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Mercury Trine Jupiter on DrStandley.com

This aspect shows an easy flow of energy and is generally considered favorable. You will mostly experience trines as talents and advantages. However, trines can also show areas which are the line of least resistance. This means that you may be letting these talents slip by unnoticed and that you are lacking motivation.

It is important to understand that Mercury rules the intellectual and conscious mind that forms conclusions. Mercury is reasoning while Jupiter is happy-go-lucky and optimistic. Jupiter is lucky, adventurous and abundant. Jupiter is very benevolent, generous and philanthropic. Jupiter rules religion and higher education.

Mercury is the planet of transportation and travel more locally and Jupiter is the planet of transportation and travel more globally.

This is a very philosophical mind, which can easily see the big picture and talk to people from all walks of life. Ideas can be uplifting for other people motivating them to achieve and inspiring others to do more with their Life. This is the aspect for the 'motivational speaker'.

This aspect reveals a good education that will often times involve an advanced degree such as a master's degree or doctorate. It might also show up as a specialized education such as technical schools or even where an individual has several degree and/or certifications. This is a well-read and well-traveled individual. This aspect reveals that a well trained mind makes for an easy life.

There is a lot of confidence and pride in mental abilities. A lot of time is spent philosophizing and thinking in broad general terms. The mind contains and stores knowledge easily because learning is rapid and the mind will retain what has been learned.

This aspect elaborates on and enlarges the truth to a degree, but there is still high integrity and high standards of behavior. There is a strong moral compass with this aspect.

Mercury trine Jupiter makes communication very easy and agreeable. It might also come with an added bonus. This is where you might call for a lower interest rate on your credit card, and they end up raising your credit limit AND lower your interest rate. This is a great aspect for sales, marketing, promoting, advertising, traveling, writing, publishing, blogging, speech making, communicating and entertaining. This aspect LOVES to mix business with pleasure, like playing golf and talking business. And let's not forget that Jupiter is abundant, expansive, lucky and financial. This aspect has financial ties!

There is an optimistic and fresh outlook on life, and an explicit belief in the capacity to succeed.

Avoid being indulgent and pompous about having so much knowledge. The individual with this aspect in their chart, knowing what you know it should be unthinkable that you would not do much in life.

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