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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Anaretic Degree, Karmic Degree, 29th Degree on DrStandley.com

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Experiences lead to experience on DrStandley.com

The degree from 29° 00' 00" to 29° 59' 59" is called the Anaretic Degree or Karmic Degree or 29th Degree. Once the last second ticks by, then a full 30° is fulfilled.

This is also known as the 'Fate Degree' as the last degree is considered an obstacle, snag or problem, but the Good news is, this eventually leads to MASTERY! If you have a 29 Degree planet, you can also think of it as your nemesis, which means your archenemy that you often face in battle. This degree can also be seen as God's Will, Divine Providence or Destiny.

There is no greater teacher than experience. Typically it takes us a long time to learn our lessons. The 29th Degree is no different. It can often look like smacking your head up against a wall or feel like the longest yard just before the field goal.

The 29th Degree is an obstacle, snag or problem, until one finally realizes the answer has been with them all along.

If you have a natal planet at 29th Degrees, it does not mean you 'have' mastered it, it means you will 'have to' master it, and it will take DECADES to do just that.

Mastery comes through experience, and we get our experience through experiences. It's just the way it is. We have to be able to get through and solve, understand and deal with complex experiences, issues, problems, situations and circumstances until we realize the solution has been with us the entire time. Just like 'Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz' clicking her heels three (3) times and BOOM problem solved. Sadly, it takes YEARS, and I mean DECADES to understand the complications of Life and realize what is Truly ours to carry, and what was never ours to pick-up in the first place.

Take for instance the 16 year transit of Pluto in Capricorn. By year 2023 it has taken 15 years for Pluto in Capricorn to reach 29° and it hasn't been easy. Think about what we knew at the start of Pluto in Capricorn back in 2008 at 00°, and what we now know about Pluto in Capricorn at 29° with regard to authority figures, father figures, those in a position who tell us what to do, the government, those in charge, the boss, the manager, CEOs, celebrities, those in a position of power, and influencers, who are as the name implies, which are those who are in a position to influence us. While the word 'influencer' has been around since the 1600s, it morphed into a big ol' thing around 2019.

Pluto in Capricorn enters 29 degrees for the 2nd time on DrStandley.com

Notice how it has taken well into the full expression of Pluto in Capricorn for the masses to reach MASTERY over Pluto in Capricorn and get 'the get' and become aware of the abuse, crookednes and manipulation of Pluto in Capricorn 'at the top' and how the people have literally given their independence and power away to Pluto. Think back, when have you done that very thing (surrendered your power) to an individual in your past (or present)?

I always write to you to think of POWER when you think of Pluto, like Plutonium.

The anaretic degree is the crest, crown, tip, top, tippy-top (tippy-top nod to the conspiracy theorists), peak, summit and zenith. This is just like the summit of Pluto in Capricorn (the mountain) at 29 degrees, which I have been writing about and wrote about in the Tuesday - December 19, 2023 Daily Horoscope. The 29th degree is the final degree before a planet moves into the next sign. The 29th Degree is a BHD (big hairy deal) for any planet, including the Moon and the Sun, which are not really planets at all. The Sun is a star and the Moon in a luminary (satellite) of the Earth.

If a Retrograde is involved, which it is with Pluto in Aquarius moving back into Capricorn on January 20, 2024 and September 1, 2024, we will have seen the 29th degree of Pluto in Capricorn occur four (4) times before he is finally complete and moves into Aquarius for a 20-year stretch. See the Pluto in Capricorn 29 Degree Astro Meme above.

Imagine, 20 years of Pluto until MASTERY again, but this time under the subject matter of Aquarius, which will be for the next generation who made the mistake of not paying attention and has hard lessons to learn. BUMMER! But then again, the next generation is taught by the generations before them, meaning US! Well, there's a reason why grandma saved her bacon grease and reused her aluminum foil. Again, experience is the best teacher, even for 29 degree planets.

So, the Anaretic Degree, also known as the Karmic Degree, is also referred to as the 29th degree, which is pretty much what I call it most of the time. If I wrote your Natal Chart and you have a 29th Degree, then I absolutely addressed it in your Chart Configurations and Graphics file.

The full wheel of the Zodiac contains 360° and is composed of 12 houses (representing the 12 Signs). Therefore, each house contains 30°.

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Each degree within a house is labeled 0-29; therefore, the 29th degree is the last degree that a planet travels through in any house.

If you have a planet positioned at the 29th degree in any of the houses in your Natal Chart, then that planet is stationed at the Anaretic Degree.

Your personal Natal Chart is a picture of the planets moving about the heavens that were present at the exact moment you were born. It is the first picture of your birth. The picture (chart) reveals the location of the planets within the houses at the exact time you were born.

When reading your chart, I look to the characteristics of the planet at the 29th Degree and respect its teachings. It is significant to have a planet at the 29th Degree.

If a planet is in this position at the time of your birth, it means that you are very close to MASTERING an important lesson of the Universe, but you have not quite achieved success. If you work on this 29th degree from early on, then Life will be much kinder to you and you will make less bad, tough or flat out wrong assumptions and decisions. This is why teaching children the right thing to do with a 29th degree is so important. Get this lesson completed early in Life. It's tough. I'm telling you, it takes DECADES to stop pointing fingers, blaming, getting in trouble, ruining a Good thing with wrong responses and just calming down to see what the planet is offering you.

Anaretic Degree, Karmic Degree, 29th Degree on DrStandley.com

The 29th degree is as close as one gets just before mastery, which like the last yard before a touchdown. In other words, you would definitely be in field goal range. When the lesson of the planet involved is mastered then and only then will the individual be able to move along and progress forward spiritually and universally.

People with a 29 Degree planet have a lesson to learn, and its a hard one. If you insist on being difficult as if the rules don't apply to you, then just remember, karma is a cruel mistress and she will be back for payment.

If you have a 29th Degree planet, you should take it seriously and move toward the planet's Good characteristics so that you do not warp or thrwart its purpose and meaning. For example - rebelling against authority (Saturn) can easily get you arrested. Instead, become self-disciplined and respect authority. Follow the rules you are barking out for others. The 29th Degree reveals a crucial need to 'correctly utilize' the energy of that planet involved.

The 29th Degree should not be ignored if you want to grow and transcend where you are now and reinvent yourself to a higher level of operation and participation while here on the planet. The 29th Degree is pretty much a big-ass deal.

on DrStandley.com


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