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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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**NOTE -- I write only one (1) Daily Horoscope, which is for all 12 Sun Signs. In this Daily Horoscope I address and interpret every aspect and transit occurring each day. It is only in the Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscopes that are tailored to each of the 12 Sun Signs.

Today's Astro Awareness
Thursday - September 21, 2017

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I'm still getting a lot of deeply-concerning questions about the current state of global weather affairs and what is my astrological take. While I cannot find the time to investigate every natural disaster (and I mean that gently), I firmly stand behind my writing about Pluto in Capricorn in your Generational Horoscope (*link above). Over the past 9 years I have been saying, "You ain't seen nuttin' yet" as my visitors and followers asked me about the natural disasters occurring and I still say, "You ain't seen nuttin' yet." And here's why. The only way that Pluto can satisfy itself is to do what it is purposed to do, which is COMPLETELY CHANGE the way Life is, as we know it, under the description of Capricorn and Capricorn rules what it rules, I cannot change that and you cannot change that, even if you don't like it. So that is why I wrote what I wrote back in 2008 in your Generational Horoscope (*link above) and why I will not add, delete or change anything I wrote until the year 2024 when this 16 year transit is over.

You may not like the U.S. election outcome in 2016 which was the halfway point of this 16 year transit (2008 - 2024) but Pluto in Capricorn changes things so drastically that it will make your head spin . . and spin it did, not only the heads in the U.S., but in Britain, France and many other governments in the world as election outcomes (and fallen dictators) changed the shape of government. It was going to happen whether you liked it or not. When people asked me about Donald Trump and the election, I could only say that if Pluto in Capricorn is 'real' and if Astrology is indeed 'real', then there is no way he would not win because Pluto in Capricorn changes things so dang drastically that it is hard to grasp the change. It's truly unbelievable. So politics as usual and the same politicians as usual and the way government was run as usual, changed. While some people became incredibly angry with me for saying it, I'm telling you I don't just make up Pluto in Capricorn in my head for kicks and grins. Pluto is indeed in Capricorn. Pluto = transformation and Capricorn = government. I can't make that up.

There is writing in that Generational Horoscope (*link above) about protesting and who is protesting and how we will 'all' find ourselves in the street with our fist pumping in the air. I haven't been in the street yet pumping my fist, but there is no doubt in my mind that I will be during this transit. I don't know what it will be, but it will be. Pluto in Capricorn impacts all of us, not just a few us. ALL OF US! Pluto in Capricorn.

With regard to the weather patterns and natural disasters. I had also said in the Generational Horoscope (*link above) in the 6th paragraph from the bottom of that write-up . . "Then there are the groundshaking changes that we are seeing. Folks, during this 24 year stretch, we will also experience a change in the topography of the earth. We will all be effected in some way by the change of the surface of the earth, whether it is flood, volcano, earthquake, wildfire, etc." Every single one of us will be affected or physically touched by one of these natural disasters. None of us will be spared. This might mean that a family member or someone close to you ends up on your doorstep. Somehow, someway, we will all be affected. It's going to happen and it is happening. Pluto in Capricorn.

I also wrote that, "We will also see disruptions and eruptions when it comes to skin, bones and teeth because they are ruled by Capricorn - such as eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, etc." We have not yet seen an 'outbreak' of sorts on the skin, bones or teeth, but if Pluto in Capricorn is 'real' and Astrology is 'real' then it will be 'real'. Pluto in Capricorn.

My suggestion is not to react in fear, but to prepare your mind, your Life, your family and your space. I do not seek to make you fearful, my job is to make you aware. That's just being smart. So it doesn't matter how you feel about the election, the protesting, the natural disasters or the health impacts, it is Astrology and it is real. You will just have to deal with it, and you will in fact have to deal with it, because Pluto in Capricorn seeks to change all of us and the area of our chart ruled by Capricorn. So while some of you may be wondering about South Korea and what 'might' occur, maybe you might get the picture now that there will be changes there too. The people of South Korea just don't know it ... yet. Pluto in Capricorn.

So let me pose to you this question, "How in the world does God get our attention to make us more human again?" It is our ability to be sensitive, compassionate and empathetic that makes us human. That is what makes us 'higher' beings because we can go to that level of depth and heighth when it comes to reaching out to others. Humankind has become more involved and self-involved with pets more than we have been lately with humans. Honestly, it just blows my mind. I Love my two crazy 'feral turned indoor cats' but I Love the people I Love too. What will it take for our level of sensitivity, compassion and empathy to return to us as a society? Capricorn is THE MOST materialistic sign of the zodiac. Did you know that? I'm blown away by the materialistic celebrities who have so many people's attention. It's almost like they are saying, "Look over here so you don't see what is really going on." It's a wierd-kinda-scary-crazy to me that so many people do not see it. I don't know, maybe I see the world different, maybe I see because I'm a Life-Voyeur and maybe I spend too much time alone contemplating and watching these things unfold. Astrology is real folks! How does God get our attention? Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter opposing Uranus on DrStandley.com

There are a few Astro-Memes for September 2017 that I left to post. I have had a busy September with a 'yoga challenge' and will have time to finish getting the rest of the Memes posted today. The one you will probably pay most attention to is the one on September 28, 2017 which is the Jupiter opposing Uranus aspect. If you remember from previous postings, that Astro-Meme is 'the perfect storm' meme where I have the jaws of waves swallowing a tiny boat. This is the same aspect that occurred on December 26, 2016 and March 2, 2017. So this will be the 3rd and final aspect of this energy until January 20, 2031 - June 20, 2031 - October 30, 2031.

I have the last few September 2017 Astro-Memes to post for the final 9 days of September. I have been using all of my extra time to attend 'hot yoga' classes since I am at the tail end of a 'yoga challenge'. The challenge ends on Saturday and my intention is not to just rack up as many 'hot yoga' classes as I can, while it might seem that way, I assure you that is not 'my way'. My way is a spiritual journey and I'm 'seeking the deepening'. Doing the classes is not the hard part, while I assure you it is hard, because I can do the physical part day after day after day after day. I have the endurance, stamina and strength to do it. But that's not why I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm on a spiritual journey and looking to be transformed spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The classes are only physical and I can do anything that I set my mind to. It's the deeper part of myself that I am seeking. So please pardon me while I dig deep these last few days. I'm certain you will ultimately benefit in the end. Stay tuned and Stay Astrologized™

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