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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Daily Horoscopes are written according to where the Moon is located.
For that reason you will see the Moon information 1st paragraph (below),
the 2nd paragraph is the house that affects your Sign, and the 3rd paragraph is
the horoscope itself based on the information of the 1st and 2nd paragraph.

THE MOON IS IN CANCER TODAY! Keywords: Home, family, mother, older women, nurturing, cooking, gardening, tradition, moody, feelings, over-emotional, antiques, nostalgia, emotions, intuition, tears, water, land, mining, property, your heritage, places of abode, residences, your roots, biological and psychological foundation

The Cancer Moon is squaring (challenging) your 10th house public life. This house also rules fame, notoriety, occupation, career, ambition, government, military, chief executives, business life, goals, ranks, political position, status, standing in the public eye, position in society. It shows your standing in the community and social status. It can reflect your attitude to parenting.

Wow this is an amazing set-up we are in the midst of experiencing and preparing us for that Full Moon in Libra that I wrote about in your Weekly Horoscopes. In those Weekly Horoscopes (link below), I wrote to you that the Full Moon has an 'orb of influence' of 5 days before and after it occurs but I give it a full 7 days before and after it occurs to account for your intuition. You should know by know that I always put a heavy emphasis on your intuition. So technically speaking, today we are 7 days out from that Full Moon. Well howdy doody folks, the Universe is giving us a set-up with a highly intuitive Cancer Moon taking us into the 5 day orb of influence. Not only that, we are being given a Grand Trine in the water signs accompanied by the Moon in Cancer.

Oh what a wonderful Grand Trine we are experiencing today. Check out the Daily Astrology Chart Wheel in the water signs. A true Grand Trine is when you have three planets in the same element (air, earth, fire or water) connected by a trine line. On my charts, I use the color blue to signify trine lines. Blue dashed lines are sextile lines. Trine lines are easy and effortless energy and the path of least resistance, while blue dashed lines represent opportunity and cooperation between the two planets involved. Read more about the aspects here! When you click on the Daily Astrology Chart Wheel for today you will see a huge patterned triangle of blues lines. That's the Grand Trine where the Moon in Cancer is trine the Pisces planets and also the Scorpio planets. Cool huh? And where there is a Grand Trine there is heightened intuition, which can also be heightened emotion when it is not embraced properly.

So where we have the emotional and moody Cancer Moon. The Cancer motto is, "I feel therefore I am." Now folks, you can either use this energy to 'feel' overly-emotional and overly-moody or you can use this energy 'to feel' your intuition. It's your call. Keep in mind we are still in the midst of the Pisces Stellium, which is getting less effective now but is still lingerly present until the end of March 2013.

So let's apply this Cancer Moon accompanied by a Grand Trine to you. What say you my sweet -- moodiness or intuition? Take your pick! You may find yourself complaining and whining about your work to family members today and tomorrow. The Cancer Moon represents home and family. You might even see some of your co-workers as family but will have plenty to be crabby about if you get to talking about it. Leave work at work and tend to your family at home. Refrain from bringing work home today and tomorrow. Leave it at the office or at the front door.


Planets are in a sign for 29 degrees 59 minutes 59 seconds which completes a full 30 degrees after which the planet then moves into the next sign beginning at 00 degrees 00 minutes 01 seconds

S in the chart = Stationary
Rx in the chart = Retrograde
(Degrees and Minutes are calculated at 7:18 AM EDT)

Sun in Aries 29 54" - changes signs 03/20/13
Moon in Cancer 06 57" - changes signs 03/22/13
Mercury in Pisces 05 56" - changes signs 04/13/13
Venus in Pisces 27 48" - changes signs 03/21/13
Mars in Aries 06 17" - changes signs 04/20/13
Saturn "Rx" in Scorpio 10 47" - changes signs 09/17/15
Saturn Retrograde (Rx) until 07/08/13
Jupiter in Gemini 10 03" - changes signs 06/25/13
Pluto in Capricorn 11 26" - changes signs 01/20/24
Uranus in Aries 07 59" - changes signs 3/06/19
Neptune in Pisces 03 49" - changes signs 1/26/26
Chiron in Pisces 10 40" - changes signs 4/17/18
Black Moon in Gemini 20 59" - changes signs 06/09/13
North Node "S" in Scorpio 18 02" - changes signs 2/18/14
South Node "S" in Taurus 18 02" - changes signs 2/18/14
NOTE - The Nodes are ALWAYS opposite and ALWAYS retrograde

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