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What does it mean?
[Posted 9:00 a.m., EDT - Saturday morning, 9/09/2006]

Osda Sunalei~ [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Every now and again, my daughter will call and say, "Mom, is there a void Moon today?" I stop what I am doing, check out the lunar influence and report back, "Yep, there sure is!" With relief in her voice she always says, "Okay, Good!" And then we talk and giggle about the wackiness of the day.

It is not that she wants to have a Void of Course Moon swarming around her all day, but once you know that there is a Void of Course Moon, then it certainly helps you understand what is going on around you. There is a reason why things seem to go haywire and hectic. It's the void Moon!

When I write the daily horoscopes, I write them based on the influence of the Moon. That is because the Moon is considered the fastest moving planet. Yeah, I know it is not technically a planet, but in astrology it is referred to as planetary. The Moon changes every 2 to 2-1/2 days and since the Moon rules our emotions, you can see why our emotions vacillate between crazy and practical on any given day. This is why the day can start out emotionally stable in the morning and whacked out by the evening. Now if you truly apply this information and remember the lunar influence of the day, it sure as heck makes your day easier to handle.

There are other planets that are faster moving like the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus because they last around a month or a bit longer in a sign before moving to the next sign. And then some slower moving planets like Saturn and Jupiter that last a year or two. Jupiter is ending its one-year reign in Scorpio on November 23rd, 2006 and Saturn will end its two-year reign on Leo on September 15, 2007. And then there are the generational planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that remain in a sign for 7 - 14 years and affect an entire generation of people.

Now do you see why I use the Moon to write the daily horoscopes and how the daily horoscopes are about your emotions? This is important stuff. Even more importantly is knowing your Moon in your Natal Chart. This is why I do not computer generate my daily horoscopes or the weekly, monthly and yearly for that matter. I write them as originals for each day. If you ever see my daily horoscopes on another website, please let me know. They are copyrighted and that could put this Indian on the warpath.

Back to the Void of Course Moon. Beginning this September, I have noted under each day in the daily horoscopes when the Moon is void of a course. This means that the Moon is merely in between signs, which creates confusing energy. It reminds me of my daughter and I's favorite movie scene in "Splash" starring Darryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. When he comes home and discovers his new mermaid girlfriend missing, he runs out of his apartment and hits the elevator on both sides of the hall. Then he stands in the middle of the hall with his knees bent, his arms stretched out and his game face on prepared to jump on the first elevator that opened. It is hilarious! I Love that scene! That is exactly what a void of course moon is like! When the moon is in between signs, it is crazy confusion, wacky, frustrating and intense waiting type of energy.

When the Moon is Void of Course, there are delays, false starts and unexpected hassels. This is also known as a "curve ball." This is because the moon will be moving between two different signs and we all know how different two signs are from one another. Actually it is when the Moon is complete forming aspects to other planets. The Moon doesn't even know how it feels yet, so how can you? This can last between a few seconds, minutes or hours and it can sometimes last a day or two. When this energy is faulty and unexpected, refrain from making decisions because judgment will more than likely be faulty because you would be making a decision when all the factors are not known. Refrain from signing contracts, shopping or promise anything during this time. Also refrain from getting your feathers ruffled when the moon is "void of course" because it is better to just submit to spontaneity. How Fun? It can be plenty of fun if you work it right!

Now if you choose to freak out during a void of course Moon during traffic or a long line, then that is your deal. Freak-out mode will only delay you further or tick you off longer. Just chill out during the void of course Moon, there is nothing you can do about it but understand it. And that in turn makes it all better. Just like when my daughter says to me, "Okay, Good!" She knows it is only the Moon and not really her. That's my girl.

Denadagohvyu - ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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