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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Full Moon in Virgo on DrStandley.com The Full Moon is in Virgo until Monday, March 13, 2017 at 1:28 AM EDT. Roll your eyeballs 'up' and all of the little black rectangles will take you back to your Sun Sign's main landing page. Roll your eyeballs 'down' and you will see the Astro-Memes (important stuff) we are dealing with today.

DID YOU 'SPRING FORWARD' ONE (1) HOUR FOR DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME? Notice now how all the times I write now will be in EDT and not EST. EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) as opposed to EST (Eastern Standard Time). EDT always covers the summer months and EST always covers the winter months.

Today we experience the Full Moon in Virgo at 10:54 AM EDT at 22 degrees. If you missed the earlier post a few days ago on social media, here is the monster-size write-up of the Full Moon in Virgo where you will also find a horoscope for each Sun Sign. If you already read it, read it again because this Full Moon is all about 'application' and changing our habits. The two opposing signs involved in this Full Moon are Virgo and Pisces. The Moon being in Virgo and the Sun being in Pisces. Physical vs. Spiritual. Habitual vs. Ritual. Physical health vs. Mental health. The Physical Plane vs. The Invisible Plane. Six (6) months ago when the 'New Moon' was in Virgo you began something new. This 'Full Moon' is the six (6) month check-up to see how you are doing, or get you marked up to get back on track or finish up that project you started 6 months ago. You should be well on your way to Manifest Destiny. Virgo is the sign that manifests out of the invisible realm into the visible realm. And no other North Node can manifest on the physically plane quite like North Node Virgo. The North Node is in Virgo right now until May 9, 2017 and the North Node in Virgo is like having a magic wand that you can wave and POOF what you needed or wanted just appears. Trust this!

The other thing about Virgo energy that I think some individuals miss is the 'application'. Simply reading this horoscope is not enough. Virgo energy is the scientist and it requires a lab. Remember how in high school or college when you took a science class you always had to have a lab class? Well the lab class is Virgo. You have to actually apply the material you just read and make it work. You don't just sit and wait for something to happen. You go into the lab and mix all the ingredients together and see what happens. If something explodes or turns into a dud, then you have to do it over. Virgo is about 'application' and applying the material you just learned. Virgo requires that you apply the information in order to make it work. You can't just read about Virgo or talk about where Virgo is in your chart, you have to actually DO IT!

Look at the area of your Natal Chart or Solar Return to see where Virgo energy lives. Virgo always has to 'master' something. Virgo energy has such an attention to detail that it ends up doing nothing because its waiting for the right time and when things are just right. IT'S JUST RIGHT, RIGHT NOW!!! Virgo reads more 'mastery books' and takes more 'master classes' than any other sign and then will put that book on the shelf or come back from their weekend master class and talk about how great it was. But what about THE LAB!!! What about putting that information into practice with the lab? The lab is Life folks. That's the lab!

Virgo is also 'the chef' of the zodiac. Virgo is not the cook, Virgo is the chef. Big difference people! A chef is a creator, a master, a perfectionist, a scientist, a designer and an artist all rolled into one. Virgo is also the Registered Dietican. If you aren't busy reading labels, weighing food and methodically measuring and calculating ingredients during this Virgo Moon, then you need to start because this is a perfect time to get control of your lifestyle.

Virgo is all about lifestyle. Virgo naturally rules the 6th house of physical health, the daily grind, your daily work ethic, your daily habits and daily ritual. This is NOT the spiritual plane, this is the physical plane. This is WYSIWYG, which means 'what you see is what you get'. The size on your clothes isn't lying. It's real. The numbers on your lab report aren't lying. It's real. The x-ray is real. And as far as Astrology goes I always say, "The chart doesn't lie, only the mouth does." Whatever you see in physical form is real. It means what it means!

If you forget everything else I wrote today, yesterday and and in the monster-size write-up of the Full Moon in Virgo at least remember this -----> that Virgo is 'the lab' in Life. This is why Virgo rules Lifestyle and your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). It about application and applying what you have learned into practical Life. That is how you manifest. It is about doing it in the lab or in the kitchen of Life. You can say a million affirmations all day long until the cows come home and train your brain to think positively, but it is when you actually do something and take action on those words that great things begin to happen. Positive affirmations are a wonderful tool because they motivate, inspire and remind you to take action. You have to take action on the words you are saying. As a North Node Virgo (daily life) why do you think this website is all about DAILY everything, including having Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Everytime you see 'daily' anything on this site, it is because I am playing right into my North Node Virgo hand. I actually have to be 'heavily' into daily living so that I can teach you. Virgo is a lifestyle and you have to make some lifestyle decisions with this North Node Virgo. It's funny, I have been cooking up a storm over the past few days. Make this Full Moon in Virgo work for you. Don't just read the information and say, "Wow, what a great read that was!" and then procrastinate on doing something because that is the negative side of Virgo. Everything has an equal and opposite side. Just like a pancake. Make the positive side of this Full Moon in Virgo work for you, by working it.

Today we also have the major aspect of 'The Narrow-Minded Individual'. Who gives a damn what they think while in their narrow-mindedness? You just keep moving forward, even if there is energy out there attempting to thrwart your goals. Sometimes a narrow-minded individual can say just enough to throw you off your path or off your game. Let this narrow-mindedness be someone else, not you. Stay on your path, in your lane and leave the limited thinking to someone else.

  • The Moon in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn at exactly 4:57 AM EST (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)
  • Mercury in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius at exactly 8:10 AM EST. This is a major aspect that deserves your time and attention in reading. Major aspects typically have a 4-7 day orb of influence. Use it wisely.
  • The Moon in Virgo opposing the Sun at exactly 10:54 AM EST (This is the monster-size Full Moon in Virgo write-up)
  • The Moon in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius at exactly 8:25 PM EST (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)
  • The Moon in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn at exactly 10:36 PM EST (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)
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