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Kite The Kite pattern is a fairly rare chart configuration. It is a Grand Trine that has an extra planet attached at one end, which makes the point at the top of a "Kite." The Grand Trine is made up of "trine" lines creating one big triangle, which is easy energy in itself and then two sextile lines (more easy energy) create the top of the Kite.

Those who have Kites in their Natal Chart are typically lethargic and slow-moving toward their goals because the energy is far too easy and effortless for the individual to be motivated or inspired. The individual will have to deliberately force themselves to be more action-oriented. I always think of Kites as being able to float away under your own power.

If you are looking at a Natal Chart that I wrote for you and you have KITE LINES in the middle of your Chart Wheel, they will consist of BLUE trine and sextile lines with a connecting opposition line as GREEN down the middle. The picture to the right shows the GREEN as RED, although in your chart it will be GREEN.

Having and extra planet at one end adds two sextiles and an opposition to the pattern.

In the Kite pattern, there are four planets connected to one another and it sure does look like a kite!

Now if a Grand Trine is extra easy energy and a sextile is easy energy . . . then a kite pattern makes Life fairly smooth, wouldn'tcha say? The chart will also reveal some other area in the chart that will provide you some degree of character building strengths.

Take a peek at Madonna's Natal Chart below and look for the Kite pattern. The tip of her kite is in the middle of the 6th house at Chiron in Aquarius. She also has 1 T-Square and 2 Grand Trines in her chart.

Madonna Natal Chart

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