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Monday - January 23, 2017

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This weekend over on my FB Fan Page a visitor kept pressing the Uranian catastrophic influence and I said that I would come back and address it. It's Monday morning but I was with my friend Julie all weekend so I wasn't going to give up my time with her to Facebook volley. So I'm back in my seat and here goes. I know some of you who come to my website do not use social media, so below is my response are the Uranus influence to the U.S. Presidency.

The Uranus influence that Kim brought up, yes it is there and I can stick the information about that in the Brain Dump™ as well because it is worth addressing, if not at least to calm some touchy nerves. Touching all aspects is possible, but not in all one setting. That's just a lot of writing and a lot of time. But see, on Inauguration Day, Uranus in Aries was opposing Jupiter in Libra, that's the get rich quick scheme aspect. That's the Astro-Meme that shows the perfect-storm to the point of catastrophe. Remember, we experienced the 'exactness' of that aspect back on Dec. 26, 2016. That was the perfect storm where the Astro-Meme was the huge wave with the jaws opening and swallowing a tiny boat. That aspect was exact 26 days ago, nearly a month ago before the Inauguration and is now in separating degrees. While the aspect is still in the 'orb of influence' as an opposition, it has come and gone without catastrophe. This same opposition takes Uranus in Aries and sextiles President Trump's Gemini energy (the Sun, the North Node and his own Uranus).....and yes it does oppose his natal Jupiter in Libra at 03 degrees.

Jupiter opposing Uranus on DrStandley.com

Now here's the thing folks......you take this energy and drop it into a person who has no experience handling money or business OR someone without a lot of experience with ill intentions like Bernie Madoff and you have a financial situation that collapses in on itself.....but that is not the case here. Here is someone who knows all of those laws, regulations and loopholes who has admitted that he took advantage of the laws, regulations and loopholes in business because they were there to use. Trump has admitted that in many debates. I know plenty of people who took advantage of the laws to repair their credit (it's called Statute of Limitations) to take bad debt that was still their personal debt and get it thrown off their credit report because it was older than 5 or 7 years. It depends on the state. I know these same individuals declared bankruptcy because the laws were there to use. I know people who use loopholes to keep from going into foreclosure. Those laws are there to take advantage of and use. The same goes for business. Well Donald Trump has said in many debates that "yes" he used "the law" to his advantage and he knows the laws and those big loopholes for business. JUPITER IN LIBRA! That's right, Libra rules laws, negotiation, agreement, etc. While it would be easy to go into fear over this aspect that occurred in its exactness 26 days earlier, there is SO MUCH more than is so perfect (like his Jupiter Return) in exact degrees to the week of the recount.....like his natal Jupiter in exact trine to his Sun .... and so much more. Me or any astrologer could pull out that aspect and just hang on to it (and make you fearful) because it is our nature to go toward fear and cling to it....GEEZ, I cannot relate to that....anyway, the rest of the natal chart, solar return, inauguration day chart does not support peeing on ourselves in fear. That same Uranus in Aries that is 03 degrees of separation might be really tough in someone's Solar Return who's birthday was on January 20th, 2017 ....if that person did not know about money, was was inexperienced in matters of business or money, or who already had financial issues that they could not manage. An average person might be overcome by that kind of energy, but not a billionaire. That's fuel in their belly. Folks, the overall chart needs to looked at. So yes, I agree with Kim that the aspect is catastrophic in nature, if you look on my website aspect pages....I gave you a huge write-up and ....she copy and pasted Charles E. O. Carter's information on page 25 from his book "Astrological Aspects". I don't have that book....I just Googled what she provided because it sounded like a copy and paste and not original feedback. And that's okay...I'm just saying, I think real conversation with you about your own thoughts and fears using the astrology gives us all something to ponder. Her contribution reminded me of bar scene out of 'Good Will Hunting'. Anyway, here is that aspect that occurred on Dec. 26, 2016. Remember in the Brain Dump I said that, "December 20, 2016 until December 28, 2016. It was that week where he felt this energy the most." and I was referring to Saturn rolling over his South Node and Moon. That was a very ugly week for him. The Jupiter in Libra / Uranus in Aries opposition probably didn't help. But to make certain I cover all the bases that concerns everyone who asks....I will go back into the Brain Dump and add the information about this opposition. Remember, this same Uranus in Aries at 20 degrees trined his South Node in Sagittarius at 20 degrees and Moon in Sagittarius at 21 degrees and put some more fire in his belly. It didn't hurt Donald Trump, I believe it helped him and he just doubled-down when the going got tough. Incidentally, President Trump has Mars and Pluto in Leo. That is incredible power and the Uranus in Aries energy trines his Mars in Leo. More fire in the belly. Challenges to this man only give him fuel...ROCKET FUEL. The Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Aries opposition will be exact again on Thursday, March 2, 2017(and 02 degrees further from his natal chart) that it was on December 26, 2016. It be exact again on Thursday, September 28, 2017 - and then not again until January 20, 2031 - June 20, 2031.

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