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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more


Daily Horoscopes are written according to where the Moon is located.
For that reason you will see the Moon information 1st paragraph (below),
the 2nd paragraph is the house that affects your Sign, and the 3rd paragraph is
the horoscope itself based on the information of the 1st and 2nd paragraph.

THE MOON IS IN VIRGO TODAY! Keywords: analytical, health, hygiene, critical, perfection, fitness, routine, in-service, volunteer, co-workers, employees, daily regimen, organization, scheduling, neatness, clean

The Moon in Virgo is moving through your 1st house of identity and how other's see you. This house also rules the personality, your attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond. It includes the self, ego, anima, projected image, expression of inner motivation, soul purpose, initial approach to life and your aura. Take special note that this first house rules your soul's purpose and your inner motivation.

Virgo naturally rules the 6th house of daily regimen, so anything that is normally done on a daily basis is ruled by the 6th house. This is probably why being on time is so important to you. Time really does dictate the daily regimen and this will show up in how you how yourself accountable and how you hold others accountable. While time may be important to you, it may not be so important to other people. Your 'time' will best be served getting to know yourself rather than nit-picking at others because they don't meet your standards. The question you may need to ask yourself is, "Who died and made you the keeper of the gold standard?" What works for you may not work for someone else and that should be okay. There is a reason why there are twelve different sun signs because we all complement each other in some form or another, even those of us who square, oppose, trine or sextile another sign. There is a perfectly Good reason for it. Besides, if you didn't have any challenges to deal with then why would you be here if there weren't something new to learn? Your soul's purpose is certainly not to pick out the flaws of others and make them wrong. Your soul was given the gift of detail, precision and accuracy for a wonderful reason and I doubt this has anything to do with picking out another's flaws.

Tonight at 10:51 PM EST the Sun moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. For that reason, I will be updating your Monthly Horoscopes with your Sun Opportunity next. Check your Monthly Horoscopes later tdoay. If you notice from the 2014 Major Planetary Events Calendar Mercury forms an exact quincunx to Jupiter this evening at 8:03 PM EST. A quincunx aspect which challenge your flexibility and require you to bend or break. One or the other. Mercury rules the mind and day to day projects. Mercury rules your mind on your own daily routine. Jupiter is a planet of benevolence. This is when you may find it hard to mind your own dang business and take care of your own needs first but you are too busy minding other people's business. This aspect says, "Put your mask on first before you assist the person seated next to you."

Tuesday I began creating the 2014 Major Planetary Events Calendar, which is now updated through April 2014. I probably will not have any time to add more on this until Sunday, January 19th. I added something new this year, which is the exact minute that the Moon enters the next sign. I have always included the movement of the others planets in this calendar except the Moon simply because it added more work for me but this year I figure, what the heck. Stay tuned because I like being able to see this calendar uploaded as well because it is easy for me to look at it when I address and write your Weekly Horoscopes.

Click here to order a Natal Chart or to schedule a personal reading or click on the link at the top right or left corner of this website that says, 'Visit Dr. Standley's Holistic Shop'. Any products or services that I offer are in the 'Holistic Shop'.

For Virgo's today's Virgo Moon is shining its moonbeams on your 1st house as you can see from the flow of your Solar (Sun Sign) Chart below. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!

The flow for your Solar Chart looks like this. Your Sun Sign Virgo would be on the 1st house (I analyze therefore I am) and then you would follow the signs in order for each house. Libra 2nd house (I balance therefore I am), Scorpio 3rd house (I desire therefore I am), Sagittarius 4th house (I perceive/see therefore I am), Capricorn 5th house (I use therefore I am), Aquarius 6th house (I know therefore I am), Pisces 7th house (I believe therefore I am), Aries 8th house (I am therefore I am), Taurus 9th house (I have therefore I am), Gemini 10th house (I think therefore I am), Cancer 11th house (I feel therefore I am) and Leo 12th house (I will therefore I am). Read more about How Horoscopes Are Written Here! For your personal natal chart that has your exact birth date, time and location, then the flow from the 1st house would according to whatever Sun Sign is your Rising Sign. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!


Planets are in a sign for 29 degrees 59 minutes 59 seconds which completes a full 30 degrees after which the planet then moves into the next sign beginning at 00 degrees 00 minutes 01 seconds

S in the chart = Stationary
Rx in the chart = Retrograde
(Degrees and Minutes are calculated at 5:00 AM EST)

Sun in Capricorn 29 14" - changes signs 01/19/14
Moon in Virgo 04 18" - changes signs 01/21/13
Mercury in Aquarius 12 33" - changes signs 01/31/14
Venus "Rx" in Capricorn 16 41" - changes signs 03/05/14
Venus Retrograde (Rx) until 01/31/14
Mars in Libra 19 05" - changes signs 07/25/14
Saturn in Scorpio 21 49" - changes signs 09/17/15
Jupiter "Rx" in Cancer 13 40" - changes signs 07/16/14
Jupiter Retrograde (Rx) until 03/06/14
Pluto in Capricorn 11 53" - changes signs 01/20/24
Uranus in Aries 09 02" - changes signs 3/06/19
Neptune in Pisces 03 46" - changes signs 1/26/26
Chiron in Pisces 10 48" - changes signs 4/17/18
Black Moon in Cancer 25 02" - changes signs 03/04/13
North Node "Rx" in Scorpio 03 09" - changes signs 2/18/14
South Node "Rx" in Taurus 03 09" - changes signs 2/18/14
NOTE - The Nodes are ALWAYS opposite and ALWAYS retrograde

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**This web site's goal is to provide you with information that may be useful in attaining optimal health. Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.