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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Moon opposing Venus on DrStandley.com

This aspect depicts conflict which, when resolved, results in growth. Oppositions show a tug of war between opposing forces. If they are resolved, then the oppositions become the backbone and strength of the chart.

It is important to understand that the Moon rules the home and the family. It also rules the emotions, feelings, sensitivities and moods, while Venus rules Love, beauty and relationships. The Moon is emotional, while Venus is aesthetic and artistic. There is an emotional attachment or response to beauty.

This aspect makes an individual emotionally over-sensitive with a sensational need to be Loved. In fact, the individual may go to great lengths and make special efforts just to avoid any disapproval because of their need for acceptance. This can cause one to expect too much from those who are closest, which usually results in disappointment.

The problem with this over-sensitivity is there will have to be a substitute for Love to get some sort of emotional satisfaction, which could result in self-indulgence. This is where the individual might turn to material comforts to satisfy the desire for Love and attention. Too much money might be spent shopping for luxuries, after all, the Moon (emotions) is opposing Venus, the planet of beauty, luxury, comforts and Love. This could also result in eating desserts, fatty, sugary or rich food. [More . . . keep reading]

The individual under the influence of this aspect tries extremely hard to be loved and works very hard to please. There is also the possibility of sexual indulgence as well due to the feeling of not being loved or feeling as though they are not loveable. Naturally this is because sex is an expression of Love, which can be easily misunderstood during this opposition. There is a conflict (tug-of-war) here between the needs of the self and the needs of someone else. Wants and desires seem to repel rather than attract. This aspect means that one will highly praise others but may in fact be fishing for compliments or may not be all that sincere in their compliments.

Those with this aspect in their chart may have issues with romance and/or home and family relationships. This is due to the Moon ruling the home and family, and Venus ruling romantic relationships. This is a classic placement for the nosey, busy body, meddling mother-in-law. And if it isn't the mother-in-law, then it would be someone else in the family meddling in the affairs of the heart (marriage).

The other issue with this aspect is if the individual seeks public recognition, they are likely to ignore those within the home and family leaving them behind. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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