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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Moon square Mars on DrStandley.com

This aspect is a seat of inner tensions. The tension of the square gives us motivation. Squares are dynamic aspects that give us the drive to succeed. What begins as an inner problem is overcome or accepted, and then becomes a door to understanding.

It is important to understand that the Moon rules the home and the family. It also rules the emotions, feelings, sensitivities and moods, while Mars is busy, hyper and action-oriented. The Moon is emotional, while Mars is assertive, aggressive and competitive.

This aspect is emotionally volatile, wherein both negative and positive emotions brew. The Moon rules the emotions and Mars is THE MOST aggressive planet. This is definitely a mercurial and unstable placement for emotions. The emotions are changeable and downright fickle. One minute you might be lively and giddy, then in the next minute you may be on the verge of an aggressive raw burst. This aspect is quick-tempered and intolerant. There is impatience and irritability, which can mean periods of loneliness when left alone. If you have learned self-control then you will discover plenty of energy to be channeled into productive activities.

This placement can cause you to take things way too personally, where you are easily upset and lose your temper. This aspect makes human relationships more difficult because of being demanding or very sensitive. When succumbing to emotional outbursts, the question worth asking is, "What are you trying to accomplish with that type of behavior?" Is it to scare someone? Is it to control someone? There has to be reason and it would be wise to be honest with one's own sense of reasoning on this issue.

There are likely domestic problems and maybe even disagreements with parents. This can positively or negatively influence an individual's professional Life and ambitions depending on the aspects if this aspect is in the natal chart. This forceful and aggressive approach may also make it difficult to get along with women. The individual with this aspect in their natal chart may have problems in early relationships. A man may choose a woman who will let them get away with this behavior. In later years, the man will either have to grow out of some of this aggression, risk being alone or learn what makes them tick in order to share in a relationship. This energy can be channeled into something productive (that produces positive results).

Alcohol consumption does not work well with this placement because there is a tendency to lose emotional control. It would be best if you did not consume alcohol.

Those with this placement in their natal chart have a high probability of bringing on poor health conditions as a result of this emotional roller coaster temperament. There is also the possibility of headaches, head issues, stomach problems or even ulcers. Suppressed anger will only cause physical problems that are linked with the emotions.

This aspect should be used to make one's own way in the world with no interference, which is very difficult for anyone to do. BUT, there is too much time spent being concerned about what others think and being emotionally hypersensitive to it. With maturity you will learn to be less demanding of others and refrain from taking offense so easily and quickly.

Channeled properly, this energy is boundless, where you can literally move mountains. Often this aspect results in many emotional crises that can lead to poor health if not handled properly. Harmony in relationships must be a conscious goal. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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