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The Sun Signs

Your 'Sun Sign' describes where the Sun was at the exact moment that you were born.

Since you were born during a particular calendar month, then the Sun was moving through a particular sign (constellation), and the same constellation also shows up at the same point in time every year, therefore it is your Sun Sign a.k.a. Zodiac Sign.

  • Leo Sun
  • Virgo Sun
  • Libra Sun
  • Scorpio Sun
  • Sagittarius Sun
  • Capricorn Sun
  • Aquarius Sun
  • Pisces Sun

  • Aries Sun Sign ARIES - "I AM, THEREFORE, I AM."

    Everybody has Aries in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your Sun Sign is not Aries, you still have Aries somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Aries lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy that would be in that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Aries represents the horns of the charging ram. This is symbolic of their aggressive and fiery nature. Aries sprung to Life as the first sign of the zodiac (the sprouting seed) bringing with it an explosion of energy. E.g. The charging Ram. Aries represents the beginning. They naturally rule the 1st house of personality and worldly outlook.

    Aries natives are enterprising, active, ambitious, courageous, arduous, industrious, generous, pioneering, practical, constructive, leaders, creative, artsy and intelligent. They usually have a "me first" attitude because they were the first to arrive. They know what it is like to be first and this usually comes off as selfish to others when it isn't their intention at all.

    This Aries energy has the motto of, "I am therefore I am." As you can see it is all about the self and the identity. This is a VERY personal sign because it is about 'I am' so it takes things personally, often times way too personal. Somehow, someway, the conversation always comes back to me, myself and I. Depending on the planets in Aries in your Natal Chart will depend on how personal you take Love, your career, family issues, etc., because it will be all about you!

    The Sun is exalted in Aries, which is the second strongest placement for the planet. An exaltation is looked as being a 'guest'. Have you ever heard anyone say, "Mi casa, su casa." In Spanish this means, "My house is your house." An exaltation is saying, "Welcome, take your shoes off and stay a while. I enjoy having you here." Translation = It's all about me and my happiness! Me, myself and I. The Sun is the planet of individuality, character and where the Sun is shining brilliantly for the world to see. Aries wants its due attention, which is ME = I am!

    This Aries Sun has a strong idea and creativity outlet that needs to be channeled appropriately or it will act out inappropriately. This Aries Sun brings strong will, self-awareness and individual power.

    Now for a warning shot. Back on Sunday, March 16, 2014 I fired a warning shot in your Daily Horoscope. And this paragraph is exactly what I wrote. ----> "We know that the South Node is in Aries and the North Node is in Libra. The South Node represents the energy of the drain or bottomless pit. No matter how much energy you put into it, the South Node is a HOLE that cannot be filled. The North Node is abundance and where your cup runneth over. It is where you will succeed and where you cannot fail. On Thursday, March 20, 2014 the Sun will move into Aries and land right on top of that South Node until April 19, 2014. The Aries motto is, "I am therefore I am." Aries represents the self, personality, attitude, level of aggression and how you look at the world. Aries can certainly be a very self-involved and a very self-absorbed sign that has to be first. Aries will push women and children aside to be first. It is very competitive, pushy and aggressive. Me, me, me. Enough about me. What do you think of me? This South Node in Aries could easily take a lot of people down into the well of self-pity, which is the ultimate in self-absorption where it is clear you won't be thinking of anyone other than yourself. If you are an Aries, have an Aries Moon, Aries Rising or a lot of planets in Aries, you may be feeling this the most due to the South Node currently in Aries until November 11, 2015. The rest of us will still feel this where Aries is in our chart or where we have Aries planets. Folks, I would take this as a character building time because it is such selfish energy that people do not want to hear you complain about how bad your Life is when you are blessed beyond what you may realize. Stay out of poor-me-syndrome and pity parties because it will not gain you friends or influence people to your corner of the world. During the month of Aries, focus on the North Node Libra energy, which is about us, we and our. This is not just about you focusing on a romantic partner or marriage, but it could. The North Node Libra energy represents 'us, we and our,' which calls you to be fully present in all of your relationships. In other words, do not sit there with a friend at lunch checking your Facebook. Be present. Take the focus off of YOU and put it on US! Folks, you are going to be invited to a lot of pity parties during the month of Aries and probably during the South Node in Aries. Turn them down and turn them down fast! You may have already received a few invitations already from those who are Aries, have an Aries Moon, Aries Rising or several planets in Aries since the South Node moved into Aries on February 19, 2014. Don't make me say, "I told ya' so" because I will, I'm like that.

    So folks, you must play delicately with this Aries Sun because the focus on 'me, myself and I' could prove to be too much. If this is channeled into creatively or self-improvement, something along those lines, that is different. But going on and on and on about yourself and your plights will just not work out for you. Aries is a warrior. Think self-improvement, self-empowerment and self-confidence. Channel your Aries energy productively because Aries likes to get ahead and make things happen and you don't have to push women and children out of the way to do it. Check your personal natal chart to see which house Aries rules for a clearer picture on how Aries effects you.

    [ back to top ]

    Taurus Sun Sign TAURUS - "I HAVE, THEREFORE, I AM."

    Everybody has Taurus in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Taurus, you still have Taurus somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Taurus lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Taurus represents the horns of the bull for their placid, stable and firm standing nature. Actually when the energy of Aries left, it settled into the gentle melodious cow. Because cows are so settling, settle walk from point A to point B, Taurus' received a bad rap of being stubborn. Actually they are not stubborn at all. They are merely firm in their stance until they find just cause to move. Taurus' usually have an attraction for music or a melodious voice because they actually represent the melodious cow.

    Taurus is trustworthy and steadfast, they persevere, have tremendous endurance and are incredibly persistent. They are composed, self-reliant, constructive, practical, humorous, kind, sympathy, fearless, caring, magnetic and highly wealth conscious because they rule the 2nd house of money and values. They are stable, enduring, have strong values, unyielding, earthy and acquisitive with strong desires. They may also be overly possessive and self-indulgent, and sometimes stuck in their place.

    This Taurus energy has the motto of, "I have therefore I am." Taurus mainly deals your self-worth and how you sustain yourself based on your morals and values. This translates into your material resources, which means you personal money and your personal possessions. Keep in mind that it has to do with your morals, values, how you feel about sex and your principles on which you stand. Taurus naturally rules the 2nd house, so it is the 2nd house in your chart that tells what you will and will not do for money, physical possessions or sex. Wow wee, that's a HUGE awareness so read that last line again and remember it!

    Taurus energy holds strong and firm with a slow steady effort. Taurus is a fixed sign, which makes it difficult to sway. Taurus usually gets a bad rap for being stubborn but it's more like they will not compromise where they stand. They want what they want and they won't settle for what they don't want. Simple as that! Naturally, there will be some Taurus' that have to learn this the hard way but they don't call Taurus "hard-headed" for nothing. Folks, it is that fixed nature and if you don't budge, then you don't move and you will end up standing in the same pasture next year, mooing at the cars as they pass by. BORING!

    There is no doubt about it, Taurus is a money sign and concerned with how to get money and how to hold on to it. Wherever Taurus shows up in your personal natal chart is where you will associate with those who have money or migrate to those things that can help you get the money you want and need. Taurus energy has to be very clear on how they acquire wealth so as not to compromise themselves or take short cuts that do not give long standing results. As we all know, a cow/bull can stand in the same place for a longgggg time, so they need results with longevity and value. Taurus need physical security, which happens to show up as money and possessions.

    You may be asking yourself, "Well, what does this Taurus energy mean for me?" Well folks, you 'HAVE TO' look at your personal natal chart to see where Taurus shows up for you. It is in that area of your chart where you are concerned about money, values, morals, etc. If this energy shows up in your 11th house of friends, then you will likely have friends in high places and friends with money. You will associated with these types of people. If this energy shows up in your 7th house of committments, then this is how your committed partner 'should' arrive, with money, bearing gifts and with high morals and values. Keep in mind I said, "should" arrive.

    Taurus is sloowwwww moving energy. You don't see too many cows running the pasture but it is nice, graceful, meandering energy that knows exactly what it wants and it will get it.

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    Gemini Sun Sign GEMINI - "I THINK, THEREFORE, I AM."

    Everybody has Gemini in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Gemini, you still have Gemini somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Gemini lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Gemini represents the symbol "2" for duality and their double nature. Gemini's are well-known for their split-personality often able to juggle more than several projects at one time. Gemini's also rule the shoulders, arms, forearms, hands and fingers, which is duality. They naturally rule the 3rd house of communication, siblings and lower education (1st through 12th grade). They are the master communicators.

    Gemini's are intelligent, expressive, eloquent, tricky, idealistic, studious, inquiring, ambitious, resourceful, dexterous, tolerant, courageous, generous, sympathetic, temperant, liberal, versatile and changeable. They are agile, curious, flowing, conversational and airy with many ideas. They can also be volatile, superficial, changeable, restless and inconsistent because they are busy juggling all those projects at one time, and quite Good at juggling.

    This Gemini energy has the motto of, "Cogito ergo sum" otherwise known as, "I think therefore I am." Simply put, "I exist because I think." Gemini is the brainiac, the intellectual and the thinker of the zodiac. They are all 'mental'. Even though Gemini is the master communicator of the zodiac, Gemini knows that listening is a huge part of communication. Gemini also enjoys hearing themselves think. When you see a Gemini fall silent, you can literally see the cogwheels churning in their brain. Gemini's also tend to be mind-readers because Gemini rules mental ability. Since Gemini is ruled by the fast moving planet Mercury, this causes Gemini to think and act swiftly.

    Since Gemini's are so concerned with great communication, this is what makes them organize, classify and label so there is no mis-communication. I'm a Gemini, so guess where you will find the batteries? Yep, in the clear container that is labeled, "Batteries". Tape and glue is all in the clear container labeled "Tape and Glue". Of course "Light Bulbs" has its own clear container as well. In fact, the best gift you can give a Gemini is one that reflects organization or it has compartments. Gemini's absolutely Love compartments, pockets and sections because this is how their mind works. Gemini's rarely even use a list because everything is compart'mental'ized in the brain. Their brain is an invisible filing cabinet. Since Gemini rules communication, then it stands to reason that they also rule writing, typing, texting, shorthand, blogging, etc. Gemini's must communicate in some form, even if it is only social networking. Gemini's move about quickly ruling both communication and transportation, which is also why Gemini rules sales people, especially traveling sales people. Gemini has places to go and people to see, so the last thing they want to do is waste their time looking for their keys. THEY GO RIGHT THERE, WHERE IT SAYS, "KEYS!"

    Gemini rules the brain, bronchi, bronchial tubes, lungs, shoulders, arms, fingers, fingernails, hands, memory, mentality, mind, nerves, nervous system, thoughts, vocal cords, the voice and walking. Any affliction that an individual has to a planet in Gemini in their natal chart may reflect health issues in these areas such as; asthma, laryngitis, etc.

    Gemini is extremely aware of their own nervous system, which is why Gemini will rarely lose control of their nerves in an emergency. For instance, if you are stuck in an elevator with a bunch of people, it will be the Gemini who will keep a rational and logical mind. The last thing Gemini will want to do is lose their mind. Gemini is quite capable of holding it together under pressure and maintaining mental discipline. Gemini knows, it's all in the mind, whatever 'it' happens to be. Gemini may be flighty, flirty, fiesty and fun but when the going gets rough, they will not crack when it really counts. Mental discipline is their thang!

    If you have a Gemini child, it is very important that you help them with their mental discipline early on in their years. If their gift of mental discipline is not practiced early on, then it will be extremely hard to correct the mind later.

    Gemini's are freedom Lovers and need to be from all types of bondage, which means they need separateness. Gemini's do not like to be restricted by time, money, Love, etc. Whatever the status quo is, then Gemini will rock that boat until something changes. If there is a rule, Gemini will either push the envelope or just flat out break the rule to instigate change. It will not be until later in Life (after age 40, sometimes after age 50) that Gemini will finally settle down and cooperate. Still, Gemini is the chameleon of the zodiac and needs change or they will bore to tears.

    Since Gemini is the sign of the twins (two people in one) Gemini often has two Loves at the same time. They have one Love present and seen, while the other Love is in their back pocket just in case the other Love doesn't work out. I always advise my Gemini clients to make certain their 'other Love' is either their career, something creative or an enjoyable hobby that keeps their mind BUSY! This will keep them out of relationship trouble. (winky wink)

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    Cancer Sun Sign CANCER - "I FEEL, THEREFORE I AM."

    Everybody has Cancer in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Cancer, you still have Cancer somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Cancer lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Cancer represents what appears to be a 69. Actually this represents the breasts with arms wrapped around the body. This is because Cancer is the most nurturing sign, represents the breasts, mother, home and family. Cancer's also dig in the sand; therefore Cancer's are natural-born gardeners. Because Cancer's represent the home, they are also patriotic in defending their home country. They are the natural rulers of the 4th house of home, family, domestic affairs, land, natural resources, ecology, gardening, landscaping, real estate, property, the biological and psychological foundation, the mother and childhood. They are excellent caretakers.

    Cancer's are intuitive, patient, tenacious, conscientious, economical, domestic, maternal, kind, devoted, nurturing, versatile, sociable, sympathetic and patriotic. They are also protective, tenacious, emotionally sensitive and watery with strong roots. They can also be overly protective, unwilling to let go, timid and reclusive.

    This Cancer energy has the motto of, "I feel therefore I am." Folks, this is 'extremely sensitive' energy. All too often this energy is channeled inappropriately into emotional feelings and moods instead of intuitive feelings and gut instincts. Oh this is so juicy I can hardly stand how truly exciting it is for all of you once you get, the get. 'The get' is realizing the difference between the mischannel and the appropriate channel. When this energy is channeled inappropriately it is very easy to detect because this is the sign that takes everything very personal. Example -- this would be like telling a Cancer Sun Sign how something bothers you and then the Cancer Sun Sign says, "I don't do that." Well, you didn't say the person did do that (whatever it is) but yet they take your words personal as if you were talking about them. Oh that's so sensitive!

    Cancer has a naturally defensive posture when you think about it. Symbolized by the crab, when it comes out of its shell, it will dance across the sand in a back and forth motion. One wrong move and up on its hind legs it will go and the pinchers will prepare to strike. It doesn't take much to get a crab to defend its home turf. This is the same way Cancer the Sun Sign is with their family. While Cancer may be the first person in the family to bad mouth a family member, no one else better say anything bad about that family member. Certainly this could be a true statement for any Sun Sign but the intensity of it is stronger with Cancer. In fact, Cancer will defend a family member so strongly that they would probably even take the rap and go to jail for another family member. Protecting their domestic security, home and family, mean everything to them. In fact, the home is so important to a Cancer that it would be hard to find a Cancer who isn't set on owning their own home. They need to own a home like a Gemini needs a phone, Taurus needs exquisite tasting food and a Capricorn needs a job.

    Cancer energy also tends to over-share their emotional baggage. There are just some things that should be on a 'need to know' basis instead of telling everyone you know. Mercury is in Cancer during the entire time the Sun is in Cancer and solidifies the need to keep family secrets, SECRET! Cancer's are extremely attracted to 'kindness,' which could be their downfall because a seemingly kind person may not have Cancer's best interest at heart. This kindness can make Cancer spill the beans. Cancer is easily moved and manipulated by kindness. Remember this about yourself because somewhere in your Natal Chart you do have Cancer and this tendency will likely show up in the area of your personal natal chart where Cancer resides.

    Cancer is most definitely a very materialistic sign, which is much different than the materialistic signs of Capricorn and Taurus. Cancer is attracted to materialism in a sentimental way. This could be attaching to gifts that were given to them or through family heirlooms, memoribilia, nostalgia, antiques and the like. Cancer is the hoarder and accumulator of the zodiac. This is also a form of security as they have all of their comforts around them at all times and typically on display. They are collectors of collectibles. Cancer's LOVE garage sales where they go to others homes and pick through their personal things. Those pinchers want to dig and grab, which is also why Cancer is the gardner and landscaper of the zodiac. It is also Cancer who will go through your medicine cabinet. They just can't help it because they were born to dig in the sand and root around.

    Cancer does have a tough exterior, which can easily be seen by their exo-skeleton (skeleton on the outside of the body). Their exterior is hard but their interior is soft and mushy. Cancer can Love almost too much, to the point of putting up with bad behavior from their partner, to Loving dangerously like O.J. Simpson. Just remember, too much of a Good thing . . . isn't. There are probably more Cancer's who put up with bad partner behavior than any other sign.

    Back to "I feel therefore I am." With so many planets in Cancer right now, including Jupiter in Cancer, this is the best time to work on channeling your feelings into intuition rather than channeled into an emotional freak show. That is a 'tough sell' for a Cancer who has a 'tough shell' and who is driven by their emotions wearing their heart on their sleeve, but it must be done. Everyone is going to have to work on their level of sensitivity and learn how 'not to' take everything so personal, especially where Cancer resides in your personal natal chart. Just remember when you are taking things personal, then you are missing the intuitive hit.

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    Leo Sun Sign LEO - "I WILL, THEREFORE I AM."

    Everybody has Leo in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign isn't Leo, you still have Leo somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Leo lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Leo represents a profile of lion. Leo is symbolic of Leo the Lion and the profile shows the head and mane of the lion. Lion's are the king of the jungle, therefore they are very proud, loyal and fearless. The command loyalty and are extremely protective of their children. They rule the 5th house of children, creativity and pleasurable pursuits. They make excellent leaders in any field they choose.

    Leo's are loyal, outspoken, arduous, kind, tolerant, generous, philanthropic, inspirational, magnetic, hopeful, chivalrous, industrious, fearless, idealistic, sincere, hospitable and comprehensive. They are also self-confident, generous, warm-hearted, a powerful leader and dramatic. They can also be overly proud and extravagant. Leo's have a large ego; therefore it may come across as vain and arrogant.

    Leo naturally rules the 5th house of acting, drama, theater, sensuality, children, procreation, parenthood, motherhood, sexuality, creativity, artistic pursuits, recreation, lovers, procreation, leisure, hobbies, games and sports, adopted children, places of amusement, child-like behavior, the playground, fun, joy, bliss, pleasurable pursuits, betting, gambling, casino's, lottery, gaming, games, gamblers, the ruination of one's credit, golf courses, films, cinemas, circuses, college students and the buildings, dating, courtship, intimacy, one-on-one connections, the heart, heart specialists, Love affairs, romance, Love-making, one's Lover, nightclub performers, parks, parties, one's passion, picnics, pastimes, the income from buying and selling of property, income from real estate, financial speculation, wagers.

    This Leo energy has the motto of, "I will therefore I am" and is the "Giver of Life." Leo's have such tremendous personal power (willpower) that I always say, "If you want a mountain moved, then call a Leo because they are incredibly strong both physically and mentally." For this reason, Leo's absolutely HAVE TO stay fit and keep their body strong and I'm talking muscle-wise. Leo's must be in tip-top shape or their Light goes out! Haven't you seen Lion King and the difference between Mufasa and Scar? Oh what a crappy attitude and weak body will do to a lion! Think about it because it is the Sun that rules Leo and the Sun gives Life to everything. The Sun brightens up the sky and it Lightens us up. Leo wants to be admired and appreciated. In fact, I will go as far to say that Leo would rather be appreciated than admired any day of the week, although being admired isn't so shabby either. Leo's have a natural sunny disposition that is coupled with happiness and lots of trivial and lively pursuits, as you can see from the rulerships in the paragraph above.

    Since Leo does rule the 5th house of God's playground and who has been put in charge of ruling God's children, often times Leo energy can be a bit too serious for the playground thereby demanding followers instead of suggesting a game of follow-the-leader. In this way the Leo becomes the bossy kid on the playground instead of the popular fun kid on the playground. Leo needs to make certain that they never fall in the bully role demanding loyalty. Leo's are HUGE on loyalty but it must be earned as with everything else. Even though Leo is the ruler of children, it is rare to see a Leo with a load of children. It would be more common to see a Leo with no children or possibly one or two children.

    Leo's are highly romantic and if they are coupled up with a non-romantic partner, this can just about put out their Light. Romance, dating and intimacy are very important stimulation to the Leo. They are also dramatic and rather flamboyant. Simply stubbing their toe can be incredibly dramatic in showing their dramatic self-expression. Sometimes the drama is just a bit overkill.

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    Everybody has Virgo in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Virgo, you still have Virgo somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Virgo lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Virgo represents an "m," representing a maiden with a bail of wheat of her hip or as some say, the "m" with her legs crossed. Virgo represents the energy of getting back in the saddle. It's a time of getting back to work, going back to school and harvesting. Virgo's represent the 6th house of work, work ethic, health and hygiene. They make excellent healthcare providers.

    Virgo's are action-oriented, serious, methodical, perfectionist, nit-picky, concise, detailed, sensitive, efficient, cautious, intelligent, perceptive, contemplative, prudent, provident, industrious and thrifty. They are also meticulous, discriminating, pure, practical, health conscious and hard working. Virgo's can be hypercritical, petty and perfectionistic. If there is a needle in a haystack, a Virgo will find it!

    Virgo naturally rules the 6th house of daily life, routine, health, hygiene, food, work, employees, service, skills, servants, small animals, clothing, sickness, working environment, skills, pets, animals and service, cooking, cooks, crafts and craftsman, care for the body, assimilation of food, nutrition, common people in everyday Life, diets, dieticians, there is an element of 'employers' here and definitely employees, gain from games or gambling, labor, labor forces, medical professions, the money of the child, work that requires precision, detail and accuracy such as scientific or engineering, healthcare.

    This Virgo energy has the motto of, "I analyze therefore I am." Take into consideration the professions that Virgo rules that require precision, detail and accuracy such as the scientific fields, engineering or healthcare. If Virgo is not granular and microscopic in their analysis then someone can be injured or even die. Virgo energy knows that precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance. Virgo also rules professions such as accountants, filing and editing. Imagine the chain reaction that could occur if mistakes are made in these areas. Mis-filing could result in someone not receiving their check. Miscalculations could cause a building to fall down on someone. Inaccurate number crunching could result in penalties, fines and fees. Bad editing could result in the wrong choice of words, thereby resulting in misinterpretation of the facts. False positive lab results could result in a mis-diagnosis.

    Virgo energy is methodical, necessary and systematic. This energy has to be channeled appropriately and monitored carefully so that dire consequences are not the result. Virgo rules the physical health while its opposite sign Pisces rules the mental health. The attention and care given to one's diet, hygiene and fitness is crucial for optimal daily living. Too much of Good thing, isn't and too much of bad thing, is.

    When you think of Virgo, think of anything that requires your minute attention on a daily basis because if not, negative consequences will be the result. This is why work ethic and daily work is ruled by Virgo. Your career and profession is ruled by the 10th house but it is the work ethic, daily grind and daily routine that is ruled by Virgo. This Virgo energy needs to be routinely on time, not some of the time, but routinely on time or someone will get fired. It is my personal opinion, as a North Node Virgo, that anyone who is routinely late is doing it on purpose. Sooner or later the Law of Averages says you will be on time a certain portion of the time even if you are habitually late. If a person is routinely late then they are basically stalling or driving around the block doing it on purpose in order to make their grand, 'Here I am, look at me' entrance. As a North Node Virgo, this is exactly why I choose to make the phone call when I book a phone reading or health consult appointment with someone. It is ME who calls the person because I know that I will be on time.

    Virgo energy is all about structure, detail and understanding subtleties. Virgo enjoys intricate patterns and microscopic evaulation. Virgo requires the ultimate discipline in training in order to get the body into peak performance. Virgo is naturally ruled by Mercury, which rules the mind. The mental game that Virgo has to be play on a daily basis is requirement for healthy daily living. This is why taking care of your health is a mental game. I think another fantastic motto for Virgo should be, "Mind over matter." Once Virgo energy mentally wraps their brain around something, it is in there to stay and positive results occur. That's why those who have a hard time getting their health in check should dive into understanding nutrition, dietary needs and physical exercise on the most detailed level. Anyone who has a difficult time losing weight should take double the amount of time to grocery shop because they need to read and understand every single label. Wrapping your brain around the details is what leads to success in any Virgo endeavor. Mind over matter! When comprehension of proper dietary needs and proper body movement (exercise) are achieved, so is health. Another fantastic motto for Virgo could be, "I maintain therefore I am" simply because Virgo maintains on a daily basis. To maintain is be routine.

    This 6th house also rules people who show up in our daily Life such as co-workers, employees, those who serve us and those who are in-service to us. Virgo also rules volunteers and is all about serving others. It is the routine of being in-service and helping others that help to build our Good character. The best thing to do when you are down on your luck, down on yourself or down in the dumps is to take your energy and channel into being in-service to others. When you volunteer your time then you can really see what down on your luck, down on yourself or down in the dumps really looks like on someone else. That will snap you out of it; or at least it should.

    Lastly, even though Virgo is the perfectionistic sign of the zodiac, they are also the procrastinator of the zodiac. Virgo will wait and wait and wait until they think the timing is perfect before they begin or finish a project. When the pressure is on, Virgo works very well under pressure even though it doesn't have to be that way, but, so it goes and plays out that very way, under pressure. Virgo is all about mastery. In fact, Virgo will read a bazillion self-help books and say, "Gee, that was really a great book" and then put it on the shelf without actually applying the information. So they have this collection of self-help books but lack in application of the information. Remember, Virgo is about routine, which means application. As a North Node Virgo, this is PRECISELY why I make my work about DOING SOMETHING AND APPLYING the information, not just reading what I have on these pages and saying "Well that was interesting." This is why I push you, shake my finger and sometimes throw out a few curse words every now and then in order to get you to get off your ass and do something. (ooopsie!) My North Node Virgo requires me, to push you, to apply. What if I waited and waited and waited until this website was perfect in order to publish it and get dekiver information to you? What do you think about that? Then you wouldn't be reading it right now!!! It's not perfect and I can't procrastinate on something as silly as perfection. I have places to go and people to see. So some pages aren't complete, they will be sooner or later but in the meantime I deliver what I have thus far. APPLY YOURSELF FOLKS! Daily routine is Good and it will work for you.

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    Everybody has Libra in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Libra, you still have Libra somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Libra lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Libra represents the scales of justice. They are also a duality sign like the Gemini, although they seek balance whereas the Gemini has two completely different sides. Since they seek to weigh both sides of an issue and because they cannot stand injustices, they play fair and seek harmony. Libra rules the 7th house of unions, contracts, partnerships, marriages and law. They make excellent lawyers.

    Libra's are thoughtful, impartial, fair, unprejudiced, conciliatory, foresighted, just, gracious, modest, refined, artistic, adaptable, persuasive, affectionate, peaceful, cheerful, sympathetic, forgiving, generous, idealistic, tactful and balanced. They are even-handed, harmonious, artistic, diplomatic and balanced with a strong sense of fairness. Libra's can be over-compromising, appeasing and judgmental. They play fair ball and do not care for any type of injustice. In fact, they usually have a fist-in-the-air approach.

    Libra naturally rules the 7th house of partnerships, marriages, agreements, open enemies with the public, long-term associations, the animus, relationship between soul and personality, union with another person, lawsuits, contracts, agreements, negotiations, arbitrations, alliances, the lower back, committed relationships, the second child, contests, controversy, cooperation, public dealings, defendants, divorce, enemies of the State, girlfriends, boyfriends, fugitives, element of grandparents, one's spouse, one's helpmate, one's committed partner, conjugal Love, legal or common-law marriage, opponents or those in opposition, personality or appearance of the partner, the religion of friends, side trips on vacation, wife, husband.

    This Libra energy has the motto of, "I balance/play fair therefore I am." This motto is due to their strong sense of justice and their expertise in mediation, negotiation and counseling others. Do you know why Libra has such a strong sense of justice? It is primarily because the 'exalted' position of Saturn is in Libra. This is why Libra's will ALWAYS be attracted to a partner who works hard. It doesn't matter what the partner does personally or professionally, Libra will want that partner to work hard at whatever it is they do. Contrary to popular belief, Libra's are tenacious in their work ethic and will show up to work. This may be due to the fact that Libra is so close to Virgo that many Libra's will have perfectionistic and analytical Virgo planets in their chart.

    Libra's are the peacemakers of the zodiac because they can understand and acknowledge the differences on both sides of the situation. The biggest issue with this Libra influence is that while Libra is fantastic at compromising, they tend to over-compromise, which in turn causes things to be 'out of balance' which is the very thing they were attempting to avoid. In their attempt to have peace at all costs, Libra tends to take on too much thereby excusing others from stepping up to the plate. Once again, this results in imbalance.

    Libra does not want to fight with you, but they will. Libra is generally on a slow burn and it does take a lot to ruffle their feathers but when those feathers are ruffled, their sense of justice kicks in and they will demand that you play fair or they will NOT WANT to play with you. Yeah, they will take their toys and go home or make you go home.

    This Libra Sun is dual-natured as indicated by the symbol of the scales. It is ying/yang, male/female, this/that, yes/no, here/there, which shows just how companion compatible they really are because there is always a second half of the equation. By the way, all air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini) are considered the intellectual signs, which means that these three signs require conversation, the free flow of ideas and mental stimuation.

    Since Libra rules the 7th house of committed relationships and partnerships, this is a companion focused sign. Libra is a very social sign who likes to be around people and better yet, their perfect partner. Libra wants to be present with their partner and they want to be able to sit on the couch in comfortable silence with a partner.

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    Everybody has Scorpio in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Scorpio, you still have Scorpio somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Scorpio lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Scorpio is represented the scorpion. Scorpion's have a knack for digging and probing. This makes them excellent investigators and they are very resourceful. Because they are loaded with question, sometimes it can make them question minutia, therefore creating doubt. Scorpio rules the 8th house of other people's money, sex, death, legacies and insurance. They make excellent researchers, detectives and investigators.

    Scorpio's are energetic, active, positive, fearless, tenacious, penetrating, thoughtful, optimistic, pleasant, eloquent, devoted, patient, ambitious, resourceful, researching and detecting. They are intense and magnetic with a penetrating perception and the power to confront. Scorpio's can be destructive, although out of the destruction, comes reconstruction and therein lies the transformative grace of Scorpio's. When challenged, they can be vengeful, jealous and overly dramatic if their emotions are not kept in-check or if their personality has not fully matured.

    The Sun has moved into Scorpio, which yields enormous power. Let's think about this for a minute. There is a reason why Scorpio is seen as one of THE MOST powerful signs and that is because Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio. Mars is very aggressive and impulsive planet. It is also the warrior. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, which is like plutonium, volcanic and explosive. Can you say, BAM! Scorpio is not likely to back down from an opponent and will look them straight in the eye to the death. There is no intimidating a Scorpio so don't even try. Scorpio absolutely cannot stand weakness. "COME ON, PICK YOURSELF UP BY THE BOOTSTRAPS! Get your ass moving!"

    Being that Scorpio is naturally ruled by Mars and Pluto, it is the sign of transformation. In order for transformation to take place there has to be a leveling of energy. In other words, there is destruction and then reconstruction. There is a flattening and then a building. Scorpio is represented by the sacred and mythical bird the Phoenix-Rising. Out of its own ashes (nest and bird) it rises up to begin anew. It's fan-dang-tastic energy.

    Scorpio is the sign of elimination, waste, trash, purging, detoxifcation and cleansing. There is no better time to purge and cleanse your physical, spiritual and mental self than when the Sun is in Scorpio. Even more, you have the North Node, Saturn, Mercury and soon Venus supporting your efforts. As a sign that digs on cleansing and purging, Scorpio absolutely cannot stand waste, as in wasting resources. Waste (trash) is one thing but wasting time, energy, resources and money will set off the Scorpio like a firecracker, especially if they paying for it. You better turn off those lights when you leave the room or you can start paying the bill. Scorpio is a very hard worker so by golly, you better be too, especially if you work for a Scorpio. If you put their reputation on the line, you will hear about it.

    Scorpio is also an intensely emotional sign. You may have heard that Scorpio hates and Loves with equal fervor. There is no 'kinda' or 'maybe' in the Scorpio dictionary. It's either yes or no but never, "Well, it depends." Scorpio is the sign of, "You either Love me or you hate me." Further most Scorpio's will not give a rat if you like them or not. "Take me or leave me" they will say without blinking an eye.

    Scorpio also rules the sex and the genitalia, which is why it is common knowledge in the astrological world, if you want great sex then go to bed with a Scorpion.

    Even though Scorpio is a fixed sign, they do encourage change through improvement. Everything must improve and the status quo is just downright unacceptable. It's almost like things can stay the same, but different. The overall theme can be the same, but it needs improvement and refinement.

    Scorpio rules the house of OPM (other people's money) including the spouse's money. Scorpio is a money sign and actually has the Midas Touch (like King Midas) who can turn anything into gold through mere touch. It is an ability that should be embraced and practiced.

    Scorpio is also a very secretive sign and doesn't just share their 'stuff' with just anyone. They are highly intuitive and somehow just know the secret before it is revealed; therefore, I always say, "Never lie to a Scorpio." Just don't do it. And just because they want to know your innermost secret in know way means that they will reveal their innermost secret to you.

    One last note of Scorpio's incredible power, they can take any bad circumstance and completely turn it into something Good. It's really quite miraculous, which is why I always say that it is probably a Scorpio who turned lemons into lemonade. Remember, it's the 'Midas Touch'. Now it's your job to use this knowledge of Scorpio to fit your Life, especially in the area of your personal natal chart that Scorpio rules.

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    Everybody has Sagittarius in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Sagittarius, you still have Sagittarius somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Sagittarius lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Sagittarius represents the Centaur, which is half man and half horse. Sagittarians usually suffer from foot-in-the-mouth syndrome because they usually speak before they think. It can be quite comical. They are very ambitious. And as you can see they are represented by the arrow, which takes its aims to greater and greater heights. Sagittarians naturally rule the 9th house of philosophy, higher education (beyond high school), foreigners and foreign travel, religion and philanthropy. They make excellent teachers and mentors.

    Sagittarian's are sincere, honest, frank, just, generous, foresighted, prophetic, perseverant, buoyant, dependable, jovial, hopeful, logical and charitable. They are also Inspiring, broad visioned, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful and adventurous. Sagittarian's can also be reckless, unrestrained and tactless if they choose to move too fast without thinking or looking ahead first.

    The Sun has moved into excited and adventurous Sagittarius. This is very cheerful, optimistic and cheery energy that can bring up the energy of the world in a New York minute. While Sagittarian's opposite sign (Gemini) rules local travel within one's own country, Sagittarius rules global travel and cultures beyond one's own locale.

    Sagittarius is one of the communication signs of the zodiac known for being bold, blunt and frank. Just because this sign is known for espousing high principles does not mean it's okay to beat anyone over the head with your beliefs. It's easier to call people out on their principles than to mind your own. Sagittarius can talk and over-talk so much that they say what they are going to say, then they say it and then say it again, which are the basic rules for writing an essay. Instead of just answering the question, "What time is it?" Sagittarius would prefer to build you a clock with words.

    Sagittarius is very friendly and sociable and needs to keep it that way. A pessimistic, complaining and negative sounding Sagittarius is very unattractive. Where do you have Sagittarius in your natal chart because everyone has the energy of every single sign somewhere in their own chart.

    This time of the year is associated with the spirit of giving and good cheer, the Sagittarius personality is recognized for its generosity and expansive demeanor. This energy is gregarious, enthusiastic and open, in everything. During this time, we all have the ability to understand a broad perspective and to see everything from a total point of view. This is when we should be using foresight (the ability to see ahead) with an ability to visualize the big picture, which will make matters work out well.

    This is very spontaneous energy, but with this comes an inclination to be bluntly honest and frank, or at least, straightforward and much to the point. Sagittarian energy does not intend to hurt anyone, but the Truth is all important which brings about the desire to tell it like it is. Tact and restraint can be issues of concern, but you may not care. The important thing to remember is if you are going to call others out, then you best be prepared to have yourself called out by someone else. The high standard you are holding will also be held to you.

    Sagittarius is ambitious, goal oriented and typically sets their sights high on higher education, workshops and more learning. Sagittarius wants to shove at much into their brain as possible. This Sagittarian energy gets people traveling to and fro, while often times taking them across the Ocean or to a difficult culture other than their own.

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    Capricorn Sun Sign CAPRICORN - "I USE, THEREFORE I AM."

    Everybody has Capricorn in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Capricorn, you still have Capricorn somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Capricorn lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Capricorn's represents something a little difficult to make out. Capricorn represents the mountain goat that can persevere and overcome just about any obstacle and keep on climbing to the summit. If you've ever watched a mountain goat, they can stand steady on the most unstable appearing ground. Because they are natural born climbers, they cautiously, slowly and deliberately keep climbing to attain great heights. They naturally rule the 10th house of career, fame, fortune, rank, military, position in society and recognition. They make excellent business owners, CEO's and military personnel

    Capricorn's are dignified, prudent, cold natured in temperament, require cooler temperatures, cautious, concentrated, reverent, practical, thoughtful, particular, diplomatic, ambitious, responsible, reliable, organized, concentrated, profound, managerial, status-seekers, recognized and materialistic. In fact, they are the most materialistic sign of the zodiac. They are also disciplined, responsible, industrious, conscientious and achieving. Capricorn's can be pessimistic, overly conventional, rigid and callous.

    When the Sun is in Capricorn, the theme is all-business and no monkey-business. Capricorn is one serious sign. In fact, Capricorn is so dang serious that it can literally suck the air out of something that was meant to be funny due to its natural skepticism. Capricorn is so serious and skeptical that it can be downright negative and pessimistic. It's interesting how the Sun leaves happy-go-lucky, jovial and optimistic Sagittarius and enters negative and pessimistic Capricorn. LOOK, someone has to keep the rest of the signs marked up and back on task and that sign is Capricorn. This Sun Sign says, "Alright, alright, enough goofing around! EVERYBODY back to work! Chop! Chop!"

    Leo may be the 'leader by the example' which is often mistaken for being the boss. Leo IS NOT THE BOSS of the zodiac, CAPRICORN IS! Capricorn is the sign that gets to tell people what to do, in a management type of way, not dictatorial. Capricorn is the manager, boss, authority figure and military personal. When taken too far, the general of the zodiac can easily turn into a dictator. This is where this energy needs to be tamed and channeled appropriately.

    Capricorn rules the 10th house of career and your Life outside of the home and family. You see folks, Capricorn is the direct opposite sign of Cancer. It is Cancer that rules the 4th house of the home, family and domestic issues. Cancer rules your Life 'inside the home'. Capricorn rules your Life 'outside of the home', which is your career and public Life. Capricorn is the sign of distinction, honor, public recognition, fame, your rank in society and standing (status) in the community. So you see folks, if you have a strong Capricorn natal chart, a Capricorn Rising, North Node Capricorn or a Capricorn Moon, you are most certainly destined to be a public person. I have a Capricorn Moon and I'm all of these things with a "Yeahhhhhh....riiiiight" skeptical mind.

    This Capricorn Sun is not only serious, it is responsible, practical, prudent and steady. It also has a very strong moral sense and does care what people think about them. The Capricorn Sun is accompanied by the word 'nobility' and likes to see themselves as the "_____ in Chief". Just listen to Michelle Obama, she likes to call herself, "Mom in Chief" or the "Hostess in Chief". She eats up the word 'chief' and it is because she is a Capricorn. This sign also rules the military and if you notice, Michelle Obama has taken up military families as her 'cause'. The word 'chief' also signifies this military reference.

    Don't you find it interesting that the Capricorn Sun arrives just before the first of the New Year and makes us want to get serious about our Life again and manage ourselves better? I think that is so dang cool. The Capricorn Sun gives us a strong will to succeed.

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    Aquarius Sun Sign AQUARIUS - "I KNOW, THEREFORE I AM."

    Everybody has Aquarius in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Aquarius, you still have Aquarius somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Aquarius lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Aquarian's represents two curvy lines. These lines are often mistaken for water and it is thought that Aquarius is a water sign, which is NOT true. Aquarius is an air sign and when the wavy lines are pictured with the symbol of the woman, the woman is pouring energy out of the vessel and not water. Aquarius naturally rules the 11th house of social organizations, masses of people and friends. For this reason, they are natural born social reformers and they march to the beat of their own drum.

    Aquarian's are friendly, outgoing, self-expressive, dissemiantes knowledge, expresses through sizable groups of people, less likely to budge from preconceived ideas although progressive in outlook, original, inventive, intellectual, independent, idealistic, revolutionary, loving, caring expressed more in groups than through individuals and freedom-loving. Aquarians are humanitarians, innovative, group conscious, progressive and enjoy serving others. They can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial and overly-extroverted.

    The Sun in Aquarius shows favoritism toward group efforts. The Sun in Aquarius is the best time for Companies to offer a moral building retreat for their employees. There is probably no better time of the year to get the employees together for a motivational pep-talk. In fact, since Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac because they rule 'the future', hopes and wishes, this is also the best time to go on a spiritual retreat or a vision quest. Geez, you just can't beat the energy!

    The energy during this period of time has everything to do with making friends, communicating within groups, networking in social media or at social gatherings or building new associations and contacts. This is a 'group effort' mentality when the Sun moves into Aquarius. This is the time where you will notice there is an overall concern or a universal concern where a meeting of the minds comes together.

    All too often the Aquarian motto of "I know therefore I am" is mistaken for just knowledge. Certainly there is an element of knowledge with this sign as Aquarius who tends to know a little about everything. There is no doubt about it, these are the people you will want to stack your table with at the next trivia night. But there is more to "I know therefore I am." Remember, Aquarius is the social butterfly of the zodiac, so it's not just want they know, it's WHO they know. Aquarius has connections! The glyph for Aquarian's is represented by two curvy lines. These lines are often mistaken for water and it is thought that Aquarius is a water sign, which is NOT true. Aquarius is an air sign and when the wavy lines are pictured with the symbol of the woman, the woman is pouring energy (or knowledge) out of the vessel and not water.

    Aquarian's are rather impersonal emotionally and are well known for being rather aloof and distant. It would be fair to say that Aquarian energy is detached, not attached. Remember, they have a wide circle of friends so attempting to cling to them is not going to work. Aquarian's will shake you loose if you lock on. Further, asking an Aquarian what they are doing or where they have been is even a bit too clingy, so having your own Life and not clinging to their Life is probably the best idea for all concerned. Even though Aquarian's are distant emotionally their energy sure can be like swiss cheese, meaning it is laced with holes. Picture a circle of people holding hands. The larger the circle gets the more holes in the circle. Small circles of people are tighter, large circles of people create big gaps and this is what makes an Aquarian's energy so easy to infiltrate. Anyone can get in, even those who shouldn't.

    Stimulating conversation with an Aquarian is a required or you will be discarded. It's as simple as that. Aquarius certainly has the chops for stirring up a revolution or creating a rebellion against the establishment. Freedom in all forms means everything to an Aquarius, which further feeds their 'do not cling to me' posture.

    Aquarian's have friends from both sexes so if you are the jealous type, do not, and I mean DO NOT expect them to give up their male or female friends for you. The Aquarian will give you up before they cease contact with a friend. If an Aquarian says they are just friends, that is absolutely the case. At the same time, when it comes to Aquarian's in a relationship, their absolute perfect mate will be their friend first and then their Lover and then their marriage partner. Aquarian's need to be married to their best friend. Period!

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    Everybody has Pisces in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Pisces, you still have Pisces somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Pisces lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Pisces represents the two fishes swimming in different directions and for this reason, Pisces often meet themselves coming and going. They also may sway when making up their mind, but once they find their belief system, they stick to it. Pisces is another duality sign like Gemini and Libra. While Gemini is two completely different people and Libra seeks to balance out two sides, Pisces is always seeking to find the meaning in something and always loaded with question. Pisces naturally rules the 12th house of past, karma, institutions, the hidden realm and secrets. And if anyone can hold a secret, it's a Pisces. They are highly influenced by the world around them, making them highly impressionable.

    Pisces are intuitive, inspirational, they have high belief systems, idealistic, concentrated, hospitable, service-oriented, peaceful, refined, pure, perceptive, compassionate, sympathetic, impressionable, orderly and methodical. They are the most intuitive sign of the zodiac. Pisces are also sensitive, self-sacrificing and gentle. Pisces can be an escape artist, impractical, hyper-sensitive and gullible.

    Pisces naturally rules the 12th house (which is opposite the 6th house). So anything the 6th house rules, then the 12th house rules its opposite. That's how all the houses work. The 6th house rules physical health, so the 12th house rules mental and psychological health. For this reason, during the Sun in Pisces accompanied by Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, there will be a louder and much needed focus on mental and psychological health. Neptune is in its 'home' placement in Pisces, meaning Neptune naturally rules Pisces and it is quite comfortable right now. That is quite an influence on mental and psychological health, with the Sun, Neptune and the wounded healer (Chiron) all in Pisces.

    Pisces is also the sign the unconscious mind. Pisces operates behind the scenes (under the water) where no one can easily see what is going on. Pisces rules places where people are alone or hidden from human contact. Those places would be hospitals, jails, prisons, institutions, monastaries, asylums and places where people retreat to be alone. This is where a lot of spiritual development occurs because when one is alone, they are really alone with themselve and God to figure it all out; therefore, spiritual fulfillment occurs under the sign of Pisces. Because of this, an individual may feel alone or feel incredibly shy and retiring.

    Since the unconscious mind is being addressed, an individual is able to tap their intuition more easily. There are mediumistic and intuitive tendencies. Once an individual knows themselves fairly well, then the intuition is enhanced because the ego and power have been removed and often times through estrangement. This isn't to say that a Pisces is void of an ego or power. I'm saying when ego and power are removed through self-reflection and contemplation, intuition is enhanced. That's when we 'get the get'. The interpretation of our intuition and dreams becomes easier. At the same time, when an individual refuses to acknowledge their own shortcomings they can become their own worst enemy and self-undoing occurs. This Pisces Sun will push us to look at our own emotional blocks, mental health and unconscious memories in order to progress forward.

    Pisces is an incredibly impressionable sign that digs on spiritual enlightenment, which is exactly why anything that can possibly take you off your emotional or mental game, such as drugs or alcohol can cause some severe trouble or self-undoing. I absolutely and firmly advise everyone not to indulge in excess during the Pisces Sun, especially when coupled with Neptune and Chiron. Do not cloud or crowd your dreams, intuition or emotional awareness. Keep the cork in the wine bottles during this time.

    Pisces is also THE MOST benevolent sign of the zodiac. It is compassionate, empathetic and very sensitive. This is why Pisces is a sucker-fish to a sob story. Those of you with a South Node in Pisces (like myself) will really need to watch it during the time when the Sun is in Pisces because you could easily be taken advantage of by someone's hard luck story and it could drain you. And I sure as heck would not be drinking alcohol during the Pisces Sun either if you are a South Node Pisces. South Node Pisces should consider the Sun in Pisces month a dry month (alchohol wise).

    Pisces is also THE MOST fearful sign of the zodiac, where often times it says, "No" before I says, "Yes". I have told the story before where sometimes I go down to the dock to feed the fish (we live on a lake) and before I even put my foot on the dock I can hear the fish flip their tail and swim off in the other direction. I'm left standing thinking, "I came to bring you food. I came to give you something. I came to bring you abundance and in fear you swam away before you knew what was Good for you." Watch your tendency to embrace fear before abundance folks!

    Pisces is a visionary and CEO of the zodiac and have the ability to lead an entire school of fish! In fact, Pisces has panoramic vision simply because fish have an eye on each side of their head. They really do see everything that is going on. This can cause confusion in choice because they see both sides of an issue. All the more reason not to block your vision. Pisces rules the past; therefore, it is important to work on cleaning up your past so you can progress forward when the Sun enters Aries because Aries begins a whole new astrological year. When Spring has sprung, you want to be ready to rumble when Aries blasts through the astrological gate.

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