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from Dr. Standley

"If you believe things happen for a reason,
then don't freak out when things do happen, for a reason."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

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[Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015]


Audio'Siyo or Osiyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Last Daily Awakening, Stranger on the Bus

This morning's Musical DLG™ (Musical Download from God™) called, 'Photograph' by Ed Sheeran is one of those songs that takes me directly into a spiritually romantic conversation with God, where I am reminded that everything is as it should be and everything will be okay. I have really been stretching myself lately, feeling somewhat triumphant while at the same time feeling somewhat defeated.

While listening to this song I was reminded of something that God whisphered to me years ago which was, "Loretta, whatever you should be doing with your Life, you've been doing it your whole Life." Just like in today's video below, I couldn't stop doing what I am doing (with this website) if I wanted to. I wouldn't know how to stop, give up, quit or throw in the towel. I have been communicating, writing and talking my entire Life. It's what I do. I am a Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, the winged messenger. I am the scribe, the writer, the talker and the messenger of the zodiac. I can't get away from me and my mission if I tried.

In grade school I spent more than my fair share of time in the hallway 'writing' sentences due to my talking. I was a cheerleader, President of Student Council and even gave the morning and afternoon announcements over the 'loud speaker' when I was a senior in high school. Fast forward into my professional Life, for years I held health lectures and workshops, wrote articles for several different holistic magazines and in one particular holistic magazine I had my own "Dear Dr. Standley" column. After being interviewed on the radio one day, the station director offered me my own radio show. Gemini also rules radio, microphones and broadcasting. I am so me! So why play me down, instead I play me Up! Even after converting to Catholicism 15 years ago, the very next week I was asked to be one of the lectors. No matter where I go, there I am, dubbed to step up to my mission and purpose that God laid out for me. And now here I am with this massive website talking to millions of people on the largest communicating platform known to mankind, the world-wide-web. And I mean literally, millions!

Watch the video, listen to the words, have that conversation that God. Agree to step up and take on the mission to be, the you, that He created you to be, because whatever you should be doing with your life, you've been doing it your whole life.

by Ed Sheeran

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley

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"Whatever you should be doing with your Life,
you've been doing it your whole Life." - (Dr. Loretta Standley)


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