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The New Moon is in Virgo on Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 5:03 AM EDT. The sign of Virgo is the 'picture of health' as shown by the Astro-Meme. A New Moon is when the Moon and the Sun are conjunct, meaning they are in the same sign and same degree. In other words, they are like conjoined twins. A conjunction emphasizes and intensifies the energies of the planets involved. In this case, the Moon will be in Virgo at exactly 09 degrees 21 minutes and the Sun will be in Virgo at exactly 09 degrees 21 minutes at 5:03 AM EDT, which you can see on the downloadable chart. The New Moon is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a time of new beginnings! Download the chart wheel and lay it over your personal natal chart, lining up the Sun Signs and degrees to see where this aspect is affecting your chart. Conjunctions focus and intensify the energy much like a laser beam on an exact point in your chart. These planets have their own uniqueness and when tag-teamed their energy is intensified even more.

New Moon's have an 5-7 day 'orb of strong influence' but I like to give it a full 7 day 'orb of influence' to account for your intuition, taking you all the way up to the next Full Moon. Every two weeks there is a New Moon, then a Full Moon, then a New Moon, then a Full Moon, one of each every month. Work the New Moon like nobody's business for two weeks. The impact will be for an entire year, up until the next New Moon in Virgo, which will be August 2017,

Virgo rules your daily life, physical health, hygiene, food, work ethic, employees, service, skills, those who serve others, clothing and sickness. It is about the service you give to others and your daily habits, routine, the working environment, pets, animals and service. Virgo means your "Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)." Virgo rules your physical daily ritual, daily routine, daily regimen and daily habits. Virgo also rules the accounting of finances because Virgo is the bookkeeper, accountant, bean counter, engineer, statistician and mathmetician of the zodiac. This New Moon is all about 'the picture of health', which requires you to 'take action' in your physical world, physical space and physical body. It's not enough to 'intend' to do something, you have to apply yourself. You actually have to do the 'the work'. After all, Virgo rules work and work ethic. It is Capricorn that rules the career and profession, but it is Virgo that rules how you go about it. Virgo is all about practical application. You don't just read the self-help book, you actually have to apply what you learned.

I just LOVE this New Moon and I consider it THE SECOND MOST important New Moon of the year because we all know how much I Love the Aries New Moon. If you have really been wanting to improve your Lifestyle (and folks, I am talking about Lifestyle and activities of daily living) this is your New Moon because Virgo rules both. This is your physical space, your physical body and your physical environment and the people who show up in it daily. You must get your new system of daily living embedded in your mind and what you are going to do with this energy. Virgo likes activity. Virgo does not sit around on its ass waiting for miracles. Virgo takes action because it knows when it does (do something), miracles do happen.

Virgo is a sign that has the gift of 'mind over matter'. Virgo is naturally ruled by Mercury, which rules the mind and Virgo is the sign of physical matter. This is the magic wand for those who have their North Node in Virgo (like myself). And right now, until May 9, 2017, the North Node is transiting Virgo. So this makes the New Moon in Virgo that much more powerful. Not to mention we are still in the final days of Jupiter in Virgo. Mind over matter is a super important gift in this New Moon. If you incorporate affirmations, prayer and even hypnosis into your game change, then this New Moon will be a game changer. You can find a ton of affirmations on this website to help you. I am in the midst of over-hauling these pages but there are still plenty of affirmations to use. Make certain you read the main landing page of the affirmations so you are clear on what affirmations do. They are NOT lucky charms, they are words and phrases to help you brainwash yourself into thinking differently. There are also all kinds of FREE Apps on hypnosis to help you change your mindset. Hypnosis goes deep into your subconscious to change your way of thinking. USE the hypnosis apps on your smartphone.

This New Moon comes with a big bag of WTF-factor. This is no joke! This New Moon is accompanied by a square to Saturn, where Saturn also squares Neptune, and Neptune opposes the New Moon and Sun. This in turn creates a pretty touch T-Square, which you can see from the downloadable chart. This is a pretty touch mess of energy, which causes a severe inferiority complex, that results in insecurity and melancholy. Now how in the hell are you supposed to change-up and improve yourself, your lifestyle and activities of daily living with that kind of energy staring you in the face. Like I said above, Virgo has the gift of 'mind over matter' so fill your brain up with affirmations, prayer and hypnosis apps. Who or what could possibly tear you down when your mind is protected?

While the New Moon in Virgo occurs at 5:03 AM EDT, the New Moon is squared by Saturn at 6:25 AM EDT and then it is opposed by Neptune at 7:33 AM EDT. The New Moon squaring Neptune wants to be 'at one' with the Universe but it can't be unless one has a clear idea of their own identity. The Moon opposing Neptune is what makes us attracted to unusual people, but then they turn out to be confused, warped, strange and drunk. Later in the day at 2:39 PM EDT the Moon will then square Mars, thereby possibly causing you and everyone else to lose their temper. Folks, this New Moon can be exhausting and make you feel fed-up and feel like giving up, but again, let me remind you of the gift of Virgo, which is MIND OVER MATTER! The North Node is within striking distance of this New Moon of just a couple of degrees, so not only does this mean MANIFEST DESTINY, it also means it is a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE. This New Moon can be and will be, as easy as you make it. Again, my advise is to use affirmations, prayer and hypnosis apps. Not only do I have a massive amount of affirmations on this website, I also have a massive amount of prayers and novena's to help serve you. And don't forget to use the hypnosis apps on your smartphone. This will help you brain-train and brainwash yourself into thinking differently. In this way your actions will follow your new way of thinking. What you think does matter because your thoughts direct your actions.

You are getting more than enough support to manifest your destiny and transform ... (yes I used the word transform) by taking action yourself. If you notice from the downloadable chart this New Moon is trine Pluto in Capricorn. MANIFEST DESTINY! I believe if you get this New Moon in Virgo thing down cold and stop screwing up your Life by adopting daily maintenance (exercise, nutrition, scheduling, work ethic, helpfulness) then you will see a transformation in your Life and, "Everything will be fine" as Doc Brown says. You can stop the silliness right now and grow up.

A New Moon is a time of 'new beginnings' as it represents a new cycle. Since the New Moon in Virgo represents the strong link between the physical body (health) and emotions, this is a majorly fantastic time to get your health back on track. Here is the deal, if you are sitting on a disease, illness, syndrome, ache or pain, then take your healthcare serious and start being responsible for your dang health! There is no doctor, nurse or caretaker who will care more about you, THAN YOU! If you choose not to accept this mission (during this New Moon in Virgo) then you can look forward to just even a little bit of stress causing you a physical issue. This could look like acne from stress to an ulcer from stress or taken further, maybe even a migraine or heart attack due to stress. This is a highly perfectionistic New Moon, so get all perfectionistic about how you came to be in the condition that you find yourself in. Structure and order are the influence with this New Moon. Have you ever noticed my tagline on this website that is just underneath the domain name DrStandley.com? It says, "Become Your Own Best Healthcare Provider ™ " because by golly no one is going to do it better than you! Not only does this mean trim the fat off the body, but trim the fat off your finances. We hear politicians all the time talk about cutting the pork off the spending. Right? Well trim the pork off your spending because this Virgo Moon is all about 'detailed' finances and accounting as well. Make yourself accountable for your accounting!

This New Moon is also very health conscious, which makes it the perfect time for you to pick at your flaws as if you are are debriding a wound. Debridement is a medical term that describes the removal of a patient's dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. DEBRIDE YOURSELF FOLKS!!! This is not a time for you to be nagging, whiney and so critical of yourself that you end up going backward and not doing anything about what you need to change. Virgo is THE procrastinator of the zodiac because they pay so much attention to detail that they simply cannot move forward until they correct that one tiny little detail, but then they miss the entire big picture. Virgo might even miss the boat when everyone else moves forward while they are still picking at that one tiny little thing. Own it baby! Own the flaw and change it! You have probably been feeling the orb of this Virgo Moon anyway and already started making your changes. The pull toward physical body and the mind are incredibly strong during this New Moon that you may not be able to think about anything else. Psyche yourself UP and get all obsessive about yourself because Virgo is naturally ruled by Mercury, which just turned Retrograde on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. So you see, this New Moon has all kinds of landmines on our path, BUT if you use affirmations, prayer and hypnosis apps to brainwash and brain-train yourself, then nothing negative can get into your head and you will be embedded in, MIND OVER MATTER so you can MANIFEST DESTINY!

This Virgo Moon is the 'picture of health' and is calling you to 'get real' and 'get even' with that self-inflicted flaw. Get your mind all worked up and analytical during this Virgo Moon. Folks, the sign of Virgo (especially a North Node Virgo) means 'mind over matter'. Virgo is THE PHYSICAL SELF. It's opposite sign (Pisces) is the MENTAL SELF! You need to 'get real' and 'get even' with that self-inflicted flaw. Get your mind all worked up and analytical during this Virgo Moon about what you need to self-correct physically about yourself. This is NOT a mental thing, it is a physical thing. Virgo has the ability to manifest PHYSICALLY! If you want that new body or that new appearance in your finances, then get busy changing it. You have probably been feeling the orb of this Virgo Moon anyway and already started making your changes. During this New Moon in Virgo it is accompanied by Jupiter in Virgo bringing even more attention to details, details, details. The pull toward the physical body and the mind are incredible during the New Moon in Virgo that you may not be able to think about anything else. Psyche yourself UP and get all obsessive about yourself because Virgo is naturally ruled by Mercury (analytical mind). Get real with your physical flaws (body, money, etc.) where you may have lost control and get back on track. MIND OVER MATTER! DEBRIDE YOURSELF!

Use this new cycle, the ever so picky New Moon in Virgo to not only get your health back on track but to correct your lazy flaws. Yep, I said it! Is there a personality issue you need to address? Virgo 'naturally' rules work ethic. Are you arriving to work on time? Are you working at all? How do you treat co-workers and employees? Virgo rules clothing, are you still hanging on to clothes you are seriously NEVER going to wear again. Give it up folks. Move on and let someone else use and enjoy those clothes. Correct your work ethic and then get busy making your North and South Node work for you so that you can live your destiny (the destination) with full blown YOU-NESS. BRING IT!

Check your personal natal chart for the area that this New Moon in Virgo rules at 09 degrees, which will impact you personally, so you can really put the hammer down. [ back to top ]

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