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Today's Astro Awareness
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All about Sagittarius on DrStandley.com STAY ON TOP OF YOUR NEW MOON IN ARIES! I have been working feverishly on the new site design, which is why I was hell-bent on getting my Astrology writing posted far enough ahead so I wouldn't have to think about it. While part of the site will look very much the same, part of the site will looking completely different. These changes will be very noticeable on every single page of this site. You may notice that the navigation buttons in the left column are gradually disappearing. There used to be 42 navigation buttons on the left and now there are only 22 or 23 buttons. Who knows how many there will be my tomorrow afternoon, but I guarantee it will be less. While it may 'appear' as though I have taking a lot of things off the site, nothing is really being taken off, as much as the whole site is being reorganized so that I can begin adding the new content that I've been wanting to add for a long long time. I will also be moving content from a couple of other sites that I own over here to DrStandley.com so that all of my energy will be gathered in one place. You would not believe how much I have accomplished so far. So while it looks like very little has changed, I guarantee a lot has changed and there is no turning back now. I have flashed the new look a few times for a couple of seconds just to make certain the energy of the changes lands on the New Moon in Aries Day of 'fresh starts and new beginnings'. Slick huh? Keep checking back because this process is moving along pretty quickly.

APRIL 2017 ASTRO-MEMES ARE ALREADY COMPLETE along with all of the horoscopes through the end of March 2017. As a gentle reminder, Mercury does turn Retrograde on Sunday, April 9, 2017. There is plenty of time to get yourself prepared, backed-up and any maintenance completed before this Retrograde goes into motion. Do these things BEFORE Mercury turns Retrograde so that Mercury will be kinder to you. There is plenty of time, so act now!

THE SOLAR RETURN REPORTS THAT I WRITE are much different than what you will experience in any other Solar Return Report. The Solar Return Reports that I offer are deeply informative with the detail you need in order to stop you from acting or reacting one way and giving you the insight into the gifts that will be your route of escape or tool for the right job. All of the aspects and influences you are under will have the detail of applying and separating degrees so you will know just how close the aspects are to you. Applying degrees will peek your intuition, which means you will in fact feel this intuition all year long and the separating degrees will leave you feel relieved or refreshed after you find yourself experiencing the aspects in question. Where (or if) you are deeply troubled, my Solar Return Reports will tell you why this is so. At the same time, you will have choices with certain aspects of where to concentrate your energies. After having such a rotten first five months of my 2016-2017 Solar Return (and two months before my birthday) I was already experiencing the energy of it in 'applying degrees', I can tell you that reading my Solar Return Report five (5) months AFTER my birth date saved this website because I was ready to just stop, rest and do something else. I was getting seriously bored and tired. Once I read my Solar Return (that I wrote several months before my birthdate) I jarred my brain so much that I just laughed. It changed my world. I understood so much. Even though I am an astrologer, sometimes even we astrologers are too close to our own Astrology to remember to even look at it. I encourage you to get one of these Solar Return Reports because I truly believe it will help you too. My Solar Return Reports are insanely detailed and accurate explaining the energies you are under for an entire year. I have made them available for you to 'pay in full' or make 'partial payments' until they are paid in full. It's just like lay-away. I do not believe anyone needs to go without if they truly want something. This makes it easier for everyone to get what they want, and what they need. No one is left out of the loop because of cost. And as always, the major perk of having a chart or report written by me is that you can call me and ask me about it if you do not understand something. I encourage it. DO NOT FORGET THAT! Stay Astrologized™

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