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Jupiter in Scorpio on DrStandley.com

JUPITER OPPORTUNITY - Jupiter is in Scorpio from October 10, 2017 at 9:20 AM EDT until November 8, 2018, which is a Good solid 12 months of abundance, generosity and expansion in the house ruled by Scorpio. All of the Scorpio's out there better buckle their seatbelts because this is going to be a fantastic ride for 13 wonderful months. Anything or anyone ruled by Scorpio is going to experience massive change, transformation and expansion. This includes every area of your Life where everything E-X-P-A-N-D-S on itself.

Jupiter in Scorpio turned Retrograde on Thursday, March 8, 2018 until July 10, 2018 for four (4) full months. Please DO NOT wig-out over Jupiter Retrograde. Remember, retrogrades give us three (3) chances to get something right before we progress forward. So this Retrograde will take us back over the same degrees we just completed to give us a second chance. When Jupiter turns Direct on July 10, 2018 it will move forward and go over those same degrees again for the third time, thereby giving us three (3) full chances to get something right before we progress forward. Be not afraid my dear little mentators. Many of the late winter and all of Spring birth dates have Jupiter Retrograde in their natal charts because that is when Jupiter is Retrograde. So this is not a shocker or big deal because this Retrograde happens around the same time every year.

This link will take you to the Jupiter in Scorpio Transiting Degree Calendar so you can watch the degrees in action. This calendar has been posted since October 10, 2017 and is located in the left hand navigation column. Jupiter Direct in Scorpio on DrStandley.com

Jupiter is all about ABUNDANCE and EXPANSION! Jupiter in Scorpio is going to get a lot of press over sexual matters, financial matters, waste (debris) and trash matters, secrecy, espionage and investigative matters, and matters of the dead or dying. Jupiter is often referred to as the planet of luck, but I prefer to call it the planet of "extra blessings." If you have ever heard the phrase, "What you focus on expands," this is exactly how Jupiter operates.

Look at the balloons in the image to the left. Scorpio gets a bigger car, a bigger house (or redecorating or a room addition), the size of the family gets bigger, the physical body gets bigger (meaning weight gain or a pregnancy), the bank account gets bigger, the career gets bigger, everything in Scorpio's Life just keeps getting bigger as if a balloon is being blown up bigger and bigger as each month is checked off the calendar. Scorpio is a money sign, so I don't have to remind Scorpio that while all of that wonderful money is coming in, you should 'also' be saving or investing. Scorpio being the money sign that it is knows this, but there are some Scorpio's who have a tendency to gamble. Unless your chart says you get a free pass on gambling, then you should probably watch this tendency. Scorpio knows that the stock market goes up and it also goes down. You will want that extra money you gained during Jupiter in Scorpio during those down times. Scorpio rules the lottery, windfalls and sudden change in circumstances. Do you know why? Because the planet of sudden change in circumstances (Uranus) is exalted in the sign of Scorpio. While Uranus is not in the sign of Scorpio right now, the sign of Scorpio is still blessed with the sudden change in financial circumstances such as lotteries, windfalls, inheritance, wills and the one being 'the' beneficiary. Scorpio is also commonly the 'executor' of another's last will and testament. Scorpio also rules the 'affairs of the dead' including the 'financial affairs of the dead'.

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For the rest of us, the house that is ruled by Scorpio in our chart will be where Scorpio blows up like a balloon. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that whatever Jupiter touches, it will E-X-P-A-N-D like the balloons in the image to the left. So essentially if an individual is doing something wrong, under-handed, immoral or sneaky in the house that is ruled by Scorpio, then it will get bigger and it could pop and blow everything to smithereens. The same is True for a person who is a full-blown Scorpio.

After you finish reading this write-up, check out the Jupiter in Scorpio Transiting Degree Calendar.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of the wealth of your spouse or business partner, joint resources, support from other people, insurance, legacies, other people's money, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances, beneficiaries, wills, the financial affairs and property of the dead, loans, mortgages, financial windfalls and an element of legal matters. Keep in mind that if you are living with your romantic committed partner, then this is considered a 'marriage' in the eyes of Astrology and you are someone's spouse. You see, the Universe does not need a piece of paper to recognize a committed union, it is people who need a piece of paper to recognize a committed union.

Scorpio rules blood, surgeries, autopsies, coroners, executions, morgues, mortality, things that rot and their location, morticians, pallbearers, undertakers, suicides, slaughter and slaughter houses, but Scorpio also rules the other side of these 'dead issues' and takes it to the next level. You may be wondering why Scorpio rules death, endings and matters of the dead.

Scorpio also rules astral experiences, the metaphysical realm, transformation, regeneration and covers death or endings (rebirth) and legacy, meaning what we will be known for after we die. Scorpio also rules sexual intercourse, sexual acts, sexual subject matter and the genitalia. Here is where it gets deep folks, so take your time reading this write-up from here on out.

Taurus being Scorpio's opposite sign rules the side of Life that we can physically touch in the practical earthy (earthly) world. Taurus rules the 2nd house and Scorpio rules the 8th house, which are opposite houses. Taurus is extremely connected to the physical world through what it can 'touch' and 'own'. Taurus is 'touch sensitive' to the material world. Taurus is VERY materialistic and likes thing that sparkle, shine and are glittery or gold. While a Taurus might deny this fact because they don't like sound of what they think materialism means, I would caution Taurus not to deny this fact thereby limiting their own physical abundance. If you are a Taurus, then you are a Taurus for a reason, to be have, own and experience materialism. OWN IT! The Taurus motto says, "I have/own therefore I am." Taurus yells out, "MY" or "MINE".

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Scorpio on the other hand takes this awareness of the material, earthy, earthly and practical world to its equal and opposite higher level because it knows materialism does not last. "ENJOY IT NOW" says Scorpio, "BECAUSE YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU!" Scorpio wants to experience Life on a deeper, wider and higher plane. Scorpio knows that any day now it could all be over. Scorpio takes this physical awareness and turns it inside out and takes us to its higher level. Taurus needs money to sustain and maintain 'itself', while Scorpio needs money to sustain and maintain 'us'. Scorpio is a relationship, us, we and our sign. Scorpio knows that all things come to pass, die and fade away. Scorpio is pretty much okay with death, dying and Life beyond death or maybe we just die and that's it. Scorpio knows that all things are like fertilizer where it all gets turned back in and then back out, transformed, recycled and then it starts all over again. Scorpio rules the ethereal, metaphysical and occult side of Life. Scorpio knows that there is this other invisible plane that is just right there, on the other side of that line in the sand, right there. You are here, and then you are THERE! Poof, on the other side, just like that, you were alive and now you are dead without warning. Hello Uranus exalted in Scorpio (sudden change in Life's circumstances). Many Scorpio's will have experienced death or dying in some way. Maybe they have experienced death personally and have been brought back to Life or maybe they have witnessed this through their work or witnessed death through their Life's experiences. Scorpio rules the surgeon, so many doctors will have seen experienced this transformation. Scorpio is in-tune and in-touch with the physical body and all things connected with it that will eventually turn over. Energies get released back out into the ethers and these energies become something else, transformed, much like the sacred and mythical bird Phoenix-Rising, who rises up out of the ashes only to become something else.

After you finish reading this write-up, check out the Jupiter in Scorpio Transiting Degree Calendar.

This is where we see Scorpio as not only the scorpion, but the eagle and the phoenix-rising. Scorpio is the sign that has the 'Midas Touch' (like King Midas) who could touch anything and turn it into gold. My fiance' is a Scorpio and therein lies the reason why I call him my 'Scorpion King' (aka like King Midas). Yep, my words are always deliberate and always mean more than one realizes. Isn't it interesting how Taurus is attracted to gold and Scorpio wants to actually own bars of gold. "The hell with wearing gold" says Scorpio, "I want to own bars of gold!" Taurus collects coins and Scorpio collects stocks, bonds or gold. Scorpio knows they have the 'Midas Touch' power, and if they don't know they have this power, they do understand the subtle forces of change and transformation that it all comes out in the wash. Panning for gold would obviously fall under the rulership of Scorpio since it has to do with gold and buried treasure. Scorpio rules trash, waste, feces, debris, lagoons, detox, and purging, dumping and buried treasure. Scorpio can take trash and literally turn it into treasure because nothing is ever really lost when it can be transformed. Scorpio does not like waste, such as a waste of time, money or energy, but Scorpio does like waste, such as treasure, scrap and make-overs.

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Scorpio is the Agent 007 of the zodiac and rules the researcher, the secret agent and the detective. This is why you should not lie to a Scorpio because they will find out. Scorpio trusts no one. While some people might 'trust but verify', Scorpio just verifies.

While Scorpio rules insurance, Scorpio also needs reassurance. Insurance is not just for financial reasons, Scorpio needs insurance 'as in' trust. While many Scorpio's may be obsessed, jealous and insecure, there is a population of Scorpio's who would not give you the satisfaction of being obsessed, jealous or insecure and I happen to be engaged to one of those Scorpion's. LOL! While the majority of Scorpio's need their partner close, there is a small population of Scorpio's who need their own space and freedom. My Scorpion King also needs that freedom and space. Man oh' man did I get lucky, huh?

Scorpio Keywords: sexual, desire, researcher, detective, suspicious, passionate, ownership, secretive, intense, passionate, depth, worry, jealous, obsessed, questioning, rebirth, transformation, other people's money, chemistry, laboratory, surgery, scientist.

Scorpio rules the 8th house, which is the direct opposite house of the 2nd house of Taurus. Scorpio is Taurus's polar opposite. They are the same, but completely opposite, as each opposing sign is to their counterpart. For instance, Cancer rules inside the home, while Capricorn rules outside the home. Aries rules the self, while Libra rules the couple. Virgo rules physical health, while Pisces rules mental health. Gemini rules local travel and writing, while Sagittarius rules global travel and publishing. Leo rules the 5th house of children and one-on-one relationships, while Aquarius rules the 11th house of children's organizations and group activities. Each house is the same as, yet the direct opposite of its opposing sign. The opposing sign takes the subject matter to a higher level. While Taurus says, "I have therefore I am", Scorpio says, "We have therefore we are." Taurus is all about the self, while Scorpio is all about us. Taurus says "I own that!" and Scorpio says, "I'll own you!"

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Scorpio takes the 2nd house of Taurus to a higher level. The sign of Taurus rules the 2nd house of earned income that you earned in your own right by your own doing. You earned that money! It is your financial and self-worth independence. It is the house of personal finances, personal possessions, personal property and how you handle money. The foundation of this house is actually your morals and values, which will dictate your self-worth and reveal what you will do for money and how you will earn your money. The morals and values of this 2nd house is VERY IMPORTANT that is a point that most people will miss with regard to the 2nd house. Morals and values also reveals what we think about sex. This is the house of masturbation and what we think about during masturbation. What is in our head?

The opposite house, which is the 8th house ruled by Scorpio takes the moral, financial and sexual subject matter to a higher level of experience that you share and jointly hold with someone else. It takes a lot of trust to jointly hold such things (sex and finances) with someone else. Scorpio is all about relating to others and really putting ourselves out there and making a real connection on the deeper plane.

During this Jupiter in Scorpio transit, if your focus is on the sexual part of Scorpio, then you will see, notice and experience more sexual things. If your focus is on the financial part of Scorpio, then you will see, notice and experience more financial things. If your focus is on the dead, the dying or change from physical to ethereal (spiritual), then you will see, notice and experience more subject matter along these lines.

After you finish reading this write-up, check out the Jupiter in Scorpio Transiting Degree Calendar.

Jupiter is a planet that is literally filled with 'hot air' and we can feel heat without having to stand next to a heater. Whatever Jupiter gets close to or touches then it grows and e-x-p-a-n-d-s. The house that Jupiter in Scorpio touches in your personal natal chart is where Jupiter will manifest itself the most and has all of the attributes and characteristics. Jupiter operates much like a balloon where it blows up like a balloon, which means it has the ability to blow something up so big that it can pop it like a balloon and blow it to smithereens. Jupiter can pop something like 'popping the question' (engagement) or it can pop something like a relationship and end it through a separation or divorce blowing it to smithereens. If a relationship is already difficult and challenging, then the relationship will likely pop and come to an end.

This is also much like someone winning the lottery. If an individual cannot handle a little money to begin with, then they will probably not be able to handle lottery winnings. This is where you must focus on what you want to e-x-p-a-n-d because this balloon wants to blow something up so big that it pops and you receive a breakthrough (awareness or abundance) or it pops and something or someone is forced into change, which may not feel so Good.

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The past year with Jupiter in Libra (September 10, 2016 until October 10, 2017) the focus was on Libra. Libra was the 'favored child' or 'favored sign'. I personally don't know one Libra who's Life did not expand on itself in every area. Some Libra's were married and some Libra were separated or divorced. So while Jupiter is moving through Scorpio, you must take note of where Scorpio is showing up in your chart so you can see where the expansion or pop will impact you. Scorpio's themselves are going to experience expansion from every direction. The rest of us will benefit from the house ruled by Scorpio or by our association with a Scorpio. Lucky me, my Scorpion King (fiance') is a SCORPIO!

Jupiter is a benefic planet, meaning it is beneficial and fortunate. Jupiter is NOT a malefic planet, where it is harmful and unfortunate. Scorpio, much like its counterpart Taurus, gets a bad rap. Taurus is 'not' as stubborn as it is popularized. Taurus just knows what it wants and simply does not settle. Scorpio as its equal but opposite counterpart is just as firm and fixed. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, which makes it hard to sway their position. They are fixed signs like Aquarius and Leo. Why argue if you know you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of having your point recognized, heard or acknowledged? Fixed signs are FIXED! Scorpio isn't a malefic sign, but often gets blamed for being bad simply because it rules sex and the genitalia.

When it comes to Scorpio and sex, contrary to popular belief, a Scorpio can go incredibly long periods of time without sex, especially those born during November 3 to 11. In fact, Scorpio would rather have no sex than bad sex. Scorpio is not desperate for sex. Scorpio wants a partner who they can look deep into their Love's eyes during sex. Scorpio wants a partner who is so near that they can smell, taste, hear and know what their partner is thinking. Scorpio wants intimacy (in-to-me-see), not just to 'get off'. Remember, Scorpio is deeply in-tune and in-touch with the spiritual, ethereal, mystical and invisible side of Life. They are into the deep, intense and passionate side of Life where not too many people can go, thereby making their relationships SPECIAL.

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Mars and Pluto are Scorpio's ruling planets. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, while Pluto is the modern day ruler of Scorpio. Mars and Pluto are sexual signs because they naturally rule Scorpio, and when they are badly aspected, they will create trouble in sex and money. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 until 2024, which is why we have seen so many scandals and a 'fall from grace' from so many CEO's and high level celebrities. Read your Generational Horoscope again because I do talk about this. Pluto rules SEX and Capricorn rules authority figures in the public eye. While we continue to see many scandals where sex and money are concerned, you will likely see more occurring at the start of Jupiter in Scorpio because we are creeping up on the energy of Mars square Pluto, which will be exact on November 19, 2017. The closer it gets to Mars in Libra on October 22, 2017 the more you will see Mars square Pluto manifest itself and the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio expanding the awareness. Right now the celebrity in the 'sexual harassment hot seat' is Harvey Weinstein, and before that it was Eric Bolling, Sr., Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes all of Fox News. It just so happens that Harvey Weinstein has Mars square Pluto. Certainly the closer the energy was to Jupiter in Scorpio, the more he was going to 'fall from grace'. The gunman in Las Vegas also has Mars square Pluto, who took his rage out on a town nicknamed 'Sin City'. It will be interesting to see what 'sins' this man was into that he would take his rage out on Las Vegas. But we have been seeing sexual scandal after sexual scandal for quite some time since Pluto in Capricorn first entered the picture in 2008. As I state in the Generational Horoscopes, "Remember those Tiger Woods text messages? Jesse James and the strippers? The porn stars between these two famous guys? What about John Edwards and his home sex movie? Oh there will be more celebrities and politicians to fall involving sex, power and money (8th house stuff)."

Use this link to go to the JUPITER MOVING THROUGH THE SIGNS CALENDAR so you can track how Jupiter in Scorpio treated you in the past.

Remember, Jupiter is the benefic, fat, expansive, juicy, lucky, extra blessings, fortunate, adventurous, exciting, higher thought, gypsy traveling, cup over flowing planet!

You can expect for businesses that have to do with anything Scorpio rules as I listed above to make a TON OF MONEY during Jupiter in Scorpio. Look at all of the hurricanes and natural disasters that have occurred. Who do you think is going to make the most money as a result of these disasters? Astrology Aspects eBook on DrStandley.comJupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn because Scorpio rules trash, waste, debris and sewage (the swamp), and government because Pluto is the natural ruler of Scorpio, which is now in the sign of the government Capricorn. Pluto = the swamp in government. Have you ever heard of 'drain the swamp'? LOL! Since we are on the other side of the 16 year transit of Pluto in Capricorn, meaning over the halfway point, Pluto is now in transformation mode and now with Jupiter in Scorpio cleaning up the mess, Scorpio ruled businesses are going to make a haul of money. You can also imagine that a helluva lot of people are going to be purging, detoxing and getting rid of waste inside and outside of the physical body. So companies that sell 'detox' products are going to make a haul. Goodwill, thrift stores and places where people have put their purged items will make a ton of money. Anyone who can figure out how to recycle or repurpose something and make money off of it, chances are their financial picture will brighten and rise.

Click on your Sun Sign's horoscope link below to see how Jupiter in Scorpio affects your Sun Sign. Also, check your personal Natal Chart or Solar Return to see how it is affecting you personally rather than as an entire sign or schedule a personal 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute reading with me to learn how to work this energy to your maximum advantage. Stay Astrologized™.

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