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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Mercury in Taurus Retrograde (Rx) on DrStandley.com The Moon is in Libra until Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 6:42 PM EDT. Roll your eyeballs 'up' and all of the little black rectangles will take you back to your Sun Sign's main landing page. Roll your eyeballs 'down' and you will see the Astro-Memes (important stuff) we are dealing with today.

On this website (drstandley.com) the Daily Horoscope is my interpretation of every aspect and transit occurring today. I only write one (1) Daily Horoscope, which is for all signs. It is only the Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscopes that are tailored to each Sun Sign.

The BIG NEWS today is Mercury in Taurus turns Retrograde until May 3, 2017 where it will then turn Direct. Technically speaking, today Mercury is in "Stationary Retrograde" status. If you look at the Astro-Meme below, you will see how Mercury has been moving forward in degrees and where it changed signs from Aries into Taurus at the 29 degree/00 degree mark. It's in white font on the graphic. Notice how at 05 degrees on today's date Mercury stops at 05 degrees. Stationary 'S' means it stopped. Much like a car has to do when it shifts gears from drive into reverse, the car will stop momentarily to shift gears and then it will begin moving again. So today on the Daily Astrology Chart Wheel you will see Mercury in Taurus with an 'S' representing 'Stationary' and tomorrow you will see Mercury in Taurus with an 'Rx' representing 'Retrograde'. It is Stationary before it is Retrograde and it is Stationary before it turns Direct and moves forward again because it has to shift gears. Notice on your own Natal Chart or Solar Return if there are any 'S' markings or 'Rx' markings. The North and South Node are ALWAYS 'Retrograde' and sometimes it will show an 'S'. The North and South Node has a 'wobble' which can make you think it sometimes moves 'Direct' if there is no 'S' or 'Rx', but let me assure you, Nodes are ALWAYS Retrograde.

Most people know what to do and what not to do when Mercury turns Retrograde (Rx) because it is such a well publicized event. Mercury always gets more press than any other Retrograde, probably because Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, which rules the press, communication, sales, promotion, marketing, thinking, traveling, transportation and gadgetry. Mercury also rules the sign of Virgo and our physical health. It also rules our daily grind, which includes our work ethic, daily habits, and the people we work with and encounter on a daily basis. Since Mercury rules physical health and the precision and mind of the doctor, this is why it is best NOT TO have surgery or engage in any drastic change in physical health during Mercury Retrograde (Rx). We are also in Venus Retrograde so it is a double-no-no for surgery, especially elective surgeries that change our appearance.

Instead of telling you what not to do, I will spend more time focusing on what you should do. This is a great time to get your communication and transportation act together. While this is not the time make new gadgetry purchases, buy a car or new tires, it would be a great time to clean up the gadget or automobile that you have. Check the air in your tires and get your oil changed. Tighten all the door knobs in your home, WD40 all the hinges, clean all of the mirror and glass because they reflect energy and double everything. EEK! Update your phone, delete any old contacts, defrag your computer, update the tags on your luggage, paint the mailbox, make certain your house or apartment number is nicely displayed, take yourself off some mailing lists, check your credit report, change your passwords on EVERYTHING, organize your medical records and get the paperwork for your advance health directives, but fill out the paperwork after Mercury turns Direct. Sit down on the couch with a trash can or document shredder and start tossing files, paperwork and old bills that are no longer useful or needed. Go through your make-up, bathroom drawers and junk drawers and clean them out. Remember, Mercury rules organization and health, so clean up YOUR BATHROOMS! This is organization and health in its finest setting. Get rid of the old make-up, clean off the shampoo and conditioner bottles, throw out the old toothbrushes and rake out the underneath the sink. Are you hearin' me folks?

Mercury is currently in the sign of Taurus and Taurus is a money sign. It is THE SECOND most materialistic sign of the zodiac, with Capricorn being first by a long shot. Taurus naturally rules the 2nd house of earned income and self-worth. Imagine how much better you will feel when you clean up the area I just mentioned above. And think about the mirrors and glass that are reflectors and double the visual on things. In Feng Shui windows and mirros are not only portals, if probably placed they can double your wealth. Well we are talking TAURUS HERE! Moooooooo! Do not get side-tracked with Mercury Retrograde and blaming it for every dropped call that occurs. Dropped calls happen. Think bigger than trivial silly stuff like that and get your organizational, transportational and physical health back on track my cleaning it up! Look at your Natal Chart or Solar Return to see where the sign of Taurus is impacting you.

All Retrogrades serve as a 'Do Over'. This is a repeat performance of a certain set of degrees where you get another chance to get it right before you progress forward. Haven't you ever swung a golf club or a bat or thrown a basketball at a basketball hoop where you missed and said, "Can I have do-over?" Well, Retrogrades are just like that. God is giving us a chance to do something over not only a second time, but a third time as well. We don't even have to ask for it, He is just giving it to us. Retrogrades are like God saying, "You know what Loretta, here take a do-over. I know you may not want it or you may feel like you don't need it, but you have some great things coming down the pike pretty soon and I want you to go back in time and clean up a few things before you progress forward. You'll be glad you did." God is gracing us with a 'Do Over'. Receive with the 'Do Overs' with grace and appreciation, not angst and whining. Folks, please do not look at 'Do Overs' as being bad. So many people freak out, when all we are being called to do is get our act together before something else occurs. Hey, sometimes some of us have to learn the hard way and if that is you, then okay, but it doesn't have to be that way. We are being called to do something over, only better this second time around. Then the third time we can tweak and make it even better. Retrogrades are a 'Gimme From God,' meaning He is giving you another chance. Think about it! God is giving YOU another chance! He's the Good Guy. He's not throwing a balling bowl in your path just to mess with you. That's doesn't even make sense. So enough with the drama and Mercury Retrograde.

During a Retrograde, the planet involved, being Mercury in this case, moves forward in degrees, then it moves backward over the same set of degrees we just experienced, and then it moves forward again over the same degrees that we just experienced, which means we travel over the same set of degrees THREE (3) TIMES during a Retrograde (with the exception of the Nodes). Notice in the graphic how we travel over the same set of degrees. It is so deliberate its not even funny. Now here's THE GET, look at the graphic below and notice that it will take us all the way back to 24 degrees Aries, where it was last on March 26, 2017. What was going on back then that God wants you to go back and re-do something from that time period? Think my little mentator, think! Why March 26, 2017? What energy was surrounding that date? Now go clean it up!

Mercury in Taurus Retrograde (Rx) on DrStandley.com

  • The Moon in Virgo opposing Venus in Pisces at exactly 4:07 AM EDT (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)
  • The Moon in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius at exactly 4:21 AM EDT (You will feel this energy within 12-14 hours 'before and after' it occurs.)
  • Mercury is Stationary (S) Retrograde today at 7:15 PM EDT, meaning it has come to a standstill in order to shift gears and turn backward in degrees. Much like a car coming to a stop to shift gears and change its direction.
    Moon opposing Venus on DrStandley.com Moon square Saturn on DrStandley.com
    Mercury in Taurus Retrograde (Rx) on DrStandley.com

    Solar Return Report on DrStandley.com

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