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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Sun conjunct Neptune on DrStandley.com

A conjunction or conjunct symbol is an aspect that emphasizes and brings together the energies of the planets involved. Conjunctions focus and intensify the energy much like a laser beam on an exact point in your chart. These planets have their own uniqueness and when tag-teamed their energy is intensified even more.

It is important to understand that the Sun rules the identity, ego, individuality, power and pride, while Neptune is in-tune. Think of Neptune as being intuitive, in-tune and tuning in like a Tune-Ah-Fish, since Neptune is the ruler of Pisces (the fish).

This is the classic placement for the 'Clair-audient' or the 'Pure Channel', which is the individual who has the power to hear sounds that exist beyond the reach of normal human experience or ordinary capacity. This is actually super-sonic hearing, which is where the individual receives their intuition through sound, much like a clair-voyant receives their intuition through images, dreams or pictures. For the clair-audient this may show up as being able to hear the voices of the dead, celestial or angelic music, higher vibrations, musical tones or songs, or other sounds that are not audible to anyone else. If you have read any of my Daily Awakenings™ then you know that I am clair-audient and wake up every single morning to what I call a Musical DLG™ (Download from God™). Also, during my phone readings I always ask my clients to let me finish my sentences because most of the time I am in the middle of "pulling on a thread," which is my way of saying that I'm listening to something through my clair-audient super-sonic hearing. I do not have this aspect of the Sun conjunct Neptune in my natal chart, but what I do have is the next best thing to this aspect, which is the South Node Pisces (highly developed sonar hearing). This aspect can cause one to 'hear things' at such sensitive levels that others can't quite understand what the clair-audient is referring to. I about lost my mind one time while in Sedona, AZ while hiking Boynton Canyon, which is the home of one of the power vortexes. I am a skeptic (Capricorn Moon) and did not believe any of the vortex energy claims. The vibrations were so incredibly loud (to me) that I felt like I was being buzzed by a swarm of bees or like I was in a room full of buzzing fluorescent lights. In fact, my hearing is so sensitive that I keep just about everything unplugged when it is not in use, including the TV in my office. I'm just a South Node Pisces, so I can only imagine what this aspect is like for the person who has it in their natal chart.

If you have this aspect in your chart or if you have a South Node Pisces in your chart and haven't quite mastered tuning into this energy as of yet, believe me, you can absolutely tune into this energy easily and your intuition will soar. You will never need another intuitive or psychics advice because you have your own connection. This is the height of connecting your 'spirit' to 'Spirit'. If you are experiencing this aspect as a transit, meaning you don't have either of these two placements in your chart, you can still dial up and tune-in to this energy because everyone has access to it. Some individuals just have a more developed sense of it than others.

This Sun conjunct Neptune aspect reveals that fantasy plays a strong part in daily life, either as a creative channel or as an escape route. This energy is 'other worldly' or 'out of this world'. Who needs drugs or alcohol when you have this aspect? This aspect has an artistic or musical flare to it as well, since Neptune is the ruler of music, musicians, music rooms, music halls, musicals, musical instruments and musical ability. In fact, this aspect can cause a person to be unclear of their own identity because the creative, artistic and musical influence is so powerful. Make certain you use your creativity rather than escaping through addictive behavior while this aspect is present.

The Sun conjunct Neptune is so deeply connected to the fantasy world that it can easily become confused or easily deceived. This aspect is easily impressionable and gullible. It is over-sensitive to sound, empathy and sympathy. The individual with this placement easily connects to the spirit world on deep levels. This placement often shows up in the clairvoyant, clairaudient, mystics, psychics and mediums or those who are deeply connected to their intuition. Those with a North Node Pisces are in the lifetime of developing this heightened-skill because the North Node is something that we strive to attain. When the individual with the North Node Pisces aspires and works this ability, it should come easier and easier by each passing day. It is the South Node Pisces who was naturally born with it. The North Node Pisces should continually strive to master it.

On the flip side of this Sun conjunct Neptune aspect, the individual can become delusional to something that is brought on by their own fantasy and imagination. This can show up in the individual who is the stalker or the individual who is an imposter. Now I'm not saying that you are a stalker or imposter if you have this aspect in your chart, I'm saying 'the negative side' of this aspect can reveal itself in some individuals in this self-important way. If a person loses touch and goes down this path, they become self-serving, which won't work out because they end up not even being able to help themselves or anyone else for that matter. Having said that, this is NOT the aspect that can handle alcohol or drugs, so just back away from the bottle. It will not help you and it will certainly hurt you. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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