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Daily Spiritual Progression Path
Postings for July

JULY 1, --
What vice or weakness do I have that distracts me, slows me down and keeps me from being the best I can be?

JULY 2, --
What cripples and disables me more than anything else?

JULY 3, --
In the midst of adversity, do I withdrawal and seek loneliness or do I seek to connect with others who are experiencing the same thing as me?

JULY 4, --
When did I know someone needed help, but instead acted as though I had no idea?

JULY 5, --
What makes me feel 'familiar contempt' for someone I know?

JULY 6, --
When I need hope or encouragement, who or what do I turn to?

JULY 7, --
When I feel compassion for someone, do I act on it or do I just feel it and walk on?

JULY 8, --
When I read something that gives me self-awareness, do I apply it to my Life or do I close it and put it away?

JULY 9, --
What type of gain am I most interested in receiving? Material gain? Ego gain? Spiritual gain?

JULY 10, --
What painful thing that happened to me, ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me?

JULY 11, --
Would my greatest loss be a physical loss or a spiritual loss?

JULY 12, --
Who can I depend on?

JULY 13, --
Why is it easier for me to reconcile with someone who is not a family member than it is for me to reconcile with someone in my own family?

JULY 14, --
Why is it easier for me to reconcile with someone who is not a family member than it is for me to reconcile with someone in my own family?

JULY 15, --
When I lose my enthusiasm for Life, how do I get it back?

Through Jesus Christ's Most Precious Blood, Most Sacred Name and Most Holy Face, I thank You for this awareness. Amen~

JULY 16, --
Am I able to recognize when intellectual pride or my ego gets in the way of me learning?

JULY 17, --
What is my criticism really about?

JULY 18, --
When have I committed spiritual adultery or infidelity toward God by asking Him for proof?

JULY 19, --
What is the real reason behind my intolerance?

JULY 20, --
When do I pull the plug and lay down my final judgment?

JULY 21, --
When do I pull the plug and lay down my final judgment?

JULY 22, --
What am I searching for?

JULY 23, --
Do I truly listen or am I just waiting for my turn to talk?

JULY 24, --
When do I act or react so intellectually aware that I refuse to listen or be open to anything more than I already know?

JULY 25, --
Am I thirsty for attention, fame, honor, importance or recognition? If so, by whom?

JULY 26, --
If Jesus could not convince everyone of what He knew, why do I think I can convince everyone of what I know?

JULY 27, --
What do I consider an incomparable treasure that is at a price I can afford?

JULY 28, --
What pervasive influence turned out to be the 'agent of change' that I needed in order to change (or transform) myself?

JULY 29, --
Do my actions and reactions reveal easily dashed hopes or a firm posture of Faith?

JULY 30, --
What is my best investment?

JULY 31, --
What, who, where or when do I need to separate or distance myself?

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