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Monday, February 27, 2017

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Here I am again. Just as you should still be, so am I, in a deeply contemplative space with this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces that occurred yesterday morning (Sunday). This is such DEEP energy (like the Ocean) that I cannot help but take you a bit deeper this morning in your Monday Daily Horoscope. This is the perfect opportunity for me to offer you a taste of what I really want to write for you on a daily basis rather than a Daily Horoscope that tells what you what you may or may not be today. Heck, you can get that anywhere, right? As the spirit that God created me to be, who was labeled or tagged with the name 'Loretta Standley' at my birth, you have no idea how difficult it is for me to remain 'generic' on a daily basis writing horoscopes like everyone else who writes horoscopes. And most of the time it bores the hell out of me. It's just not deep enough for where I want to go. It's just a bit too physical world for me, when all I really want to do is come up for a air, grab a deep breath and take you all to greater depths with me, into the depths of the Ocean. I am constantly wrestling with this over-whelming desire to take you deeper into Astrology where you can source this information in a spiritual sense, rather than just read Daily Horoscopes to see what is up for you in a physical sense. You can get that anywhere, right?

I constantly see and hear so many individual's say that they are a "spiritual being in a physical body", or I see and hear them say that they are "spiritual and not religious", but yet I witness these same individuals living just about as physical world as one could live, all wrapped up emotionally in their physical environment. I don't say this with judgment, I say this as observation. It's not my job to judge. I feel it is my job to observe, report and offer a solution. There is so much more to Astrology than you may realize and its heart-breaking to see so many people grasping at straws trying to find that one sentence that will make it all click or find that one word that will save their Life and make their struggle go away or their circumstances change.

As a natal South Node Pisces, I can go deep folks, and I mean dive really really deep and stay there for long periods of time because that is my gift. And just like you, I am supposed to 'use' my South Node to migrate to my North Node. I am supposed to use my South Node Pisces (mental and spiritual health) to become all I can be in my North Node Virgo (physical health). It's not that any of us are supposed to ignore our South Node, instead we are to use our South Node as experience and knowledge to become our North Node. The South Node is just like our previous job experience to do the job we want to do next. When we are asked in a job interview what is our previous experience, we list our previous experience and knowledge, including previous jobs and education. Well the South Node is the exact same thing. We don't go back to those same jobs we did when we first arrived on the job scene, we use the experience and knowledge to take on our new position.

I realize that my Daily Horoscopes are not the only game in town. I know that you can get Daily Horoscopes from absolutely anywhere on the internet and most of my visitors will have many sources from which they source their horoscope. But I don't want to contribute to you 'grasping at straws'. I want my writings to be like a strong rope where you can grab hold and lift yourself out of that hole, especially if it is a hell-hole. So I am constantly in this battle with myself as to why I am writing Daily Horoscopes at all. And of course, we are back into a mutable sign (Pisces), which takes me deep into these question marks once again. Remember, I was deep into this same question mark right at about this time last year. So, if you can get this information anywhere, then why am I participating because I do not feel like I am like anyone else on the planet. I feel so incredibly different, that I often wonder, why am I doing what others are doing? I'M NOT LIKE THEM!!! I feel like I have so much more to offer you than these generic horsocopes that cover an entire population of people under one Sun Sign. My desire is that you know yourself personally, which is that person who is underneath your skin, who is just scratching and crawling to come out.

So my dear little mentators, that is where I am this morning. I knew this Pisces energy was going to hit me deep again, and no matter how much I prepared early to stay ahead on horoscopes, I grabbed a deep breath and went back underneath the water and swam around in project self-discovery. My preference is to go deep with you, which is why I prefer personal phone readings to anything else. At the same time I enjoy writing monster-size articles about the days energy rather than 12 separate smaller writings (horoscopes) that may not really serve you in the grander scheme of things. I mean if you are going to source your daily horoscopes from several sources, why should I do what everyone else is doing. Honestly folks, I just feel like my work is so much bigger than that. I'm so much bigger than that. So that is where I am today. Working ever-so-closely with my Solar Return Report tells me that this bored little Gemini is going to make significant changes, it's just a matter of when. I am finishing your Monday Daily Horoscope right now, which I will correct this sentence when it is complete. This will give you a taste of what I prefer to write. I'll let you know when today's Daily Horoscope is complete.

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