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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Mars Square Neptune on DrStandley.com

This aspect is a seat of inner tensions. The tension of the square gives us motivation. Squares are dynamic aspects that give us the drive to succeed. What begins as an inner problem is overcome or accepted, and then becomes a door to understanding.

Mars is busy, hyper and action-oriented. Mars is assertive, aggressive and competitive, while Neptune is spiritual, dreamy, imaginative, creative and has escapist tendencies.

Mars square Neptune gives the ability to develop great creative power, but drugs and alcohol need to be avoided in order to be productive. Allergies to drugs or food intolerances may be present. This aspect is extremely sensitive to chemicals. This is an incredible amount of creative energy, as long as, you don't allow your mind to be tainted. You must be extremely protective over your mind and your own thoughts with this aspect. Keep in mind Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so if this aspect is not closely monitored it can lead to jealousy, insecurity, along with delusional and aggressive actions.

There is a natural tendency to be assertive that may cause confusion and turmoil in life when aggression is mistaken for assertion. You may experience ups and downs in feelings and ambitions. Vague or subconscious reasons may prompt you to action, but may conflict with your feelings. This assertive wave of energy is easily mischanneled or wasted if you do not keep a strong focus. It would be all too easy to run off and play, party or be promiscuous. Regret in the morning is associated with this aspect, which could lead to apologizing for a month.

There is an interest in spiritual issues that produces a large degree of psychic energy that can turn into spiritual delusion if focus is not kept. This aspect is often associated with sexual anxieties, repressed sexual urges, or some degree of deception associated with sexual affairs turning into promiscuity or sexual perversion. The mind is easily tainted with one sexual picture and down the rabbit hole the mind goes, which can lead to actions you might not otherwise entertain. Mars is full of testosterone, sex and pheromones. When this aspect is challenged by Neptune, the planet of higher Love, this can make an individual do just about anything for the sake of Love. Neptune rules chemicals, drugs, alcohol, rehab, mental health and depression. Mars square Neptune is not only lost in Love, it is lost in lust. This aspect is NOT good for you unless of course you channel it creatively, with a clean and sober mind.

This aspect suggests that working alone may be best or working with as few people as possible. Neptune is the ruler of the 12th house of solitude, reflection, meditation and being alone in your own cell. This aspect works well in a field such as healthcare where there is a need to provide human service while remaining detached and impersonal.

There is a need to develop the ability to plan and control, and be more willing to accept responsibility when something goes wrong. Keep your mind clean. When Neptune is challenged, the need to drink water is at an all time high. This will keep the body from retaining water and the mind clean from frenzy, insecurity and confusion. Water yourself! Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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