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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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I guess you want to know who will win the U.S. Presidential Election in 2012? Well, the curiosity should be more 'what if' so and so wins under certain astrological conditions. It would be great if I could write this thing without sticking names on it like Obama, Biden, Romney or Ryan to keep people from saying, "I just don't like the guy." People like that need to look at their own chart to see what it is they don't like about themselves because statements like that are merely reflections not reasons.

This astrological election lesson will likely upset some of you if it doesn't ring well for your candidate. All I can say is, do your best to keep your emotions in check and look at this astrologically. After all, this is an astrology page, not a political blog. The way I see it, if you are so willing to use astrology to look at your romantic relationships, your ability to generate personal income or follow a career path, then why wouldn't you use astrology to help you determine the best possible candidate for the job?

This election is a lot like online dating. One of the first things you should do when looking at 'any relationship' is look at the compatibility between the two involved individuals. Aren't you interested in the compatibility between you and your Love interest or you and your business partner or you and your co-worker? Well why then wouldn't you be interested in the compatibility between the guy making decisions about your future (the President) and the other guy who 'might be' in command of your future (the Vice-President) if something happens to the other guy? Wouldn't you want that compatibility to be some kickin' compatibile energy?

Here is the link to all four charts. Obama is the only one with a birth time. The rest are calculated at 12:00 PM.

Four years ago I wrote about the compatibility between Barack Obama (Leo) and Joe Biden (Scorpio). This relationship is laced with oodles of trines and sextiles. Still, every relationship needs some squares and oppositions to bring flavor and much needed challenge for growth and success. Obama's Moon opposes Biden's Sun. Obama's Moon opposes Biden's Venus. Obama's Moon squares Biden's North Node. Obama's Sun squares Biden's Mars. Obama's Mercury squares Biden's Moon. Obama's Venus squares Biden's Neptune. Obama's Jupiter squares Biden's Moon. Obama's Jupiter squares Biden's Jupiter. Obama's Saturn opposes Biden's Jupiter. Obama's Uranus squares Biden's Sun. Obama's Uranus squares Biden's Mercury.

I could go on and on with their squares, opposition's and other challenges and really confuse the issue and the astrology neophytes just learning astrology so I'll just cut to the chase. The one aspect between them that had me waving the red warning flag was Obama's Venus square Biden's Neptune. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. This is the Romeo and Juliet placement complete with the tragic ending. They are lost in a sea of blissful Love and cannot see the responsibilities of their separate lives. This much Love makes a couple vulnerable. It's so vulnerable that a team like this needs smelling salts to keep themselves conscious and alert. It's like they are in an endless orgasmic wave while trying to maintain a straight mind. Have you ever had an orgasm while keeping your mind straight on the business of the day? If not, go ahead and see if you can do it. Folks, Venus square Neptune in any relationship is an illusion. When we think of Romeo and Juliet we think of blissful I'll do anything for Love but then oh yeah, there was that tragic ending, but oh they were so Good together, but wait their relationship was so painful, but then again it was so romantic!

Even aside from all of their squares and oppositions, they do have plenty of sextiles and trines, but the one most important aspects that I could not get passed in 2008 was the South Node in Leo at 13 degrees (creeping upon 12 degrees because Nodes move backward in degrees) on election day with Obama's Sun in Leo at 12 degrees. The Sun is HUGE and overflowing with shiney Goodness and the South Node is the drain without a plug. The South Node is the bottomless pit that cannot be filled no matter what you do. That is like taking a heavy bowling ball and rolling it near the drain. What do you think is going to happen? That bowling ball will be attracted to the hole by shear weight and gravity and down the ball goes. You could take away all of the other aspects between Obama and Biden and all of the other aspects on November 4, 2008 but this South Node/Sun conjunction is undeniable. There is no way on earth this was going to work out and have a glorious outcome. Instead, it has just been one problem after the other. I remember everyone drinking the Love Kool-Aid (Obama's Venus square Biden's Neptune) at that time and having a cosmic orgasm looking right past this aspect and not even flinching on the South Node / Sun in Leo aspect. The South Node in Leo is a dramatic unending influence of admiration. It just doesn't stop! I remember election night saying outloud to my girlfriend, "Wow, people really think checks are going to fall out of the sky now." The stimulus checks came, they didn't work and they won't work. But hey, we still have the Love illusion of hope and change. Sorry if that hurts folks but it is what it is. The Sun/South Node conjunction SUCKS but you can't tell that to someone in Love.

Folks, this is what a Sun/South Node conjunction looks like. A conjunction is when two or more planetary influences are in the same sign and same degree. In this case, Obama's Sun in Leo and the South Node in Leo were the same and within 1 degree on November 4, 2008. The energy literally sucked! The Sun was being sucked by the drain. If you have ever had a relationship with someone who is your South Node, then you know this is a challenge. It is never easy. It's always a struggle to pull yourself out of the hole and keep your head above ground while digging in with your fingernails. Tell yourself what you want but it is not easy. You may have a parent, co-worker, child, roommate, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse who is the sign of your South Node or you may be the sign of their South Node. It is HARD! These type of relationships are the hardest to break because the energy is so tightly attracted. The sex may be so Good that breaking up is hard to do. "But we are so Good together!" We remember that first kiss and we want it again and again and again. "But he's my father, but she's mother, but I Love him, but I Love her, but we've been through so much together." Oh stop! It doesn't work! Breaking up with the South Node is the hardest damn thing to do on the planet, I don't care how much hope and change you are inspired by, it is tough! I think breaking up with Barack Obama is hard and people cannot do it. That's like admitting to yourself that that sucky relationship doesn't work. "But we Love each other!"

Here is the link to all four charts. Obama is the only one with a birth time. The rest are calculated at 12:00 PM.

I don't care if back in 2008 McCain was the Leo and Obama was the Virgo, I would have NEVER punched the ballot for McCain if he was the Leo and the South Node was in Leo on election day. Which reminds me, I remember McCain saying, "I have never changed my mind and I have never changed my position." I thought, "That is one inflexible guy. He must need to be right all the time. Imagine living with that guy!" It is also important to understand Leo energy. It is the royalty of the zodiac. We are drawn to royalty. Even in your Natal Chart, you have Leo energy. We all do! Leo is proud, it is strong, it has stage presence, it leads and people follow. It doesn't matter what Leo does, people will get in line to follow whatever the hell they do. It's amazing! We live in a celebrity awe-stricken time and people are more moved and inspired by celebrities than Jesus, the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. That's just a fact and how it is. Look how many celebrities came out of the woodwork for Clinton (a Leo) and Obama (a Leo). I sit back and watch this from an astrological perspective and it blows my mind. Now don't read me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LEO'S. My sister is a Leo, my daughter is a Leo and nearly 100 percent of my girlfriends have strong Leo charts because I like strong women. I've never been a damsel in distress and I don't have damsel in distress women friends. Even I have Mars in Leo, which is THE STRONGEST placement for Mars. I have more testosterone with that single placement of Mars in Leo than most men. LOL! So I'm not baggin' on Obama because he's a Leo. What I didn't like in 2008 and what I don't like now is the Sun in Leo and South Node in Leo influence of this presidency. And if he is re-elected, he will still be under the influence of the 2008 Presidential Election. It sucks like a sucky drain pulling the Sun down. Unemployment hit 10 percent in October 2009, gas went from $1.86 pre-election to what it is where you are today. What does gasoline cost today in your neck of the woods on this date? (Friday, October 12, 2012) Stay with me folks . . it's my job to point out the astrology.

Here is the link to all four charts. Obama is the only one with a birth time. The rest are calculated at 12:00 PM.

North and South Nodes are my deal. That's my forte'. The North Node is where you cannot fail and you absolutely cannot fail when you act on your North Node. The South Node is the bottomless pit. The thing about Barack Obama is that he has a North Node in Leo in his natal chart. How sweet is that to have your Sun and North Node in the same sign? It's fantastic. Sure, he was destined for greatness and we all see it but there is a time and a place for everything. The economy could go to hell in a handbasket and he will still be seen as one of the greatest presidents of all time (even if it turns out he just might be the worst president of all time.) If you are a celebrity star-struck individual, you are probably in this Love connection really deep.

One Facebook friend wondered if the election was fate or design. Let us not forget that we are all voters and we all have a choice. We all have 'free will' and astrology leaves plenty of room for our free will because it we have a decision and we play our own card. Taking yourself out of the equation as if you don't have a direct hand in the outcome is wrong. Rarely will a voter take responsibility for their vote for any candidate. As with any decision you make including all of your relationships, your choice, your decision, matters! I do believe Obama was destined for greatness, but if his birth time is correct with a South Node in Aquarius in the 1st house, his confidence is severely lacking. The South Node in Aquarius is just like having Swiss cheese energy that makes a person easily infiltrated. They want to be friends with everyone, reach across the isles and shake hands but fail in doing so. Swiss cheese energy has holes in it, which means other energies can easily get in. It is 'infiltration' and it is 'leaky'. Keep in mind the sign of Aquarius (his South Node) is the sign that makes more mistakes than any other sign because it just cannot take being wrong. It just can't because the ego is so heavily involved what they 'know'. And it's in his first house of confidence, aggression and assertion, telling us he has leaky confidence, leaky aggression and leaky assertion. This is a Leo with his tail between his legs. EEEK! The North Node Leo has a big ego, which I believe you have to have a huge ego to actually believe you could be the President of the U.S., confidence is a whole other story. Heck, it takes a healthy ego to do anything great. My astrological belief here is his greatness should have been channeled in another way, but we get to choose and we reap the outcome of what we sow. An adminsitration of Obama and Biden has all the makings for the worst U.S. Presidential administration in history, but I guess time and the history books will give us that story. Right?

Here is the link to all four charts. Obama is the only one with a birth time. The rest are calculated at 12:00 PM.

Now for the compatibility between Mitt Romney (Pisces) and Paul Ryan (Aquarius). This relationship is laced with oodles of trines and sextiles. Still, every relationship needs some squares and oppositions to bring flavor and much needed challenge for growth and success. Romney's Sun opposes Ryan's Pluto. Romney's Venus squares Ryan's Jupiter. Romney's Saturn squares Ryan's Moon. Romney's Saturn squares Ryan's Jupiter. Romney's Saturn squares Ryan's Saturn. Romney's Neptune opposes Ryan's Mars. Romney's Pluto opposes Paul's Sun. Romney's Pluto opposes Ryan's Venus.

I could go on and on with their squares, opposition's and other challenges and really confuse the issue and the astrology neophytes just learning astrology so I'll just cut to the chase. On November 6, 2012 Election Day the North Node will be in Scorpio at 26 degrees. Mitt Romney has Jupiter in Scorpio at 27 degrees with a Moon in Scorpio at 28 degrees. Mitt Romney's North Node is in Gemini and Jupiter will be in Gemini (although Retrograde). Mitt Romney will be hit with a double-decker whammy of North Node Goodness in both Scorpio and Gemini and his Sun in Pisces will be trine the North Node. Oh it's a triple case of North Node Goodness. Even so, all of that North Node Goodness can be overthrown by two things. 1) The people (voters) who are still drinking the Love Kool-Aid and don't know how to break up with their true Love because the orgasm is so Good. 2) Mercury will be 'in the process' of turning Retrograde and will still be in Stationary "S" mode creating another election nightmare.

Here is the link to all four charts. Obama is the only one with a birth time. The rest are calculated at 12:00 PM.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Mercury will be in Stationary Retrograde status. A planet typically moves Direct (moving forward). There is a time period when the planet 'appears' to be moving backward (retrograde). Even though no planet EVER really moves backward, our reaction to it is very real. It's like being at a stop light and the car next to you moves foward; thereby making it appear as though you are rolling backward. Suddenly you brake harder and realize that you weren't moving at all. It was an illusion but your reaction was real. It was a panic! Well on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Mercury, the planet of communication and gadgetry will go into Stationary Retrograde status. This means before it will go backward in degrees, it has to stop and shift gears. Just like you have to do when you are moving forward in your car but decide to go in reverse. You literally have to stop your car, shift gears from drive into reverse. So stationary retrograde is when Mercury stops (stationary) and shift gifts into reverse. What this will likely do is cause all kinds of traffic jams at the polling places. Mercury not only rules communication, computers and gadgetry but it rules transportation and traffic as well. What a freakin' nightmare! This happened back in the 2000 election of Bush vs. Gore when it went to the Supreme Court and everyone was screaming foul, cheat, etc. Geeeeeez, it was Mercury turning Retrograde! We! We the people reacted to Mercury Retrograde. We weren't calm. We were crazy chaotic and a mess! It's rare to get a voter to admit their input. So goes another election . . . we will likely experience another mess. But here is the thing about astrology, if the right people paid attention to this energy, we would have the election a week before. As spirits wandering around in these physical bodies all wound up and emotional, we have to go through the process. It's just the way it goes.

Back to Romney and his chart. This man is in his element running businesses and being a CEO. Okay he isn't a CEO anymore since he left for public service but he is in his element. As I have written many times in the Daily Horoscopes, Pisces IS THE consummate CEO of the zodiac because they are the visionary. They can see what others cannot and they know how to run a business. It's an extra-sensory thing. They are also keenly aware of the past and what does not work because Pisces rules the past. They are so in-tune with the past that they won't go back, which makes them very futuristic in a really weird way. Pisces IS THE most intuitive sign of the zodiac. Tune-Ah-Fish! Pisces has incredible sonar, which can detect the slightest movement to either swim toward or away. There is no other CEO on the planet quite like a Pisces. My dad (Poppy Seed) is a Pisces, owned several businesses in his Lifetime and ultimately retired as the CEO of a Company. The guy has vision! Fish have an eye on each side of their head. Most people will say Pisces are flip-floppers, well they may be that but they are getting a Good look at both sides and then they will pull the trigger when the time is right. Unlike McCain who admittedly never changed his position, a Pisces is open to change because they are a mutable (changeable) sign. Obama is a fixed sign (Leo). Biden is a fixed sign (Scorpio). Ryan is a fixed sign (Aquarius). Pisces makes their decision based on two sides according to what is best, not popular. You see folks, Pisces is the head of a school of fish, so we have survival instincts going on here. We all have Pisces in our natal charts and you need to look at this area of your chart to see how Pisces shows up for you.

Here is the link to all four charts. Obama is the only one with a birth time. The rest are calculated at 12:00 PM.

I was talking to my sister one day and said, "Where the hell are all of the people who read 'The Secret' and who believe in the Law of Attraction?" I absolutely cannot believe how many people are in 'poor me' and lack mentality. This election (like any) always pits the have's against the have not's and in this election it seems to be Lack vs. Abundance. For some reason people have decided to tie themselves to lack mentality. The current North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus is all about MONEY! These two signs are all about money and more money! It's not about what you think, it's about money, jobs, money, jobs, money and jobs! Same sex marriages are going to happen across the board no matter who is president, it's a done deal even if it doesn't appear that way right now. This election is not about war, terrorism, drugs, education, etc., it is about money and getting people back to work. When I see that Pisces standing there who knows how to make money not only for himself but others, it just blows my mind. But then again, I've been a business owner since I was 22 years old and come from a long line of pick yourself up by the bootstraps people who have a 'there's no crying in business' mentality.

I have been watching those who I know are business owners on Facebook and cannot believe their lack mentality approach. Oh it just breaks my astrological heart knowing this North Node Scorpio and South Node Taurus is present and is going to be overlooked and missed. I have a Capricorn Moon so I'm all business most of the time. Scorpio energy is us, our and we. Scorpio rules the 8th house of our money, the spouse's money, joint resources and the money we make together. It is support from other people such as a spouse or business partner. Taurus is me, mine and my; therefore it rules money that you make in your own right without any help. Ah ah ah . . the North Node is in Scorpio and when you focus on all of that wonderful Scorpio Goodness then your cup will overflow. When you single-handedly or as a couple change your tune to a 'cup overflowing' mentality, it changes everything. The acceptance of lack and the talk of lack cheapens you.

Here is the link to all four charts. Obama is the only one with a birth time. The rest are calculated at 12:00 PM.

The bottom line folks, once we are in Love, breaking up is hard to do, especially when we are under the influence of the Love Kool-Aid. It just tastes soooooo Good. Obama and Biden's Venus square Neptune coupled with the staying power influence of that South Node in Leo and Obama's Sun in Leo makes it a fairly easy guess that the voters aren't ready to stop the bleeding. Oh yeah, that first kiss was so sweet that we want more, even if we were treated badly during the relationship. Baby I'm sorry . . you know I Love you . . . and I will do better next time . . . always keeps the relationship going until it finally implodes or explodes. I suspect the voters will want some more kisses and another round of Obama is what we will have. This is one time where I can honestly say, "I hope I'm wrong."

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