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Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump


[Posted Tuesday, November 8, 2016]

The last Brain Dump™ was October 17, 2016 called, Mars Conjunct Pluto

As I was posting the write-up about Mars moving into Aquarius tomorrow (the day after the election) I started singing outloud the song, "Age of Aquarius" by The 5th Dimension. It reminded me of a write-up I did called, The Age of Aquarius and The Role of Women so I began searching my archives for it and found it in the March 2007 archives of the Daily Messages. This write-up is about the role of women and the chaos that would ensue as women begin taking over as the power brokers in the world. This isn't something that is going to occur overnight because the role of women has been changing for several hundred years.

Dr. Standley's Astrology Brain Dump

As we get closer and closer to the Age of Aquarius, I wrote that there would be a lot of chaos as women begin to take over and become more powerful and independent. There will be a lot of chaos because women are still learning how to harness this energy. As this transition continues to manifest itself, it will become even more chaotic before it settles.

Quite frankly, men giving up power will not be so easy. This will be interesting to see just how creative 'man/men' get in order to maintain their control.

At the time of that writing back in March 2007, I remember researching online a consensus for how long an 'Age' really is. Now 9 years later, it was easy information to find which says, "Astrologers maintain that an astrological age is a product of the earth's slow precessional rotation and lasts for 2,160 years, on average (26,000-year period of precession / 12 zodiac signs = 2,160 years). ... Therefore, the Age of Aquarius follows the Age of Pisces." You will see in my write-up that the information was unclear at the time.

Eight years ago when Hillary Clinton ran for President, she missed the nomination and lost to Barack Obama. That was as close as any woman came to the nomination. Now 8 years later, she IS the nominee. As we keep edging closer and closer and closer to the 'Age of Aquarius' there will be a woman U.S. President and I do believe it will be in my Lifetime, of course way before the year 2,160.

What is so interesting about this election is that in order to satisfy the Astrology with Pluto in Capricorn, there 'has to be' such a major turn of events in order for the Astrology to be True. Remember from your Generational Horoscopes where the Pluto in Capricorn write-up is located? This transit began in 2008 and will end in 2024. That is a 16-year transit, which will transform the government, the military, corporate executives, civil servants, FBI agents, authority figures, the police and other high level forms of authority. This transit also rules those in business, construction, contractors, coal miners and engineering. It makes me wonder if there will be a resurgence of these workers and laborers. Are some of these people going back to work? Will the coal miners be working again? If you remember from my Generational Horoscope write-up, dark skinned people and minorities were a big part of this transit as well.

That being said, there are 8 years left and 8 years to go until this transit is complete. So right here, right now, in the year 2016 we have one U.S. President who is finishing his 2 two terms and a new U.S. President who will likely finish out this transit with 2 terms. In order for the Astrology to make sense and be True, then there has to be such a flip of energy at this halfway point that Pluto in Capricorn is now on its way to a full-blown transformation. Pluto detroys, levels and flattens only to rebuild and transform. The process of Pluto's demolition is not pretty, which is what we have seen over the past year with Pluto in Capricorn where government is concerned.

Now we arrive on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Will this election be a full-blown transformation of destruction and flattening of one party (Republican) only to arise out of the ashes as another party, or is this transformation merely a change in gender from a man to a woman? I can see either one of these two nominee's satisfying the flip of the pancake at the halfway point of Pluto in Capricorn, although it appears that one will be a much greater impact of change than the other simply because that has been the intent and the message.

If Hillary wins, then wouldn't that just be a change in gender and politics as usual? That's not really a transformation as far as Pluto is concerned. A transformation is unlike anything you have ever seen. So Pluto in Capricorn's money would not be on Hillary.

If Trump wins, now that would be a transformation as he is not even a politician, but a businessman who knocked 16 other people (career politicians) off the ballot. Having said that, Pluto in Capricorn has his money on Trump! Mars in Aquarius on DrStandley.com

This is not going to be easy because just after midnight at 12:52 AM EST on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 aggressive and impulsive Mars will move into rebellious and reforming Aquarius. This is how riots are created because Aquarius rules the masses. Aquarius is a much more conservative Sun Sign than many might think (being the social reformer and all) simply because conservative Saturn is ancient ruler of Aquarius, while its modern-day ruler is Uranus.

I can't see either nominee's supporters behaving very well and taking the news with a handshake and a pat on the back.

Do you know how a pancake looks? It's nice and golden brown on one side and then kinda ugly and unappealing on the other side. No matter how this pancake flips, it's going to be ugly for different reasons. And remember to read the The Age of Aquarius and The Role of Women link and then remind yourself of the Pluto in Capricorn transit in your Generational Horoscope. Stay Astrologized™!

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Now get out there.  Go play yourself UP! and practice being you.  ~Dr. Loretta Standley

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