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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Full Moon in Virgo on DrStandley.com The Full Moon is in Virgo until Monday, March 13, 2017 at 1:28 AM EDT. Roll your eyeballs 'up' and all of the little black rectangles will take you back to your Sun Sign's main landing page. Roll your eyeballs 'down' and you will see the Astro-Memes (important stuff) we are dealing with today.

IT'S FULL MOON IN VIRGO EVE! Tomorrow, Sunday, March 12, 2017 at precisely 10:54 AM EDT at 22 degrees we will experience a Full Moon in Virgo. If you missed the early post a few days ago on social media, here is the monster-size write-up of the Full Moon in Virgo where you will also find a horoscope for each Sun Sign.

Side note - first let's get all Virgo-ee and address the first detail of weekend and that is, "Before you go to bed tonight, remember to set your clock and spring forward one hour due to Daylight Saving Time."

Think for a moment how big and bright a Full Moon really is. The dark sky is certainly lit up more and it is easier to see in the dark. Full Moon's remind me of my favorite line in TV history from the cancelled show, 'Joan of Arcardia'. Joan was always being approached by God who revealed Himself to her through other people. Sometimes God showed up as a 6 year old girl, a janitor, a gay man, transients, a butcher, a mime, a coffee shop clerk, a bus driver, a goth teenager or a librarian. In one particular episode, Joan is in the hospital in the psyche ward. As goth-teenager-God is leaving the hospital room, Joan is yelling at Him over the turmoil she is going through and blaming Him for everything. Goth-teenager-God dressed in black leather and wearing black lipstick and black eyeshadow gently turns, looks over His shoulder at Joan and says, "Learn how to see in the dark."

That my dear little mentators is my take on what a Full Moon really is about. Learn how to see in the dark and the brilliant Full Moon reminds me of how our Creator's Light shines even in the dark. I cannot look at astrology without spirituality. I just cannot do it. Man invents the GPS, maps, travel forecasting, highway signs, doppler radar and weather forecasting, but God invented the cosmos and that's what I call a MAP! When you think about the Full Moon shining it's brilliant Light on the area of your Natal Chart or Solar Return that is ruled by Virgo, you will see that this is shining a Light where you may be feeling some darkness. This is where you need to get back on the straight and narrow path that leads you to your goal. If the path were wide and everyone was traveling the exact same path, what would be so special about that? Your path is straight and narrow. It is 'your path'! Therein lies the problem when we try to make our path fat and wide loading more issues, problems and crazy than we were meant to experience. In fact, the Light bulb about a particular area of your Life should be so bright right now that it is like God's SpotLight has been pointing at it all along.

Full Moon's are interesting because they are actually opposing energy. The Sun is in one sign and the Moon is in the opposite sign. In this case the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Virgo, which is the opposite sign of Pisces. *Take another peek at the graphic above. So it's two opposing energies. The Sun is testosterone (masculine) and the Moon is estrogen (feminine). So here we have a tug of war between mommy and daddy or two opposing energies that are masculine and feminine. You may feel this energy in a relationship or within yourself. There is an internal struggle (Pisces) and an outward manifestation of that (Virgo). Pisces represents our internal environment (mental health) whereas Virgo represents our external environment (physical health). All opposing signs are very similar in strange but true ways. Virgo is a 'mind over matter' type of sign, which is why Virgo has the power to manifest what they want and need in physical form. *Read that last sentence again and embed it in your brain.

In this case Pisces might sit at the bottom of a lake or swim in circles, whereas Virgo may sit in their office and procrastinate, swirling their coffee in circles or organizing in circles. Both are moving but nothing is getting accomplished. You can take this energy and treat it as though it were a moving meditation coming from the reflective pool and let that move you to get things accompanished. MANIFEST DESTINY! Remember, the North Node is our 'destiny' (destination) and right now the North Node is in Virgo until May 9, 2017. So together with this Full Moon in Virgo, you should be in heavy into MANIFEST DESTINY!

For me personally, this Full Moon in Virgo always reminds me that I am the one who is supposed to be the picture of health. As a North Node Virgo I should be the example and the teacher of Good health. After all, 'doctor means teacher'. Pay very close attention to the area of your Natal Chart or Solar Return where Virgo is present because it is the picture of health, organization, scheduling, daily work ethic and your daily habitual environment. What are your daily habits and what do you need to change in order to manifest your destiny (destination)?

Those of you who have a North Node Virgo as I do are destined to be in healthcare or some other subject matter that Virgo rules. The North Node is currently in Virgo until May 9, 2017 pressing on all of us to get our physical health back in order. The North Node is our destiny (destination) and it is our Dharma, whereas the South Node is our Karma. Since November 12, 2015 the North Node in Virgo has been on our tail to get our physical health together. Since, I do have a healthcare website, my education is healthcare, my North Node is Virgo; therefore my 'Dharma' is that of a Virgo, I should be the example and picture of Good health. Personally, I have been on a serious rip to get my physical body back where it should be and I have been working out twice a day for the last three weeks for 90 minutes each time. By the time the North Node Virgo and South Node Pisces change signs on May 9, 2017 I will have succeeded in brain-washing myself once and for all. I encourage 'ALL OF YOU' to take your healthcare by the horns and wrestle it down to the ground and get your mind wrapped around great physical health while this Full Moon in Virgo is present and while the North Node in Virgo is still present. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I have a clean diet . . it's pushing myself away from my work (this computer) long enough to work out where I have been lacking. I have realized that being 'the example of Good health and Good living' I should be posting more pictures of me living that way and being that example. So that is the direction that I am headed. Here soon, I'll be done posting only head shots in just a few weeks. (winky wink) If you missed it, make sure you read the monster-size write-up of the Full Moon in Virgo here!

  • The Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces at exactly 3:09 PM EST (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)
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