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Today's Astro Awareness
Sunday, April 30, 2017

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If you are on my Facebook fan page you may have noticed that I started posting Astro-Memes for all 12 Sun Signs. These same Sun Sign Astro-Memes will show up on my Twitter feed. As my priorities shifted back to myself during the first pass of Venus in Aries, the rhythm of my personal life combined with my professional life is now in sync. That dang 2016 - 2017 Solar Return of mine nearly tried to do a number on me and I took absolute drastic measures to get myself back and better than ever. This year I decided to get a jump on my 2017 - 2018 Solar Return before it engages so I am ready. As a result I am healthier than I have been in a long time and I am more organized than I have been in a long time (and that's saying a lot because I'm about as organized as a meticulous filing cabinet on a bad day). Still, I wasn't giving myself any attention and the shape of my body suffered, as well as my metabolism and energy level. Friday Venus moved back into Aries for the second time this year and I am ready to take 'me, me, me' to the next level. Venus in Aries will last until June 6, 2017 so I will be in over-drive the whole time, as if I haven't been already. (winky wink)

Venus in Aries on DrStandley.com

If you have been on my personal facebook page, which is different than my other Facebook page, then you know I have been spending a lot of time at 'hot yoga' and the gym. In fact, I have been going to two (2) hot yoga classes a day and still going to the gym, which is a total of 3 workouts a day (that's 3 hours a day working out). I have had to literally shock my metabolism back into action. Sitting on my Rumpelstiltskin for 17 years working on this website and only getting in an hour of exercise a day (if that) did not mean I had an active lifestyle. Since I don't even walk to a car to go to work, I wasn't even getting in 100 steps a day. Working out one hour a day (if that) meant I still pretty much meant I had a sedentary lifestyle because walking to the kitchen or bathroom and back to my office was only getting me 35 to 68 steps a day. Certainly I'm more active in the summer but what about the other nine months? Right? Now, my metabolism is rolling again and my activity range per day is not just moderately active, I can now consider my lifestyle as highly active. Whew! I have worked my tail off to get to this point over the past few months and as I begin adding two new sections to this website, I will be using myself as the example. Oh it's going to be so fun! We all know that we are supposed to take care of ourselves first and put our mask on first (airplane example) and I had not been doing that. I had not been doing that for a long time. Well folks, I am doing it now and from now on, my health, fitness and personal life will come first and then I will work. Don't worry, you won't see the website suffer because during this whole transition and transformation of myself, the website has been changing right along with me and I have not been behind in writing the Daily Horoscope. At the same time, you will be seeing a lot more of me on this website. It's going to be fun! Stay tuned and Stay Astrologized™

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