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Aerobic Activity | Baseball | Chi Kung | Cross-Country Skiing | Cycling | Gardening | Golf | Running | Swimming | Tai Chi | Walking | Weight Training | Yoga

Aerobic activity is the best type of fitness movement and should be done at least three times a week. To be aerobic, your routine must raise your heartbeat to the proper range. However, you should always be able to carry on a conversation while you engaged in this type of movement. If you cannot, you are pushing your body too hard. It is necessary that you monitor your heart rate to be certain that you achieve your proper heartbeat range determined by your pulse.

The general formula for determing your proper pulse rate is:

     - Ideal Exercise Heartbeat Rate Per Minute = 220 minus your age.

This figure multiplied by 0.6 gives the low number for your pulse range. Multiply by 0.85 to get the high number for your pulse range. Any pulse between those two numbers is within your target heart rate zone. Moderate aerobic activity for a longer period of time is more effective than strenuous activity in short bursts. Aerobic activity will:

  • rapidly cleanse chemical toxins from the blood
  • increase oxygen utilization and the function of oxygen-dependent metabolic pathways
  • allow your heart and blood vessels to function more efficiently
  • enhance endocrine function
  • stimulate the production of endorphins, which helps to mask pain and bring about a feeling of euphoria
  • cause a lower resting pulse rate
  • increase your endurance

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