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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Sun sextile Saturn on DrStandley.com

This is an easy aspect showing cooperation between two planets which leads to opportunity. It has a positive blending effect on the planets. Sextiles are considered a "soft" or "easy" aspects that reflect the planets involved. They have a way of delivering you an opportunity. It's as if the phone is ringing or there is a knock at the door. Again, it is your choice to answer the opportunity. Opportunities can reveal themselves under the strangest of circumstances.

It is important to understand that the Sun rules the identity, ego, individuality, power and pride. Saturn rules stability, responsibility and longevity. Saturn is also disciplined and cautious. Saturn is lasting and will stand the test of time. Saturn rules time.

The Sun glyph looks like a target or bulls eye on the chart wheel. It represents the circle of unlimited potential, which is brought to Life with a dot in the center. The dot is your focus and where you will shine in Life. The dot is your IDENTITY! The Saturn glyph represents the cross of the material plane over the crescent of the personality. Saturn is all about discipline, responsibility, self-limitation and self-control. I absolutely LOVE the combination of these two planets. LOVE THEM!

This sextile gives you the opportunity to take on responsibilities and prove yourself successful. Saturn serves to keep you in check by keeping you modest and humble. When you tap into this energy you will be more aware of your limitations but yet you know exactly how to make the most of your abilities.

Saturn is the planet of authority and authority figures. This sexile also serves to give you a healthy respect for authority, while at the same time you will not need anyone to give you approval in order to take action. This opposite of this would be an individual who waits on the approval of someone else (like Oprah) before they can be successsful. This might also be a writer who waits on a publisher to approve their work/worth, instead of self-publishing. Oh no no no - you say, who, what, when, where, why and how much, without the need to break any rules. You follow the rules and head toward your intended goal. JUST GOOOOOOOOOO! This makes for strong ambitions and purposeful goals.

This sextile has no room for braggodocious talk, such as posting on Facebook about how strong and wonderful you are just because you decided not to do or to do something. You see folks, posting like that is still seeking affirmation and a pat on the back. This sextile wants you to go after your ambitions and goals in a more subtle and quiet way without a parade, fanfare or lip service.

This sextile also wants you to be conservative and orderly. Again, no parade, fanfare or lip service. In other words, put up and shut up. I find it interesting in a world so full of spiritual chatter, affirmations and calling forth abundance through a new way of thinking, that some of these same individuals will criticize those who earned their way to the top. If you have earned what you have, there is no need to apologize or explain. Did you know that Oprah has her Sun in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Scorpio? She makes no apologies for her wealth because she does not need to. She earned it, respects it and is grateful for it. Take a page out of Oprah's playbook, do what you Love, work your ass off, celebrate your commitment to yourself and praise God for the opportunity. Oprah is the epitome of how this energy works. Need I say more? Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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