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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

[Posted Thursday, January 19, 2017]


If you are willing to use Astrology to decipher and understand your romantic relationship, your ability to generate personal income or your decision to choose a certain career path, then why wouldn't you use Astrology to help you determine the best possible candidate during a Presidential election? Like him, Love him, despise him or criticize him, Astrology doesn't care what you think about Donald J. Trump. The Astrology just IS and will play itself out according to the Divine's Will, not yours or mine. Whoa, I can hear the fur flying with that statement, but it's the Truth. Either you believe in the rules and dance of the planets in Astrology, or you don't. As with any case in Astrology, including our own personal natal charts, we all get to choose whether we will accept the terms of the Astrology laid out before us or whether we will ignore it and choose another path, but sooner or later, Astrology will catch us at a much more mature place in our lives and tug at our heartstrings again.

I had stated in many of my writings that during 2016 Pluto in Capricorn was going to flip the energy like a pancake and turn government upside down. Nothing would be the same. In my 2008 write-up of Pluto in Capricorn, which you will find in your Generational Horoscope that there would be a transformation in government, military, authority and authority figures (including policeman). Remember, Pluto is going through a 16-year transit from 2008 until 2024. The year 2016 was the halfway point and it was at this halfway point that the biggest change would occur. Nothing can or would be the same once the pancake was flipped over. We saw a rise against government, the military, authority and authority figures (including the police). We saw the people in the streets, just as I stated in my 2008 Pluto in Capricorn write-up. Whether we liked the Astrology or not, it was going to happen and it did. Remember, there are two sides to a pancake. One side of the pancake is smooth and pretty, while the other side of the pancake is spotted and ugly. In 2016 that pancake flipped. Which side of the pancake do you think is exposed now?

Pluto in Capricorn on DrStandley.com

Do you remember my Brain Dump™ on Election Day morning, November 8, 2016?

I stated, "In order for the Astrology to make sense and be True, then there has to be such a flip of energy at this halfway point that Pluto in Capricorn is now on its way to a full-blown transformation. Pluto detroys, levels and flattens only to rebuild and transform. The process of Pluto's demolition is not pretty, which is what we have seen over the past year with Pluto in Capricorn where government is concerned. Now we arrive on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Will this election be a full-blown transformation of destruction and flattening of one party (Republican) only to arise out of the ashes as another party, or is this transformation merely a change in gender from a man to a woman? I can see either one of these two nominee's satisfying the flip of the pancake at the halfway point of Pluto in Capricorn, although it appears that one will be a much greater impact of change than the other simply because that has been the intent and the message." I'm talking about a full-blown transformation where nothing is, will or could be same. As long as Pluto in Capricorn was where it was in the cosmos, this change was going to occur whether or not the losing party could accept it. It was going to happen. That astrological fact alone was enough for me to know that Trump was going to win. I didn't and still don't feel like it is my place to make that prediction and influence so many people to vote a certain way. My job as an Astrologer is to give you the astrological facts and let you make your own determination. It would have been karmically wrong (I feel) to use astrology to manipulate voters to a certain corner, even though it was apparent to me that Trump was the clear winner. If Hillary Clinton would have won, it would have been politics as usual with the bureaucratic red-tape and same career politicians in charge. If Donald J. Trump won, then THAT would satisfy the Pluto in Capricorn energy and make the Astrology correct. So not only did Donald J. Trump win, many states flipped from blue to red and there became a House and Senate majority. Pluto in Capricorn was going to flip that pancake and that was going to be it. Astrology doesn't care whether you or anyone else likes it or not. Pluto in Capricorn alone gave us everything we needed to know about who would win the election, but if you still need more Astrology to convince you, then here we go.

For a long time during the campaign, many wondered if Donald J. Trump will suddenly do an about-face and change his mind with respect to running for POTUS. Do you remember in my January 2016 Brain Dump™ one year ago I wrote to you this paragraph, " Folks, I believe he already did this about-face and changed his mind. Donald Trump has pretended, toyed with the idea and threatened to run for POTUS many many times. In 1988, 2000, 2004 and 2008 Donald has entertained the idea and changed his mind. In June 2015 he decided to go ahead and run but I honestly believe he was just doing this to get change to occur, to rock the boat so to speak and get us soaking wet. He wanted to get conversation started. Donald wanted people to talk, not argue. Donald has Jupiter in Libra, he really isn't looking for a fight. He's a professional negotiator (Jupiter in Libra) and he's looking for a win/win situation. That's what he really wants. He's looking for people to talk. His Mars in Leo and Leo Rising will take off the gloves and come out swinging when provoked (like a cat). That's Gemini's job, to provoke and invoke thought. He wanted to blow the cobwebs out of our brains and get us cheering for America again (his Venus in Cancer). I believe that he already had a sudden change of heart and chose to stay in the race. He could have thought of a million and one half dozen ways to get out of the race by now, but I believe he had a sudden change of circumstance."

Mars in Leo on DrStandley.com

Incidentally, both Donald Trump and Mike Pence have Mars in Leo. They will take off the gloves and come out swinging, hissing, spitting, fighting and boxing until they knock their opponent out and rendered unconscious. Count on it! Both of them! Mars in Leo is the kind of energy that boxers want because it is the physically strongest Mars placement and strongest willed Mars placement. I too have Mars in Leo, so naturally I would LOVE this placement in a President and Vice-President. Hillary Clinton has the Mars in Leo placement as well.

Do you remember Donald Trump saying in one of his one-on-one debates with Hillary, "I will say this about Hillary. She doesn't quit. She doesn't give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is. She's a fighter. I disagree with much of what she's fighting for. I do disagree with her judgment in many cases. But she does fight hard, and she doesn't quit. And she doesn't give up and I consider that to be a very good trait." Well that's because he has that aspect too. I knew exactly what he was referring to when he said it. MARS IN LEO! Mars naturally rules Aries, the competitor and when in the sign of Leo, it never gives up and it fights to the last breath. That was his Mars in Leo talking to her Mars in Leo and it was my Mars in Leo that heard it.

What I really find interesting is Donald J. Trump is a Gemini Sun with a North Node in Gemini. His Vice-President Mike Pence is also a Gemini Sun, with Mercury in Gemini. Donald Trump has Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Cancer and Mercury in Cancer, where Cancer is the sign that has a 'LOVE OF' the homeland and the family. No sign is more 'Love of Country' than a Cancer. It is also Mercury in Cancer that has its finger on the pulse of the public. Donald Trump has held his finger on the pulse of the public since day one. Mike Pence has his Moon in Cancer. I expect Mike Pence (maybe even Donald Trump as well) to cry during the inauguration, swearing in or somewhere in the mix. Both men are softies, just like Cancer the crab. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Personally, I like men who can cry. Trump says he doesn't cry, but I bet all of his billions that he does cry. Mike Pence has a natal North Node Libra at 10 degrees, which is well within striking distance of a conjunction to Trump's natal Jupiter in Libra at 17 degrees. Both men have very strong Leo charts.

Gemini the sign of the twins on DrStandley.com While both men have plenty of fire and air element to engage, remember air feeds a fire. Donald Trump's Solar Return was laced with difficulty and a challenge, but an individual with Mars in Leo, as well as Pluto in Leo, is not going to back down from any one, any time, at any place. It just isn't going to happen. Trump born with Jupiter in Libra IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL representation of the 'Master Negotiator'. With Pence's North Node Libra, he is perfectly tag-teamed with someone who was born with the negotiating gene. If you missed my write-up on the 2012 Prsidential Election, here it is. This might be the write-up where I said that Obama would go down as the worst President in the history of the United States. My 2008 election write-up may be on my other computer, which I will dig out and repost. But back to the Trump-Pence relationship, this works very very well for the United States because the United States is ruled by the Sun Sign Gemini. That's right folks, especially the eastern half (east of the Mississippi River). Gemini rules the entire country, but it is the eastern half that is more prominent. West of the Mississippi River is more Cancer influenced, although the entire country is still ruled by Gemini, which represents two completely different halves of two completely different parties and a country that is divided, but usually still unified. We are unified, we are just too stubborn right now to realize it, just like any family. Come on, how many times have you heard Donald Trump say, "I'm a unifer, not a divider." These two men, believe it or not, and like or not, astrologically represent the United States. Did I just hear someone curse at me? LOL.

Like it, hate it or Love it, Trump and Pence are the perfect astrological cocktail for unifying the country under such divisive energy. Remember, they are both heavily Leo charted with a YUGE helping of Libra (balance) and negotiating skills. Here is the other thing, as a Gemini myself, I can tell you that Gemini will get over being angry faster than you can say, "What's for dinner?" Gemini will often times forget that they are angry because they have already moved on. Gemini does not forget the lesson because they are ruled by the rational and logical brain (not by the emotions). This is what helps Gemini shake hands and move on, like he did with Mitt Romney. Everyone else was still angry, but Trump had already moved on. So while everyone else might still be angry with Trump over his campaign words, believe me, he is on to bigger and better things. Trump has already moved on from the boycotting Democrats, "As far as other people not going, that's OK, because we need seats so badly. I hope they're gonna give us their tickets. I hope they give me their tickets." And let's remember, Gemini rules the media; the media does not rule the Gemini.

Sun Trine Jupiter on DrStandley.com

Inauguration Day could not be more interesting with the degrees of the planets involved, namely Jupiter in Libra at 22 degrees trine Donald Trump's natal Sun in Gemini at 22 degrees. Remember, trines are easy and effortless energy. The Sun trine Jupiter causes a person to ALWAYS land on their feet. The one major aspect that is present on this Inauguration Day Venus sextile Pluto, which says, "LOVE CONQUERS ALL!" And the Stellium in Pisces lands in Trump's 8th house that Scorpio naturally rules (the swamp). How interesting that the South Node in Pisces shows up in the house of the swamp. Remember, the South Node is the drain and the swamp will be drained. The American public may not realize today how deep the rabbit hole goes with the level of corruption, but I suspect they will soon find out. They veil of secrecy is being lifted and washed away with an incredible amount of Oceanic Pisces energy. Woooosh! It's a freakin' Tsunami.

At Trump's rallies he had been talking about his rallies being a 'Love Fest'. It didn't take long after the election, one day in fact, when Mars in Aquarius brought out the worst of the worst. The one major aspect on Inauguration Day is Venus sextile Pluto that says, "LOVE CONQUERS ALL", which will overshadow the jealous, cruel and stinging emotions of the Moon in Scorpio. Not to mention, Donald J. Trump is in his Jupiter Return, meaning Jupiter has returned to the same sign it was in when he was born. In fact, the exact timing of his Jupiter Return in Libra matching his natal Jupiter in Libra was during the first week of December 2016, which is when the lawsuits were being filed for recounting the election and it was all occurring during his Jupiter Return. There was no way in hell those recounts were going to do anything but benefit him and they did. They found even more votes for him. Folks, you can't beat the Sun trine Jupiter, especially during a Jupiter Return. One can cry, kick and scream "BS" all they want about the Trump victory, the Astrology has called it. Would it make a difference if it showed up in your personal Astrology?

Venus Sextile Pluto on DrStandley.com

The biggest problem that President Trump is going to have is with his South Node Sagittarius conjunct his Moon in Sagittarius both at 20 degrees. Remember, the Moon rules the emotions and nothing gets him wound up more than foreigners taking advantage of the homeland (his Venus in Cancer) and then his emotions fall right down into his South Node in Sagittarius. Saturn is the restrictor, limiter and disciplinarian, which has just crossed over his natal South Node in Sagittarius and Moon in Sagittarius on December 20, 2016 until December 28, 2016. It was that week where he felt this energy the most. Saturn will Retrograde (Rx) on April 6, 2017 at 27 degrees and turn Direct on August 26, 2017 at 21 degrees, just before it reaches his South Node and Moon in Sagittarius natal conjunction. By the skin of his pearly white teeth, Saturn will turn Direct and head the other way, but he will feel this energy with 'all things foreign'. During this Secretary of State selection process, it was no secret to the public or himself that he needs to select someone who has international flair, expertise, negotiating skills and a likeable temperament. We'll see if Rex Tillerson (March 23, 1952) makes it through the 'hearings' process as an Aries and if he does make it through I would be surprised if it lasts. My full reasoning will have to be another Brain Dump™. Either way, President Trump knows that his weakness is foreign affairs and this part of his administration has to be covered. The South Node in Sagittarius achilles heel is "hoof in the mouth syndrome" so I do not expect him to stop Tweeting any time soon. Gemini rules the media and he himself said, "I like to get the word out" because that is what Gemini's do as the messenger of the zodiac. His words may be blunt, frank, honest, hurtful and tyrannical, but as long as he surrounds himself with skilled, intelligent and common sense individuals, then he will listen and take advice. That South Node in Sagittarius is also what makes him talk too much. He is drawn to his South Node in Sagittarius like a moth to a lightbulb, just like the rest of us. In fact, two out of three of his wives have been foreigners with very heavy accents.

Keep in mind Gemini's are incredibly flexible and adaptable. Gemini is the chameleon of the zodiac. When a person cannot be swayed, that is a problem because that means, "My way or the highway." You can sit and watch President Trump's cogwheels turning as he listens to what is being said. He looks around the room, scans the behaviors and body language of those present, while listening to what is being said. I guarantee that man uses body language to read others like an open book. That's a Gemini for ya'. We Gemini's listen to words, tone, body language and will even use your penmanship to read you. Oh you're darn straight we will. I'm a Gemini and I am a body language expert and handwriting analysis expert. You can look forward to seeing a section on this website coming soon on 'Body Language'.

The Sun in Leo drops into the South Node in Leo on DrStandley.com

President Obama is a fixed sign (Leo) with a North Node Leo, which means his South Node is in Aquarius (I know therefore I am). It is very tough for any fixed sign (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) to admit they are wrong, much less change their mind. That's nothing to be proud of because that means ego is involved and Leo rules the ego. President Trump and Vice-President Pence have their lion's share of ego, but thank God the South Node was not in the sign of Gemini when they were elected, as the South Node was in Leo when Obama was elected. The South Node was in Leo at 12 degrees 'on the date' of the U.S. Presidential Election in 2008 and Obama's Sun in Leo is at 12 degrees. His Sun in Leo dropped right down into that South Node in Leo like a heavy bowling ball for 8 years. Interestingly enough, contrary to popular belief Obama has not had as many executive orders as some of his predecessors. In our lifetime, it was Ronald Reagan (Aquarius, Feb. 6, 1911) who had the most at 381 executive, followed by William J. Clinton (Leo, Aug. 19, 1946) who had 364 executive orders. We have only had two other Gemini U.S. President's who were George H. W. Bush (166 executive orders) and John F. Kennedy (214 executive orders). President Obama (Leo, Aug. 4, 1961) has had 260 executive orders, while George W. Bush (Cancer, July 6, 1946) had 291 executive orders. George W. Bush was a Cancer with Leo Rising and 3 planets in Leo with Mercury, Pluto and Venus. Remember Bush's famous words, "I'm the decider." Read more about executive orders here!

So I guess the question I'm posing here is, would you like to have a President who will listen to the American people and who's mind 'can be' changed or a President whose mind is made up and cannot be changed? I guess it remains to be seen just how much fixed Mars in Leo and Pluto in Leo energy President Trump will use because the energy is present and Donald Trump is a Leo Rising. Just keep this in mind over the next 4 years. And speaking of 4 years, this brings me back to begining of this write-up, Pluto in Capricorn. The first 8 years of Pluto in Capricorn's 16 year transit (2008 to 2024) was covered by President Obama beginning in 2008 lasting until 2016. The next 8 years of Pluto in Capricorn leaves just enough time for the next President to be a two-termer president. The pancake was going to flip, with or without your vote because Pluto in Capricorn said so. In order for the Astrology to be True, Pluto in Capricorn had its mitts all over this election. The pancake did flip and nothing is going to be the same as a result. Politics as usual are over and the politicians who are sitting out this inauguration can wave their seats good-bye during the next election.

The Sun Conjunct Uranus on DrStandley.com

One of my Facebook friends called to my attention the Sun / Uranus conjunction in President Trump's chart, who saw this more as an unfortunate and catastrophic aspect. I am so appreciative of her feedback and perspective because it has caused me to add this paragraph. President Trump has the Sun conjunct Uranus at 05 degrees of separation, meaning the Sun was pulling away from Uranus, but it is still close enough in degrees to count as a conjunction. Not only is Trump's Uranus 05 degrees away from his Sun, he has Jupiter trine Uranus. His Jupiter in Libra is at 17 degrees, which forms an 'exact' trine to his Uranus in Gemini at 17 degrees. Jupiter trine Uranus is the 'classic over-achiever' who says, "Go BIG or go home!" I can see where it would be easy to look at Trump's Sun conjunct Uranus and be afraid of it because it is the 'Change-Agent' of all change agents. Change can be scary! The Sun conjunct Uranus is what gives dare-devils and big thinkers that extra helping of high-frequency energy where they can think and perform outside of the box. This is the aspect of the rebel, which has leadership qualities. It is not the rebellion-hellion misfit as many would imagine. This aspect is the pioneer, it invents, it innovates and it thinks-up what no one saw coming." The Sun conjunct Uranus aspect reminds me of the Star Trek credo, "Where no man has gone before." The Jupiter trine Uranus aspect is a diamond, platinum and gold star rating. This aspect is famous for causing an individual to take notice of something that others do not, where they end up successful and abundant as a result and it is an 'exact trine' in his chart. I think a lot of people are going to soon have a completely different take on what this President is capable of doing in a short amount of time and under budget. It's what he does best.

Jupiter Trine Uranus on DrStandley.com And the celebrities who are use to so much attention, idolatry and worship found out during this Pisces Stellium (drama) that they have little or no influence on the American voter. NONE! What the American people got out of them was a lot of FREE concerts! DUMBASSES!

The economy will get better, jobs will flourish, the U.S. dollar will be strong again and the American flag will wave again with more and more people proud to display it.

We fly the U.S. flag every single day at our house. We have a 2-story flag pole in our front yard and that flag waves every single day. Stay Warm and Stay Astrologized™

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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

[Posted Friday, January 13, 2017]


There is an ice storm headed this way (I'm in St. Louis right now) which is going to put the freeze on everything and everyone, literally FREEZING us in place. This ice storm reminds me of how astrology works. It's the same kind of energy, it just looks different. Do you remember playing FREEZE TAG when you were a kid? When you get tagged you have to FREEZE in place like a mannequin until your teammate tags you unfrozen. The news reports have been telling us about this ice storm for several days. We knew it was coming. You have to be living under a rock to not know about this ice storm. Let's just say for arguments sake there is someone out there who doesn't have a smartphone, the internet or a television. All that person would have to do is step outside and feel the air. This energy, whoever is in its path, will not be able to escape it without some sort of inconvenience or impact on their Life. It is evident a nasty storm is coming because the water in your eyes and the mucus in your nose is already beginning to freeze when you take a half step out your door. Even the stray cats that we have taken under our wing have no desire to go outside.

As of this moment, at 8:00 AM CST, there is no ice yet, but we all know it's coming with or without news reports and Doppler Radar. We can feel it in the air and we are feeling the prodrome (early symptom) to freeze in place. The closer the storm is getting, the more serious the news reports become. The public has responded rightly by preparing to be shut-ins for several days. The grocery store shelves are being emptied of milk, bread, cereal, frozen pizza and meat. The public is getting extra fuel for their generators and filling up their cars with gasoline. Schools are already called off today and businesses are scheduling their employees for a half days work and using a minimal work force. Some employees are just taking a day off without pay or using a vacation or personal day. The transportation departments for both Missouri and Illinois (MODOT AND IDOT) have been preparing their work crews, trucks and huge mobile units for days and have already begun putting down a layer of salt brine last night (Thursday). Even the electric companies for Missouri and Illinois are preparing their workers, trucks and huge mobile units to be where they need to be. This is supposed to be a doozey of a storm. Everyone has been tipped off to it and by now, and everyone should be prepared. You would think, right?

Now here is why this ice storm reminds me of how astrology works. It's the same kind of energy, it just looks different. In Astrology, me and all of the other astrologers on the planet will tip you off to energy that is coming. You can feel energy coming, just like you can feel the storm coming when you step outside. We know it and the cats know it. The energy is in the air. Many times in the daily horoscopes I will mention when planets are approaching one another coming closer together in degrees or when they are separating from one another growing further apart in degrees. The closer the planets come together, the stronger the energy becomes. The further the planets move away from each other, the less the energy is. The approaching of two or more planets coming together of energies is called applying degrees. The separation of two or more planets growing further apart is called separating degrees. We know that something is about to occur or when it is ending because we can feel it. Applying degrees are the prodrome (early symptom) that tells us something is coming so we should prepare ourselves accordingly, whether that energy is Good, so-so, or bad. Just like the weather, sex, a bill that is due or even hunger. We can feeling that energy coming over us and so we act and react to that energy. It might be beautiful energy that supports a picnic, a wedding or a much needed conversation between two people. Or it could be ugly energy that makes you lie, cheat, steal or leave your partner. It's energy folks that turns into something real. The energy morphs into something that causes us to act or react in certain ways. In this case of this ice storm, people are preparing for the worst, as they should.

Now let's place you in this scenario. Let's just say that you prepared for this storm so much that you weren't inconvenienced at all. Let's just say that you did not suffer, all was well and it wasn't as bad as you thought. Well that all depends on how much you prepared. If you over-prepared, well then Good for you. If you prepared just enough, perhaps next time you will prepare just a bit more because that was a close one. If you under-prepared, well then I guess that'll teach you, right? The same goes with Astrology. The point of following Astrology and paying attention to the 'reports' (like the weather reports) is so that you are prepared and prayerfully you will not suffer. I want my little mentators to be over-prepared so that you don't hurt or suffer. I have a South Node Pisces, which makes me very sensitive to those who suffer, but I also wonder, "What's up with the struggle and why do people dig on that stuff!" PREPARE YOURSELF!

If I wrote your Expansive Natal Chart I did include in your 'Chart Points' section when you have an applying degree or a separating degree. Even in your Solar Return Report I indicate if two planets are applying or separating. And yes, even in the Compatibility / Synastry Reports I include applying and separating degrees. That's how important I feel it is for you to know this information. The applying degree is your INTUITION, because it is the prodrome (early symptom) that you are feeling. That is energy that is tipping you off that something is always right there giving you that feeling. Pay attention to your news report (charts)! This is how I know the likelihood of you acting or reacting in a certain way. It's in the chart, just like the weather reports. Stay off the roads means STAY OFF THE ROADS during that time! Get out your charts, blow the dust off of them and read those 'Chart Points' over and over and over again so you know where your intuition is strongest. The closer the degrees are to zero, the stronger the intuition (prodrome). And where you see the separating degree is where you will know that you should feel relieved or refreshed that the energy occurred at all. Relieved may mean that you weren't prepared. After this ice storm, I plan on feeling REFRESHED wondering, "Icestorm, what ice storm?" While at the same time feeling RELIEVED that I was over-prepared (as usual).

When using Astrology to help guide your Life, remember this ice storm because I'm already looking for the positive outcome down the road. Note that we are still experiencing a boatload of Pisces energy that is trine this Cancer Full Moon that was present yesterday. We are still in the midst of that powerful energy. When you put Cancer and Pisces energy together then it creates BABIES! Cancer rules home and family, while Pisces rules a school of fish. These are two incredibly fertile signs and Pisces energy can easily create TWINS (the two fish). So it's not a surprise that a Pisces Sun Sign, Pisces North Node or someone who has a Pisces strong chart would end up with twins. My mama bear (mom) is a Cancer and my poppy seed (dad) is a Pisces and they literally have a school of fish (6 children) with 3 of their 6 children being Gemini. Yep, I'm one of 6 children, and 1 of the 3 Gemini children. Not to mention, the 3 of us who are Gemini's are Irish Twins, meaning the three of us were born under 12 months apart. In fact, I'm the middle of the 3 Gemini children so I am an Irish Twin to two people. Cue the calliope music. So I'm already looking ahead and down the road 9 months to see the wave of babies being born along the boundaries of this ice storm, not to mention in the areas where blizzards are occurring. (winky wink) Baby it's cold outside! Stay Warm and Stay Astrologized™

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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

[Posted Monday, January 2, 2017]


Here we go Pisces, here we go! (Fin Fin) Here we go Pisces, here we go! (Fin Fin) Here we go Pisces, here we go! (Fin Fin) Here we go Pisces, here we go! (Fin Fin)

I say, "Fin Fin" because Pisces has fins and no hands. (Winky wink) Today the Moon moves into Pisces at 11:20 AM EST and joins a collection of energies already in Pisces. The Moon will remain connected to these energies until Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 11:20 AM EST. That collection of energies includes the South Node in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Pisces, Venus in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces.

A Stellium is a cluster of at least four or more planets in the same sign and same house. A 10° orb is a must if the planets are in different signs in the same house and even this would be a judgment call on the part of the astrologer. I for one, am an old school astrologer, and I think relaxing the rules to include different signs is stretching astrology to make it somehow 'work'. Some astrologers will consider a cluster of three or more planets in the same sign as a Stellium without consideration of the degrees or crossing over two houses. I find that to be a 'reach' or a 'push'. Since I have experience with thousands of charts, since I was 12 years old, I feel my experience is unique and making me more than qualified to make that judgment call. The occupied house and/or sign contains a tremendous intensity and complexity of energies represented by the planets involved. Many times when planets are crossing over two houses this needs to be a professional judgment call by the astrologer considering the strength and degree of the involved planets. Simply having an asteroid (like Chiron), an outer planet (Neptune, Pluto or Uranus) and a luminary (the Moon) I would not consider worthy of being dubbed a Stellium and especially if something like this crossed over two houses. Even if it were four heavenly bodies involved I would have to look at 'what is' involved. Having some 'real planets' involved matters!

A Stellium is a cluster of at least four or more planets in the same sign and same house. A 10° orb is a must if the planets are in different signs in the same house and even this would be a judgment call on the part of the astrologer.

Whenever one of the Nodes is involved, then it would be wise to remember that the South Node has a massive amount of strength in and of itself. If this were a card game, the South Node in Pisces would win standing alone, and beat a hand of five with the Moon, Neptune, Mars, Venus and Chiron. THAT'S how strong a South Node influence is. Now we look at this Stellium and see that Pisces adds to the mix and PULLS on the other energies involved. Keep in mind the South Node is the drain or the hole in the chart. It is the bottomless pit that cannot filled no matter how much energy you pour into it. Basically this means you don't have to try as hard as you think because the energy just 'is' without any extra help, drama or input on your part. It's the North Node you should pay attention to, but that's not how people operate, which would be the easy route. We unconsciously, subconsciously and sometimes even consciously move toward that which will challenge us. If we just let the South Node be, then it wouldn't be so hard, but we as humans feel the need to dump even more energy into it. Now we have the Universe contributing 3 planets (Mars, Venus, Neptune), 1 luminary (the Moon) and 1 asteroid (Chiron) to the mix. Pisces rules 'chemicals' and is the energy of the 'chemical dependent'. The Truth is we don't really have to do drugs or consume alcohol to get us to a state of Nirvana with the South Node in Pisces present because we can honestly get 'High on Life' without it, but consume drugs and alcohol with the South Node in Pisces present and you can honestly drown a fish. The fish is fine in the Ocean, but a Tsunami will undoubtedly kill the fish! This is why alcohol and drugs will never serve someone with a natal South Node Pisces (like myself) because it's too much psychedelic, fantastical and imaginative energy causing the waters to swirl and then whirlpool and then down you go. Come on in, the water is fine, but the tidal wave is the killer.

Neptune in Pisces

We are also experiencing Neptune in Pisces, which is its home placement and that is a Good thing. If you have been reading and re-reading your Generational Horoscope where you will find Neptune in Pisces, then you already know that Neptune in Pisces wants closeness, intimacy, hand-to-hand contact and face-to-face connections with deeper feelings, almost like a sonar feeling (like a fish). As Neptune grows back in Love in its home sign of Pisces, I believe Love will return to what it was meant to be, but that will take some time. Neptune is an outer planet, which means it is a generational planet that impacts an entire generation of people. It takes a long time for Neptune, Uranus and Pluto to move through one sign, years in fact, because it is affecting a generation and this is where the patterns are being broken. One generation has to 'get the get' and make the changes, while another generation dies. It's just the way it is. This 'Love' will be a face-to-face connection and not a computer-to-computer connection where we can remain aloof and distant. I have already found myself backing off computer friendships that proved to be 'unreal' and could stand the test of a little wave, which means that the connections would not be able to handle a tidal wave. We want our friendships to be able to withstand tidal waves, don't we? Don't you? Neptune in Pisces will test our imagination, even through friendships because we 'Love' through our friendships. Many of you are likely seeing the same thing. How many of you had a relationship/friendship(s) that were years in the making, possibly even from childhood, that you are no longer connected to because it turned 'computer generated' and you lost the 'face to face connection'? Neptune in Pisces will bring us back to Love, but it will take some time. It will happen folks because that is Neptune's job. Mars in Pisces on DrStandley.com

We are also experiencing Mars in Pisces, which strives strongly toward the spiritual path of enLightenment. Pisces happens to be THE MOST fearful sign of the zodiac, so you will see a lot of postings in social media about the fear, rather than the spiritual side of this Pisces energy. Fear generates conversation, Likes, comments and hits, so I suppose if you want to go down that path there will be plenty of people to join you on your quest to generate fear. The Truth is, Pisces is THE MOST intuitive sign of the zodiac and when you couple this collection of energy with Mars in Pisces, then you will have one whale-of-ah-fish-tank of energy that takes intuition to another level. BUT, if you are riding the fear, drugs, addict, suicide, victim conversation, you will not be able to see this other side of Pisces. It all depends on what you want to tune in to. Pisces is the ruler of 'poor me syndrome' so you can go there if you like, but you will need to remember that the South Node Pisces is present and it does not have permission to be a victim. Being a victim will not work for you and if you watch the news, including politics, playing the victim is not going to work.

Pisces ruled by Neptune is the tuning fork (the trident) that wants you to tune-in like a Tune-ah-Fish! Pisces can tune in with its sonar and vibratory senses in order to see what is ahead. Pisces is the visionary of the zodiac because it is a flat fish with an eyeball on each side of its head. This gives Pisces a 360 degree field of vision, so Pisces can see everything. Seeing something and doing something about it are two different things. Think of the fish who use a fantastic sense of smell and sonar to navigate the water. Pisces has an insane sense of smell and those of you who are South Node Pisces like me absolutely cannot stand horrible smells. Even a smelly fart by someone near could make someone like me throw up and the smell of dirty feet will just put me over the edge. Pisces rules the feet (fins). Using your intuition and being in 'monk-mode' (reflective and meditative) is the card you need to play during this Pisces energy. Due to my South Node Pisces, this is what makes me so strongly clair-audient and clair-sentient (intuitive hearing and feeling) because I have developed it. You can call it hearing voices but quite honestly, I hear only one Voice, which I believe is God speaking to me, through me. Remember, I am a South Node Pisces so intuition 'should come' easy to me, so I embrace that part of me and so it does come easy to me. This Pisces energy, which has a strong intuitive and spiritual presence coupled with actions of 'monk mode' or the 'chain gang' is where you need to be in order to figure out (intuitively) your next move. Venus in Pisces on DrStandley.com

Venus will move into Pisces on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 until Friday, February 3, 2017 at 10:52 AM EST and is the final piece of this Stellium Pisces puzzle. Venus in Pisces is in its exalted state and reveals unconditional Love. That's 32 days of Venus in Pisces. Now remember, Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, so here we have Venus and Neptune in Pisces, makin' beautiful Love. This graphic of Pepé Le Pew (the skunk) who is constantly in search of a Love, from a CAT . . is the perfect representation of my parents. My Poppy Seed acts like the skunk and my Mama Bear acts like the cat. Wait, there is no acting, these two are the skunk and the cat! Venus in Pisces can cause people to be so drunk in Love that they Love at all costs, which translates into unconditional Love. This can show up two ways 1) I Love you unconditionally and 2) I Love you unconditionally, so go ahead and do anything you want to hurt me and I will still be here Loving you holding onto your ankles as you are walking out the door. Venus in Pisces is absolutely hands down, unconditional and punch drunk Love. Venus in Pisces will still Love even when it doesn't make sense to Love or even when it isn't healthy.

Pisces is also THE MOST fearful sign of the zodiac who flips their tail and heads off in the opposite direction at the slightest sound. Often times I go down to the dock to feed the catfish and before I even step on the dock I can hear the fish flip their tail and swim away. I'm left standing there saying, "I had something for you. I was going to feed you. I had abundance for you." But they swam away. So I step onto the dock, throw out the fish food and wait. And I wait. And I wait. Finally the fish come back and enjoy the abundance. Due to their fear, they prolonged their own abundance. Pisces needs to slow down a bit and tune-in to what they hear (intuition). Go into monk-mode. All too often Pisces doubts their intuition and flips their tail heading off in the other direction as a natural instinct rather than tuning in like a Tune-ah-Fish! Tune-in folks!

Chiron is the wounded healer

Chiron in Pisces is asking you to use your suffering, to help others through their suffering. It has been known for quite some time that we teach what we need to learn. Your suffering is not 'for not'. It is 'for something'. Your suffering is not so that you can be a victim and cry "poor me". Your suffering helps you relate to other people so that you can heal yourself. I had been sharing with you over the past couple of months what a rotten Solar Return I have. While going through such difficult times from the beginning of April 2016 until the end of October 2016, I had forgotten to look at my own Solar Return that I had written for myself months earlier. I had been seeking knowledge outside of my own knowledge and was getting nowhere. Then because a client asked me about their Solar Return, it reminded me of my own. Once I read through my Solar Return Report then I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to make things happen for myself in the right direction. I knew the 'cosmic spell' I was under and what needed to change. My action changed everything about how my year ended. And I had the most amazing November and December 2016 with my parents. It could not have been more perfect, but you see folks, my suffering is what I needed to go through in order to bring a heightened sense of awareness to you. Through my own suffering I teach what I need to know and now you know it too. That's how this works.

When the Moon moves into Pisces I always tell you this is 'monk mode' energy. Pisces naturally rules what goes on behind the scenes, what nobody else sees and what you don't want others to see or know about you. Pisces rules monastaries, monks, cloistered nuns, institutions, jails, prisons, unemployment, hospitals, sanitariums, secret societies and so much more. These are places where people are often hidden and not seen. Pisces is a water sign, which rules the Ocean. Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, contemplative, reflective, extremely intuitive, inspirational, artistic, lyrical, musical and peaceful. Pisces is really a Lover, not a fighter. If you know a combative Pisces, then that person likely has some strong warrior Aries planets in their chart or they have some strong rebellious Aquarius in their chart.

So you see my dear little mentators, Pisces is so much more that chemical, drug addicts, alcoholics, chemical dependents and jail. If you use your intuition to help yourself (and others) then you will be more inclined to embrace the spiritual side of this energy rather than the physical side of this energy. Pisces rules the invisible plane, while its counterpart Virgo rules the visible plane. Pisces is rules what is unseen and Virgo rules what is seen.

Intuition is when God is speaking in-tu-it and the it happens to be you

Since I already began a whole other 'different' website a couple of years ago to help you increase your intuition, I never really went back to it to load it up with information. This is what I will be doing under this Pisces energy. The name of that website is www.DownloadFromGod.com. This is where I will be posting ideas, stories, tools and thoughts to help you increase your own intuition. It is after all my South Node and something that I already know a lot about. Now I use my North Node Virgo and manifest it into the physical plane by giving you some tools and lessons to get you there as well. And during this Stellium in Pisces, with the South Node Pisces is the perfect way to channel it. Folks, please do not waste this beautiful energy on fear. Take this energy for what it is meant to be. Take it all the way to LOVE and INTUITION! And as I always say, "Intuition is when God is speaking in-tu-it and the 'it' happens to be you!™" Stay Warm and Stay Astrologized™

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
~Dr. Loretta Standley

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"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
~Dr. Loretta Standley

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