one of my Facebook friends asked me to do a write-up on it. ABSOLUTELY, I will do that for you. You can thank my Facebook friend 'Donna Parker' for that reminder! THANK YOU DONNA PARKER! Now you all know that my write-ups are always monster-size, so prepare yourself. I will be posting a North and South Node write-up on Leo and Aquarius sometime today (Monday). I also forgot to put an Astro-Meme on it in the May 2017 Astro-Memes. I'll do that too. There's always something isn't there. By the way, do you have the North and South Node eBook?

Also, keep checking the home page because I am going to be firing all kinds of new things at you that have to do with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that are beyond the ADLs that I currently post, that have everything to do with things that I actually do in my Activities of Daily Living. As a North Node Virgo myself, it is important that I use my own Activities of Daily Living to get you to do yours, which may be different than mine, but I get (from my chart and solar return) how doing mine could easily push you into doing yours (ADLs).

Have you been reading ahead on the April 2017 Astro-Memes? This week there is a New Moon in Taurus, which has everything to do with your self-worth, which translates into earned income, personal possessions, how you handle money and your morals and values. Soon, Mercury will turn Direct. Soon we will be coming out of the Venus Square Saturn energy on May 7, 2017 that has been pressing on us since March 24, 2017. Soon there will be a New Moon in Taurus. Soon the North and South Node will change signs from Virgo and Pisces to Leo and Aquarius on May 9, 2017. Soon Venus will move back into Aries, which will be asking what you have learned about 'Love' during its Retrograde that made it square Saturn twice and enter Aries twice in one season. Soon the Sun will sextile Neptune and ask how well you know yourself and the Sun will trine Pluto and give power to the powerful and power to the powerless. What does all of this mean for you in the upcoming weeks? Find out and redeem that coupon from the mobile site. Stay Astrologized™.

Do you know how hard it is to continually come up with 'original content' on a daily basis? Well it isn't hard for me because I'm me, but I can see how it would be hard for someone else. If anyone wants to 'license' my content to put on their site, then let's talk about that, but you cannot and should not do it without my permission. I'm pretty much done being take advantage of, which is something that my Solar Return taught me to do over this past year. That was a hard lesson. If you are using any of my 'original content' writings or any of my Astrology to write your own website or Astrology on your website or blog, please make certain you reference my website by way of a link or a 'shout out'. I would appreciate that. While I absolutely LOVE all of my hard work being shared (using the share buttons, copying the links, etc.,) and giving credit where credit is due, it pretty much rubs me wrong when I see my work lifted, copy and pasted into others writings trying to pass it off as their own work. That's called, "Plagarism". Referencing my hard work is the nice thing to do. Heck, it was so bad at one point I had to get my work protected. So when you see the banner below, which you may have noticed at the top of each website page just above the red drop down menu bars, it alerts me to my work being copied and pasted into websites or blogs. This is a service I must pay for, which means I'm serious about it. I work very hard at delivering all kinds of different subject matter and 'original content', as well as great Astrology, so I would appreciate being appreciated. For several years I did not post the banner but now I keep the banner posted regularly. Folks, there really are no secrets on the web.

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