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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

[Posted Saturday, February 13, 2016]


As of this writing, there are 8 remaining presidential candidates with 6 Republican's and 2 Democrat's. What is so interesting about the 8 remaining candidates is that they all have a different style of communication. Keep in mind that Mercury rules thinking, rationality, logic, the mind, the brain, mental abilities, how we learn, mental telepathy, orators, words, vocal cords, thoughts, observation, memory, explanations, arguments, accuracy, comprehension, dialogue, knowledge, handwriting and body language. I really enjoy breaking this down for you because not only am I a Gemini, which is naturally ruled by the planet Mercury, but I am handwriting analysis expert and body language expert. On this date, Saturday, February 13, 2016 there will be another Republican debate, so I will be enjoy watching Mercury in tone, body language, choice of words and facial expression. For someone like me, these debates are the greatest show on earth.

Donald Trump has Mercury in Cancer. His mental focus is on the homeland, domestic affairs, home and family. He has a memory like an elephant, meaning he will not forget. Mercury in Cancer is 'through the roof patriotism'. While Donald Trump may not be at your level of 'God and country', he most certainly is all about 'family and country'. Remember, Cancer represents the homeland, which means he will go to absolute extreme meaures to protect not only his homeland, but his home and family. I mean extreme measures! Donald is a sensitive person, meaning he takes everything personal and reacts to it. It may not be about him at all, but it is his Mercury in Cancer that takes it that way. Mercury in Cancer can sense the pulse of the public. In other words, Donald knows that you feel and he is tapping into it.

Donald's problem is he is so influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns (Cancer) that he has an unconscious connection to some facts, while at the same time he ignores other facts. These deep emotions interfere with his thinking causing him to be biased or prejudiced for or against something. Donald can be reasoned with though because he has such a strong sense of justice with Jupiter in Libra. Incidentally, Donald will be going through his Jupiter Return come election time in November 2016, where Jupiter will return to the same sign it was when he was born. Back to Mercury, with Mercury in the sign of Cancer he can absorb mounds of information subliminally or through osmosis. This is called, 'learning on the fly'. You may have heard him say that he is a quick learner and that's where his Mercury in Cancer comes into play.

Ted Cruz has Mercury in Capricorn. Ted chooses his words very carefully one word at a time as if he is going up a ladder one rung at a time. The sign of Capricorn takes one step at a time and rarely ever skips any. Ted is a doubting Thomas and skeptical thinker. He will poo-poo anything before he agrees with it. He always says, "No" before he says, "Yes". While he is certainly resourceful he can easily get frustrated and over-whelmed when too much information is thrown at him, which will result in him stammering or stuttering. Remember, Ted takes things on one thing at a time (one rung at a time) so too much can rattle him. Ted digests information one subject matter at a time and has to break it down into pieces before making a decision. This causes me to wonder if it bothers him when his food touches and if he has to eat his food one item at a time. Ted compartmentalizes everything. His brain is like a closet where shoes go there, shirts go there, pants go there, suits go there.

Ted's problem is he is very literal and very serious and will hold others to the letter of the law. That can make it hard on himself and others when there is no room to be figurative. When Ted speaks slowly, he knows that he is doing this in order to choose his words carefully. He does this because he fears looking inept, but then it comes across as being stiff. His methodical speech shows that he appreciates structure and order. This can make him too strict and judgmental where others are concerned. Ted would not be the best person to help the kids with homework because he can get overly frustrated when it seems so plain and simple to him. Ted is such a practical thinker that it can be difficult for him to think outside of the box. Ted's squinting is a dead-giveaway for his skepticism. Capricorn rules the government (and military) so naturally if would be skeptical of the government. Mercury in Capricorn is THE classic conservative, and I mean 'classic' without any room or consideration for something different. Ted will take the 'other side' of any argument, no matter what the subject matter is, he will play (or be) the devil's advocate. His Mercury squaring Uranus is what causes him to be erratic or seemingly crazy (reading 'Green Eggs and Ham' on the Senate floor). Ted probably frets over communicating and saying the right thing.

Jeb Bush has Mercury in Aquarius. This is the placement of the intellectual, which is why Jeb has always been focused on education. He is also an inventive thinker, which is how he came up with 'Common Core', which is the subject of much debate. Mercury rules education, while Aquarius is one of the three intellectual signs. There is no doubt in my mind, Jeb is probably the smartest man on the stage. He's smart as a dang whip! Jeb does have a lot of original, unique and inventive ideas. It would be hard to shock Jeb with any kind of information because he has probably entertained a hundred scenario's. This placement is fantastic mental organization. It also makes him super-friendly and just plain nice. Jeb's problem may be that he is just too damn nice and we know where nice guys finish.

Not only is Jeb's problem that he is just too damn nice, he receives mental stimulation through friendships, so it really bothers him when if he can't get along with someone. I'm certain he's just mystified over Trump's constant berating. Jeb can accept things that others would normally find frightening, unnerving or anything that would give the average person the jitters. He is not shocked because of personal objectivity. What would shock one person might make Jeb shrug his shoulders and say, "Well yeah, I can see how that could happen." I'm telling you, this guy has entertained so much in his mind that he cannot be shocked. Mercury in Aquarius is the sign of a genius with incredible intuitive faculties. It doesn't matter if you don't like his brother or dad, because Jeb is clear that he is not them, just as you are not your brother or dad. Jeb really is his own man. This placement can transcend the ego. Jeb senses things with all five senses and I'm certain he is highly intuitive, psychic or telepathic. Jeb is probably the most humanitarian of them all, not just because of Mercury in Aquarius, but because he is an Aquarius Sun as well.

Marco Rubio has Mercury in Taurus. He is a very slow thinker and I would imagine that he had a very tough time learning and had to come up with unique ways to input knowledge into his head. He may have had to go to bed with headphones on in college that repeated the lecture over and over again to him. Folks, this is no joke. I know plenty of Mercury in Taurus people who had to do things repetitively in order to learn. He probably used a lot of mnemonics and other word association games in order to learn while in college. This might be what has contributed to his 'Robotic Rubio' nature. Marco is not dumb or stupid, he is just a slow learner. Mercury in Taurus people have super hard heads and I mean the bone (skull) is very hard, so yes, he would be hard-headed both physically and energetically as input attempts to make its way into his brain. This also creates mental stubbornness and intellectual obstinance. Once it goes into his head, then it is hard to get it out or change his mind. Marco is well-spoken and this is due to his Venus conjunct Mercury, which causes him to express himself very well.

Marco's problem is that he fears anything new. This could be because he would have to learn something new. Mercury in Taurus is very conservative, just like Mercury in Capricorn (Ted Cruz). Neither of these two placements (Mercury in Taurus or Capricorn) embrace too much change. Marco may even be more fixed than Ted. Marco's gift of concentration comes more through learning by being hands on, rather than learning through books or lectures. Marco is more of a "slow-poke" when it comes to mental matters and communicating ideas. He is slow to form opinions because he puts too much thought into questions before rendering an answer, and he doesn't like to be rushed. Marco has a hard square from Mars to his Mercury causing him to be highly partisan. Marco may have a tendency to ignore obvious conclusions that differ from his initial decision.

Dr. Ben Carson has Mercury in Virgo, which is sitting on his South Node in Virgo. Ben is no doubt a meticulous and tedious thinker. After all, he is a neuro-surgeon. Neuro is short for neurology and neurology means the nervous system. Virgo is the sign that rules healthcare and Mercury rules the nervous system. So there ya' go, Mercury in Virgo sitting on his South Node took him deep into the recesses of the mind (brain) and straight into brain surgery. The mind and brain are also ruled by Mercury. Notice how Dr. Carson holds his hands in a meticulous wrapped up way, while he thinks. Mercury rules the hands and precison. He is logical, has a quick mind, he is precise in his thinking, and has a fine attention to detail as well as Good common sense. Dr. Carson can easily become obsessed with detailed knowledge. This may be to his detriment in daily life because most people's daily life is ruled by emotions while his is ruled by logic. He could easily get hung up on one word, while others are yelling "Fire!" He might decide to argue the different ways yelling "Fire!" could mean and then everything gets lost in translation.

Dr. Carson's problem is that he easily forgets that most people are governed by emotions, prejudice and self-interest and not by logic. This is what will make it difficult for him to relate to others or to the black voters. He just cannot relate, even though he thinks he can. Dr. Carson may have grown so far beyond his childhood that he just can't relate to the daily issues that everyone else faces no matter what their cultural background or ancestry might be.

John Kasich has Mercury in Aries. I think the debates are right up Kasich's alley. He sees the debate as mental sport because Mercury in Aries is mentally competitive. This placement can also jump to conclusions because it is mentally quick. This placement can get stuck on the small stuff and may not be unable to get past it. Essentially he may end up beating his own head against a wall in an attempt to goad someone else and end up getting nowhere in his argument. He does enjoy debate and banter. He cannot stand delays or roadblocks in communication or transportation. I'll bet this guy goes nuts when he sees a detour on the road. I'll bet he is a very fast driver too. I wonder how many cars he owns. Interesting because he seems so slow and methodical, but that's because he has his Sun, Venus and Jupiter in slow-moving and plodding along Taurus, along with a Capricorn Moon (one step at a time).

While John is quick on his feet with a fast mental trigger, he also has a quick temper. This is because he is headstrong. I mean this literally! Some people have a strong body and a weak head, but John Kasich is head strong who can debate and banter with just about anyone, over anything. He can come up with a clever answer and a quick repartee to any question asked of him. John cannot stand delays and if you listen close enough, you will hear some sort of "hurry up" in his speech. He is definitely an independent thinker with a mind of his own, who can cut to the chase and get to the point. Thinking is a sport to John Kasich. It would be interesting if Donald Trump and John Kasich tag-teamed because they LOVE to think and then talk about what they thought about.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has Mercury in Scorpio, which is sitting on her South Node in Scorpio. Communication with Hillary is probably always intense, fired up and probing. Trivial no-nonsense conversation will not interest her. Hillary has secrets that are a neverending well. Drop a quarter in that well and you will never hear it the bottom. Hillary has secrets and wants to know your secrets just in case she needs to use them against you one day. Hillary also has a neverending well of resources because Scorpio is THE MOST resourceful sign of the zodiac. There is always someone she can call (a life line). She does have profound insight and deep perception that helps her critically examine the motivation of others. This helps her stay one step ahead of the pack.

Hillary's problem is her speech is sharp and she rarely minces words, but then add Mercury in Scorpio and this quadruples the impact. This makes her hard, deliberate and bulldozing. Obstacles that others simple would never entertain, she seems to bulldoze right through them. The other problem with this placement, especially on her South Node is that it makes her do a lot of things behind the scenes in secret. She carries out all her plans in secret. When she communicates with someone, there is a purpose and an accomplishment to it. When you watch Hillary step onto the stage, watch how she tip-toes or creeps upon the stage as if she is sneaking up to it. There is a tendency with this placement to plot and scheme with a definite ulterior motive. This is also the placement where no one should ever lie to her because she will find out. BILL! She trusts no one.

Bernie Sanders has Mercury in Libra. Let's all hold hands and sing 'Kumbya' with this placement. Libra is the sign of the lover, not the fighter. Let's make Love, not war. While this is the placement of the diplomat and peacemaker, it is made for being the go-between in relationships. Bernie is a great communicator, who puts others at their ease. Arguments, debates and tense conversations are upsetting to him because he prefers harmony and kindness. In debates he has had to learn real quick how to be more aggressive (in a harsh way) because he prefers kindness. Don't underestimate this guy though because he does have a warrior Aries Moon with Mars in Aries as well. Still, Bernie wants everyone to sit down at the kitchen table and talk about ideas over a donut and cup of tea. He doesn't need coffee, that's why I say tea.

Bernie has a very strong sense of justice, which is what makes his conversation and style of communication so honest. Bernie does not want to upset anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. He will listen to all sides before making a decision and weigh all the pros and cons. The problem with this placement is the weighing back and forth of all sides, which could delay decision making and cause him to be indecisive. When that occurs, opportunity is lost and its back to square one. Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders are probably two of the nicest guys around, which makes me wonder just how far in politics they will go. Bernie seeks refined minds, good manners and honest reputations. Uncouth manners and unfair motivations are extremely distasteful to him. Donald Trump probably shocks the heck out of Bernie, and doesn't really even make Jeb blink. Bernie's mind is stern and hardworking. Stay Astrologized™.

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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

[Posted Tuesday, February 9, 2016]


Read the last Astrology Brain Dump™ posting called, Donald J. Trump Natal Chart

This is Hillary Clinton's second time running for POTUS (President of the United States). Professionally speaking, as a lawyer, former first lady, former U.S. Senator and former Secretary of State, she has an unarguable impressive resume of accomplishments. Hillary's astrological natal chart is impressive as well, meaning this woman definitely has a life. I have seen many charts where people really need to get a life and make something happen for themselves. Well, Hillary Clinton certainly has given herself 'a life'. As I always say, "When it's the Truth, it shows up everywhere!" Hillary's natal chart swings from one end, to the other, of the 'I know who you are, but who am I' spectrum.

I actually kinda feel sorry for Hillary on so many levels, but then again I don't. Look folks, I have a South Node Pisces, so my heart strings get yanked pretty darn easy. It's just tough seeing any chart that has a Sun and South Node in the same sign. There are many indicators in a chart that can reveal identity crisis and the South Node and Sun in the same sign is one of them. Another identity crisis indicator is when the South Node lands in the 1st house of identity, projected self-image, motivation, worldly outlook and level of aggression. When the South Node lands here there just isn't enough of anything to fill up the void (hole in the chart). This placement can leave a hole in one's identity so big that another title, another label, another name or another identity simply isn't enough. It will never be enough. To not achieve with the South Node in the 1st house, with such powerful placements elsewhere in the chart, can be quite a blow to the ego, identity and self-confidence.

There really isn't a confirmed time for Hillary's birth chart, although the most popular 8:02 AM CST time seems to be the time that makes the most sense. This time also accounts for her height (5'7"). This would also put her South Node in her 1st house and her North Node in her 7th house. This lack of confidence that she innately experiences on a daily basis is why being tag-teamed with a firmly grounded parter is so important. Anytime you see an individual with a Sun and South Node in the same Sun sign, it reveals an individual with an identity crisis. The energy will vacillate from one extreme to the other, which could look like the poor me, helpless victim, everyone is out to get me (the vast right wing conspiracy) . . . to the staunch and powerful general who was a born soldier to serve the people. The Sun/South Node connection could look like the hypochondriac or the health nut who is into extreme sports. I posted the chart wheel that is the most popular guessed birth time among astrologers, which is 8:02 AM CST in Chicago, IL.

Hillary's Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Leo in the 9th house of dreams, ambitions, goals and worldly experiences does not know how to quit. The Mars/Pluto conjunction is a super-powerful placement in the sign of Leo. This placement is not only commanding, it is demanding with a volcanic temper. Mars in Leo is powerful enough on its own and is the kind of energy that boxers want. Mars in Leo can kill a person in one blow, which is why a Mars in Leo individual should NEVER hit anyone because they can literally kill them in one blow. Now take that same energy and take it to its higher octave with Pluto in Leo. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. Hillary is a Scorpio, which is interesting that Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, and Pluto, the modern day ruler of Scorpio, are both in Leo conjunct at the exact degree (14 degrees).

Hillary's chart has secrets oozing out of her pores. She has a Moon in Pisces in the 4th house (family secrets), with a cluster of super-secretive (Scorpio) in the 12th house of secrets and what goes on behind closed doors. She has her Sun and South Node in Scorpio (secrets) along with her Mars and Pluto conjunction in Leo squaring her secretive Scorpio planets in the 12th house of secrets and what goes on behind closed doors. The 12th house is what you don't want others to see or know about you. Her 12th house of skeletons in the closet, jails, imprisonment, self-undoing and you got what was coming to you (karma) is loaded.

The day the Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn aspect appeared, that was the day that the government or those in a position of authority uncovering secrets revealed they were formally investigating her e-mail server and that several of her super-sensitive e-mails had been sent. Squares from Scorpio planets to a Mars and Pluto conjunction (especially in Leo) reveals a massive abuse of power. Folks, there is just no other way to say it, there are secrets billowing out of her energy. This is the kind of chart that if you tell this person your secrets, then you had better remain ultra-nuclear loyal or your secrets will be used against you. Count on it! Remember, Leo is the sign of devotion and Scorpio will hold a grudge and 'get you' when you least expect it. This Mercury/Pluto conjunction that just occurred will find out secrets, so its wise not to lie to anyone (much less the government) when you have a chart so full of secrets. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction is coming back to haunt her. Hillary may be in a world of trouble. Abuse of power like this can only go on so long. The Mars/Pluto conjunction that occurred can make one feel so deserving and entitled to power, prestige and presentation that it often leads to humiliation or a lesson in humility.

Now listen folks, if Hillary is your candidate, I can't walk on eggshells for you. The chart is what it is. Just remember, "The chart doesn't lie, only the mouth does." Her chart boldly claims that it's always someone else's fault. Remember the "vast right wing conspiracy" and her full 12th house of secrets in secretive Scorpio. The 12th house is naturally ruled by Pisces, which is the victim and the silent sufferer. I am absolutely positive that Hillary cries "poor me" a lot more behind the scenes and among those closest to her than she already does in public. I'm not making fun of her folks, I'm just stating the obvious with a Pisces Moon and a full 12th house that Pisces naturally rules, not to mention we are currently experiencing the South Node in Pisces until May 2017.

Back to the beginning of when I said I felt sorry for Hillary . . well there's another reason. Hillary has her Venus squaring her Saturn and I would not wish this aspect on my worst enemy. It's tough enough that she has her Sun and South Node in the same sign, but to top it off its in jealous, insecure and grudge-holding Scorpio. Then add the Venus square Saturn aspect, which basically means she has an extremely hard time believing that she is loved 'at all' by anyone, including her daughter and her husband. Venus is the planet of Love and security (including financial security), while Saturn is the planet of authority figures and the father. Bill Clinton certainly didn't help matters with his wicked love games. It is precisely this Venus square Saturn aspect that makes her have this formal and stiff disposition. She is uneasy and actually quite shy (in a wierd way) trying to overcome her insecurities. There is a huge fear of rejection with the Venus square Saturn aspect, especially by those who are suppose to love her, like her husband or father. It is this aspect that makes a woman defensive, hard, serious and masculine. Basically folks, SHE'S PISSED! There is a very high degree of anxiety with this Venus square Saturn aspect that makes it hard for her to relax and feel comfortable being herself, even around her own family, much less her friends. In the back of her mind, she's wondering what they want from her or if they really love her.

Growing up Hillary likely had to walk on eggshells due to the energy in the home. We can look to the Moon square Uranus for that energy. Chaos, erratic and sudden changes in the home were undeniable. I suspect some unrest, tension and uncomfortable level of emotions almost constantly.

Hillary also has her Black Moon in Capricorn in the 3rd house of communication. Capricorn rules government management, the boss, public, right? Well her Black Moon in Capricorn says she will hardly ever share any emotions, and may seem unapproachable. Achievement and status will be the method employed to feed the hidden need for emotional contact. At its extremes, she is anal retentive who must control everything!

Hillary's Mercury in Scorpio squares Saturn in Leo, two fixed signs. Not only are the signs fixed, but Mercury squaring Saturn in any two signs will result in a fixed individual who is stuck on their own ideas. There is also excessive worry with this aspect. If you notice in Hillary's interviews she will always use the word 'worry'. Worry is what Scorpio's do, but it is also what Mercury (the mind) in Saturn (responsibility) does. Hillary does not change her mind all that easy.

Back to the abuse of power with her Leo planets squaring her Scorpio planets. There will always be a circle of suspicion surrounding Hillary Clinton. I don't look for this to go away any time soon, in fact I look for the uncovering of secrets to continue. It's part of who she is. Even if this natal chart were turned upside down or sideways, she would still have the same aspects, the same Sun and South Node to deal with and the same issues with laying blame and conspiracy theories. It's always someone else's fault with a chart like hers. Now she's accusing Bernie Sanders of an elaborate smear campaign, when its really just politics as usual. Her planets in the 12th house, along with the Pisces Moon scream self-pity, victim and silent suffering.

The fork in the road may have been way back when she first met Bill Clinton. From that point on she stood by Bill's side, affair after affair, and accepting his morals and values, trading her own for being first lady of Arkansas and then first lady of the United States. Who she was with him may have been a motivating force. Hillary has always had power, and a massive amount at that. She may not have realized then what she was capable of if she would have just stood up for herself. She may have been able to save herself some embarrassment if she reeled her husband in and put her foot down a long time ago. She could have broke the glass ceiling for women (and herself) in a different way and overcome her Venus square Saturn aspect. I'm certain being first lady of Arkansas and first lady of the United States was an attractive alternative to leaving him. Hillary was going to be successful no matter what she chose. She was already on the road to success before she even met Bill. She is fierce, she is no quitter and she is still seeking that Love and approval that Venus square Saturn slapped on her life. Her chart does reveal that she is in a relationship lifetime. I believe she needed to learn how to stand up for herself due to her father's rearing (or actions), which followed her right into an embarrassing marriage with Bill Clinton. Hillary stands to become more successful than both her father and her husband. Will that be enough for her? Will she finally feel or receive the Love and respect that she so desperately needs. The Sun and South Node connection along with Venus square Saturn will always be with her. It will always be a challenge, no matter what role, title, label or name becomes her. More secrets to come. Stay Astrologized™.

Read the last Astrology Brain Dump™ posting called, Donald J. Trump Natal Chart

"Now get out there, go place yourself UP!
and practice being you."
~Dr. Loretta Standley

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