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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Mars Square Jupiter on DrStandley.com

This aspect is a seat of inner tensions. The tension of the square gives us motivation. Squares are dynamic aspects that give us the drive to succeed. What begins as an inner problem is overcome or accepted, and then becomes a door to understanding.

Mars is busy, hyper and action-oriented, almost constantly needing to be entertained or occupied. Mars is the warrior, the aggressor and the competitive one that often times just doesn't know when to stop. Jupiter is lucky, adventurous and abundant. Jupiter is also very benevolent, generous and philanthropic. Jupiter likes to preach or have their fist in the air over subject matter that has to do with the higher moral ground, philosophy, religion and ethics.

This aspect 'can be' incredibly explosive, destructive and war-like. Remember, Jupiter E-X-P-A-N-D-S whatever it touches and it is reaching out and touching Mars through an aggressive square. This in turn over-exaggerates Mars to the 'nth degree. This can easily cause you to attempt to gain control and power over someone, but it can also result in an attempt by someone else to gain control and power over you. Either way you slice it, the result is someone is getting their ego fed while they are trying to impress others. Jupiter is a very social planet and likes to get around the planet (social circles), so there is a strong possibility that this could result in self-aggrandizement or self-ingratiating behavior. Self-promotion with be huge with this aspect.

Keep in mind that Mars is the warrior planet and will take war any way it can get it, even if it has to stir up an argument or hot debate just to get the energy ignited. There is also the possibility of getting caught up in a TV show that promotes or glorifies war or find yourself in a hot discussion with those who glorify and justify war. Jupiter is expanding the subject matter of war, which means it is glorifying war. There will likely be more stories on the news during the transit of Mars square Jupiter, while those who have Mars square Jupiter in their natal chart will likely be looking to join a holy crusade or organization that has violence as its foundation. This is all a fight to belong on some sort of social level. This is the aspect of the religious fanatic who is hell bent on a crusade (war). This aspect is most definitely controversial.

When this aspect shows up in the natal chart, there will be a tendency to benefit financially through war, destruction or violence. This could be anything from selling guns or weapons (legally or illegally) to providing bandages for the injured. Since Mars is actually the ancient ruler of Scorpio, which is a financial Sun Sign ruling other people's money, it is also the most resourceful sign as well and does not like waste. This makes it a real possibility to waste resources, especially financial resources.

Mars square Jupiter is extreme at its minimum, and it is even more extreme at its extreme. This aspect can lead to ruin in those who are severely out of control and need a cold hard lesson in get-your-act-together. This aspect has a tendency to gamble at very high stakes. You may not know when to quit. Moderation has to be learned with this aspect because it is not a natural trait.

YOu will need to find the time to chill out and let your hair down. You will also need to spend time developing self-discipline because your impulsiveness may keep you from reaching your goals.

When this placement is in the natal chart of a woman, she will have trouble with men. When this aspect shows up as a transit, women will have trouble with men because Mars is testosterone in the chart and Jupiter is the higher octave of the Moon (the mother). Men may be having issues with their mother but it reflect on the female partner.

It may be difficult to gain any respect or credit from the employer, which could result in slow advancement even if you prove your capabilities and ability to handle hard work. Those with this aspect in their natal chart would be better off self-employed.

This aspect does have a tendency to produce or uncover the hypocrite. The individual's action are usually neither reliable or honorable, which makes temptation to gamble or take high risks likely. Little white lies covering what they are about is common, along with using religion to hide motives, resulting in the hypocrite. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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