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Venus in Pisces on DrStandley.com

Venus re-enters Pisces under Retrograde status from April 2, 2017 until April 15, 2017 and then re-enters Aries on April 28, 2017. Venus in Pisces is in its exalted state and reveals unconditional Love. That's 32 days of Venus in Pisces. Venus transits a Sun Sign right at about every 30 days and sometimes up to 60 days depending on its motion, meaning if it involves a Retrograde or not. If a Retrograde is not involved with Venus in a calendar year, then it can make its way through all 12 Sun Signs in one year. In this case Venus will 'not' have a Retrograde in play during this time.

The Venus glyph is the upright symbol of Mars, where Venus is feminine (yin) energy and Mars is masculine (yang) energy. It is represented by the circle of spirit over the cross of matter. It represents the spirit overcoming matter through Love. Venus is the yin side of our emotional nature and rules Love, beauty, harmony, affection, appreciation, sensual, vanity, flirtatious, art, music and aesthetics. The house that Venus occupies in your Natal Chart is where these characteristics will manifest the most.

Venus in Pisces and Aries Retrograde (Rx) on DrStandley.com

Here is a nice little piece of Venus trivia for you. Venus will never be more than two Sun Signs away from the Sun. This means someone who has their Sun in Pisces, will have their Venus within 2 Sun Signs on either side of Pisces or it will be in the sign of Pisces. This means there are five possibilities that a Pisces Sun Sign individual might have their Venus -- Venus in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius, Venus in Pisces, Venus in Aries or Venus in Taurus. This helps you guess someone's Venus even if you don't know their exact birthdate but you know their Sun Sign. You can rule out Venus in the opposite sign (Virgo) or the three signs on each side Virgo (Leo, Cancer, Gemini) and (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius). Cool huh?

Venus is the planet of Love, romance, pleasure, relationships, self-worth, dignity and all things beautiful. Venus also rules our self-worth, personal finances, earned income, morals and values. Venus is like the Greek root phil- or philo- which means to have a Love of or strong affinity for something or someone. So when you think of Venus in your personal natal chart think "Love of" whatever sign is involved.

Venus in Pisces on DrStandley.com

Pisces rules the 12th house of silent suffering and solitude. Pisces represents what goes on behind closed doors that you don't want others to see or know about you. It presents reflection, prayer, meditation, the silent sufferer and introspection. Pisces rules spiritual healing and faith healing. It rules areas behind closed doors where people are not openly seen such as hospitals, prisons, jails and institutions. This is where people silently suffer. This is also very monk-like or cloistered nun behavior. Pisces rules the psychological mind and mental health.

Since Pisces is naturally ruled by Neptune, which is the higher octave of Venus, there a strong and higher affinity for all things ruled by Neptune. Neptune rules dreams, visions, altered states, drunkedness, stupors, alcohol, drugs, drug habits, gases and gasoline, fairytales, fables, chemistry, bluffing, black magic, the abnormal, cheating, betrayal and hydration . . . just to name a few things.

So you can see, when you put "Love of" or phil- in front of any of these words, there will be an affinity for these things. Venus in Pisces can cause people to be so drunk in Love that they Love at all costs, which translates into unconditional Love. This can show up two ways 1) I Love you unconditionally and 2) I Love you unconditionally, so go ahead and do anything you want to hurt me and I will still be here Loving you holding onto your ankles as you are walking out the door. Venus in Pisces is absolutely hands down, unconditional and punch drunk Love. Venus in Pisces will still Love even when it doesn't make sense or isn't healthy.


Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, which means it is the second strongest placement for the planet. It's often looked as being a 'guest' in this house. Have you ever heard anyone say, "Mi casa, su casa." In Spanish this means, my house is your house. An exaltation is saying, "Welcome, take your shoes off and stay a while." Venus is definitely on a 'high' right now just like it is under the influence of cupid's arrow that is laced with an aphrodisiac. Hmmmmmm, what happens when Venus moves out of Pisces into Aries and this aphrodisiac wears off? Venus in Aries will be saying, "What about me! Love me!" I wouldn't get too wrapped up in punch drunk Love right now because it can turn out to be bittersweet. And I sure as heck would not be mixing alcohol with Love right now. Absolutely NOT!

The sign of Pisces is incredibly sensitive in every sense of the word and because they are so sensitive then their sonar (intuition) is incredibly accurate. Pisces is sensitive to another person's plights and a suckerfish for a sob story. Since they are sensitive physically and emotionally, they are sensitive to alcohol and drugs. Again, watch the level of booze you put into your body because it will mess up your intuition and take you off your game. Not to mention put you further into a state of punch drunk Love. Pisces is also very benevolent, so this transit could make you over-benevolent and over-giving.


Venus in Pisces can produce some incredibly lonely feelings as well. Remember, Pisces rules all of those places where people are alone. So an individual could Love so much during this transit to the point of loneliness because the other person is unable match their affection. It can certainly lead to disappointment to say the least. While Venus in Pisces may be exalted, I find it nothing but a damn fairytale and punch drunk. Wake up folks, the Love pheromones are getting to you. Snap out of it! Stay alert!

One thing that will occur during this transit is some darn Good writing including spiritual, song and poetry writing because the mind is really diving deep and going behind the scenes to get in touch with deep seated emotions. This is fantabulous writing energy to put out into the ethers that can grab others attention with their strong sense of smell (Pisces influence). Stay Astrologized™.

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