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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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This aspect is a seat of inner tensions. The tension of the square gives us motivation. Squares are dynamic aspects that give us the drive to succeed. What begins as an inner problem is overcome or accepted, and then becomes a door to understanding.

Saturn rules stability, limits and responsibility. Saturn is disciplined and cautious. Neptune is the planet of imagination, fantasy and illusion, which can often turn into delusion when the separation between fact and fiction are not realized.

You can see right away how Saturn can put throw dirt on a pool of water. Saturn rules an earth sign (Capricorn) and Neptune rules a water sign (Pisces). Not only can the imagination (Neptune) turn to mud, the imagination can completely be absorbed until it disappears. Since Saturn is the planet of lack, this square will cause a lack in confidence to dream, imagine and in fantastical ways. It can really put a damper on artistic and creative pursuits. This could be where an individual grew up being told they could not live out their dream. Since Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, this can also put a damper on Love and relationships tossing one into a well of depression where they feel like just giving up.

Saturn Square Neptune on DrStandley.com

This aspect can pull one into the invisible and psychic realms (Neptune) and away from the visible and practical (Saturn) side of Life. This is where one loses touch with reality or real Life. The dreamer falls into a depression and can easily feel overly disciplined and unloved. This can easily look like the martyr and poor-me-syndrome. The individual with this aspect in the natal chart or experiencing the transit must learn to live life, in the real world, like everyone else.

Saturn square Neptune has quite a pull, causing one to feel down in the dumps. This aspect brings about fears buried in the subconscious mind and the result is anxieties, phobias, neurosis and heightened fears. The body is on psychological alert. Saturn square Neptune can make you feel mad (angry) and mad (crazy) making it very hard to tell the difference if you are going mad or if you are just mad. This is because Neptune naturally rules Pisces and the 12th house of mental health, self-undoing, skeletons in the closet, the past, karma, pain and silent suffering. If you are not COMPLETELY aware of this energy, it can feel like you are in a whirlpool in the middle of the Ocean. Saturn is THE MOST pessimistic, doubtful and skeptical planet, so you can imagine how the mind can go into deep depression and chaos, and making things up as it goes along. This aspect plays on others sympathies.

Those who really lack confidence, courage and rationality will be pulling out the Ouija boards or popping the anxiety medications. There will also be a heightened affinity for psycheledic and hallucinogenic drugs. This aspect can really cause a lot of trouble if you are not COMPLETELY AWARE. So yes, I am saying, "Beware!" Absolutely do not drink alcohol or put yourself under the influence of anything that could take you out of the realm of rationality. This aspect has some horrible consequences. Because Saturn, the authoritarian is involved with the jailer and prisoner, which is Neptune, the likelihood of doing wrong, getting caught and going to jail is heightened. If you are on parole, probation or have an outstanding warrant, make certain that you stay in Good behavior during the applying, exact and separating aspect of this square. This aspect has scandal and trouble written all over it. This aspect is really going to pick on those with an inferiority complex. If the individual already feels inferior, then this aspect will set out to prove them right. It doesn't mean the individual is inferior but this aspect will try to play on that individual's weakness (Neptune). If you are even remotely confused about Life, then you must do everything you can to keep a clear head and whatever you do, DO NOT make a big decision when you twisted and confused about Love. This aspect is what makes an individual do stupid things for Love and then later say, "It seemed like a Good idea at the time."

Saturn square Neptune is the height of escapism. Escapist decisions could range from running off to get married to the world's biggest loser or over-dosing on drugs. This aspect does not want to deal with reality and will make up things to be better than they are or will just sit in denial. Responsibility is not a priority with this aspect.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

This aspect can be incredibly deceitful and irresponsible. Those who suffer from addictions or who have Loved ones who suffer from addiction, may have a rough go with that individual when this aspect shows up. It's a tough one! This is because the individual's imagination seems like reality to them. This aspect will attract secret enemies (12th house Neptune influence) who will dangle a carrot or temptation before the eyes. It's intriguing, looks tasty but its all wrong. The mind is cunning and so are liars and deceivers. They will show up with this aspect.

The fix for this aspect is channeling the energy into pure obsessive creativity. If you feel the need to be alone, then be alone with your creativity, artistry and spiritual connection. Neptune is an incredibly spiritual and ethereal planet that can really take you to heightened states of consciousness without the need for artificial stimulation. Neptune is its own drug. Neptune is a 'High on Life' type of planet. Neptune wants more water, not more alcohol. Neptune is already wrapped up in creativity, imagination, dreams and fantasy, so the last thing you want to do is squash its gifts. Saturn can serve you well with Neptune when you allow it to keep you on the straight path, disciplined, responsible and respected in the morning. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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