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The Moon tells us about our emotional nature and basic needs. It is also the key to how we experience intimacy in relationships. The Moon tells us about our mother, as she is our first intimate relationship. The moon describes our experience with nurturing and the type of nurturing that we expect now. It may also show dietary habits and preferences with food.

The Moon glyph is represented by a crescent indicating the moods, feelings, sensitivities and emotions of the personality.

  • Cancer Moon
  • Leo Moon
  • Virgo Moon
  • Libra Moon
  • Scorpio Moon
  • Sagittarius Moon
  • Capricorn Moon
  • Aquarius Moon
  • Pisces Moon


    Pisces Horoscope

    MOON KEYWORDS: Personality, emotions, feelings, moods, sensitivity, instincts, memory, habits, imagination, instinctual behavior, mother, nurturing and intuition

    PISCES KEYWORDS: impressionable, easily influenced, indecisive, drama, theatrical, storyteller, intuitive, empathetic, mental health, spiritual health, compassionate, sensitive, fearful, escape artist, impractical and gullible

    You feel emotions deeply. You may seek reclusion when under stress. You have a strong empathy with your mother, and need to learn your own emotional boundaries.

    Those with their Moon in Pisces have some fairly notable characteristics, although the first thing that comes to my mind is, here is an easily influenced and impressionable person. Those with their Moon in Pisces are super-ooper-dooper-sensitive people. In fact, they are so sensitive, if they channel this energy positively and correctly they can literally soak up the emotions and thoughts of others like a sea sponge. After all, Pisces does rule the oceans. This creates an extremely psychic nature.

    Because this placement is so impressionable (which is unconscious), they are psychologically vulnerable. When this happens, the reaction is withdrawal into a secluded hiding place deep within the confines of their own walls. Pisces naturally rules the 12th house of the hidden realm.

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    Of all the moon positions, this particular moon position is a tough call because there are strong psychic tendencies and mediumistic gifts. . BUT without due consideration of other factors in the Natal Chart, there is really no way of telling whether or not the strong psychic tendencies, impressions and mediumistic gifts are reliable when the person uses them. This is because this position all indicates a vivid imagination. Because of this vivid imagination, there may be a tendency toward poetry, artistic endeavors and musical abilities.

    The native with this position is usually very sympathetic and kind because of their DEEEEEP sensitive feelings. However, they can also be hurt easily and could develop a "persecuted" complex if they are less than mature.

    If the Moon in Pisces is afflicted by an aspect such as; a square, opposition, quincunx, sesquisquare or semisquare, there may be a tendency toward neurotic or psychotic behaviors or dominance by the unconscious mind. It may also manifest itself through shyness. This is because the 12th house of the hidden realm is naturally ruled by Pisces.

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