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expands all things Pisces, including spirituality, mental health, addiction, skeletons in the closet, intuition, dreams, silent suffering and secret superpower on DrStandley.com

JUPITER OPPORTUNITY - Jupiter moves through the sign of Pisces on May 13, 2021 until July 28, 2021, then from December 28, 2021 until May 10, 2022, and then due to a retrograde from October 28, 2022 until December 20, 2022.

It is SUPER-IMPORTANT to mention that Jupiter inflates everything like a balloon. If it's Good, then Jupiter will inflate it more and Goodness will rain down. If it's bad, then Jupiter will inflate it so much that you can't help but see it and then it will blow it to smithereens.

So let's take a relationship for instance. Let's say you have Pisces in your 7th house of committed relationships, marriages and contractual agreements with others, then Jupiter could E-X-P-A-N-D the 7th house so much that you are either renewing your vows, getting married or rekindling your relationship . . . or if the relationship is bad, then Jupiter will still inflate it and could quite possibly blow it to smithereens, like a balloon that popped and pieces were found everywhere. When that happens it appears to be a separation or divorce. Again, Good or bad, Jupiter will inflate it. Remember that throughout this write-up knowing that Jupiter will inflate whatever is mentioned on this page. Good or bad.

Jupiter in Pisces expands all things Pisces - including addiction, alcohol, cheating, chemistry, cloistered nuns, dreams, empath, empathy, feet, intuition, meditation, mental health, monasteries, enclosed religious orders like cloistered nuns, monks, priests, the Ocean, reformatories, sanitariums, spirituality, shoes, silent suffering, secret societies, your secret superpower and skeletons in the closet. Pisces also rules places that are hidden or that hide people from the public, including mental and behavorial institutions, jails and prisons. Pisces also rules social outcasts.

Right out of the gate I'm wondering if cheaters and cheating are finally going to get caught with the election process. By now, surely everyone knows 6iden did not win with 81 million votes when he barely left his basement and could not get 40 cars to a drive-in rally. I saw the rally! I'm a little excited over what the cheaters and cheating will reveal when Jupiter inflates what 'is' and shows us the Truth.

I do want to interject that while it 'appears' that Pisces would rule BIG PHARMA, it is actually Neptune that rules pharmacy and pharmacists, which is different from chemistry, chemists and dependency. For that reason I would like to remind you that Neptune is currently in Pisces (it's home placement) and will conjunct Jupiter on April 12, 2022 leading some down the meditative, reflective and monastic path, and leading others down the path of escape, fantasy and psychedelic experience that are chemically-induced, which could in turn lead to spending time alone in jail, which you will read about below.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

As I run through the rulerships of Pisces, which gets E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D in Pisces, remember these Pisces type statements.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

And . . . "Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness." (~attributed to everyone except Einstein).

So get your chart out and blow the dust off of it. Find which house is ruled by Pisces and that is where you will feel the e-x-p-a-n-s-i-o-n of this energy.

If Pisces does not rule a house cusp in your chart, then it means that Pisces (and Virgo) are intercepted in your chart, meaning they fall in-between house cusps. If I wrote your Expansive Natal Chart, then check the second chart wheel in your 'Chart Configurations and Graphics' file. If you have an interception, then I detailed in that file how the house cusps are ruled and where the interception takes place.

Keep in mind, Jupiter E-X-P-A-N-D-S so much that if you have a Sun in Pisces, Pisces Rising or several planets in Pisces in the 6th house, you could easily put on 'at least' 20 lbs. during this transit of Jupiter. No Kidding! So if you know this is the case, then do something to change and shake-up the situation. This does not have to be the case. If you are in a state of age, stress, hormonal issue or some other contributing factor, this still does not have to be the case. Educate yourself and keep the body moving.

PISCES RULES - addictions, alcohol, chemical dependency, chemists, chemistry, distillaries, drunkards, drunkedness, liquids in the lab, blood in the lab, opium, poisons, poisoning, and big pharma. So now let's E-X-P-A-N-D that awareness. Good or bad, Jupiter will e-x-p-a-n-d it. This means someone who is leading a Life of sobriety or who really wants to lead a Life of sobriety, who has a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol could have a spiritual awakening so massive that they end up writing books, giving talks and inspiring others to do the same.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

At the same time, the one who is walking on shakey ground going in and out of treatment or who flatout refuses treatment, will find themselves at the mercy of Jupiter having their Life blown to smithereens.

Remember, Pisces rules places that are hidden or that hide people from the public, including mental and behavorial institutions, jails and prisons. These are places where one is meant to spend time alone either to heal, to pray or to repay through time served.

When speaking of time alone Pisces rules - retreats, reformatories, institutions, jails, hospitals, sanitariums, prisons, detentions centers, encampments, asylums, places of confinement, convents, monasteries, dark rooms where photos are developed and processed, hermitage, hermits, imprisonment, social outcasts, prison guards, prisoners, jailors, wardens, retirement and money that comes through pensions and retirement accounts and veils of secrecy.

You can only imagine and it stands to reason, we have a problem here folks! I have barely touched on Jupiter in Pisces and we can already see chemicals and time spent alone is a common theme. I will state that 'quarantine' is not in the lists on purpose because quarantine is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of limitation and restriction for different reasons. Saturn is in Aquarius right now putting the squeeze on groups and masses of people resulting in social distancing. That will not end until March 2023.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

It's not rocket science because we can clearly see that we are going from limitation and restriction, to complete isolation and loss of 'inalienable rights' as declared in the 'Declaration of Independence'. Those inalienable rights are rights that could not be surrendered by citizens to the sovereign. These right were thought to be natural rights that we were born with that are independent of positive law.

These are interesting times we live in as each individual is choosing to vax or not vax, at the same time, if your choice goes against the sovereign (the supreme ruler, clown show, oatmeal brain we have here in the U.S.) then the talk is of even more restriction by force and even jail time. I just posted a video today on my Fakebook page of people being arrested in New York City for not being vax'd and eating in a restaurant. Encampments are being built in some countries, actually many countries.

Gosh, if Jupiter were not the ancient ruler of Pisces this actually sounds pretty damn scary. Right? Jupiter is the ancient-ruler of Pisces so he is in his 'home' placement and he is happy here. You would think that Jupiter would be in his detriment since Pisces and Sagittarius are natural squares to each other and Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius. Normally squares creates 'detriments' but because Jupiter is the ancient-ruler of Pisces, while Neptune is Pisces modern-day ruler, this is Good for us, so yay for us!

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

Even though Pisces rules the one who 'silently suffers' it does not mean weakness. I have always said that I am 'silent sufferer' because I am a South Node Pisces.

I don't tell anyone what I am going through when I go through it. I wait about 6 months, or a year or two or ten, and then I might admit or share what I went through.

South Node Pisces is also the 'Faithkeeper', which means the South Node Pisces NEVER gets permission to share their shitshow when its going down. EVER! We have to bite down on a stick, scream internally and move through it. I think several years had passed before I openly admitted that I had written horoscopes from a hospital bed.

Now back to "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." And . . . "Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness." (~attributed to everyone except Einstein).

This is actually True, and we know it. We might be tired of what makes us stronger, but that's pretty much how Life rolls out. How would you build strength if you didn't move through some mud or eat dust? How in the world would you build your skillset if you didn't get some practice? Life experience is strength building and practice. If you are interviewing for a job, bringing in your real world experience would actually help.

This reminds me of Jennifer Hudson's character in the 'Sex and the City' first movie. She was interviewing for Carrie Bradshaw's Assistant and offered the nugget that she was the oldest of six (6) kids and was pretty sure she could handle anything coming at her. I Love that!

Pisces IS THE most intuitive sign of the zodiac. Now, whether Pisces embraces, traces and chases their intuition is a whole other ear-of-wax. It's all 'Free Will' folks! You don't have to choose or Love God anymore than you have to listen to and pay attention to your intuition. You can skippity-doo-dah all day long and never pay attention to the intuitive hit that said, "Don't go there. Just stay away! Instead you can show up for a long path of recovery and regret if you do not heed your own intuition.

Pisces is FAMOUS FOR being intuitive, but just as FAMOUS for not pay attention to it. This is seen a lot in driving. Pisces will put the blinker on to turn right, and sure as I'm sitting here, at the last minute Pisces will jerk the wheel and dart left, just like the slippery little fish that it is. Then the passengers head slams into the window again! Damn it!

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

Needless to say, it is not the Gemini who pulls the 'great escape' or who is the 'great escape artist' of all time, it is Pisces. Pisces is 'Houdini'. If there is confrontation, typically . . . and I mean 'typically', Pisces will get the hell out of there before things get rough.

Pisces is not only THE MOST intuitive sign of the zodiac, it is THE MOST fearful. This 'can be' overcome if the Pisces chooses intuition over doubt, which removes fear. SNAP! Just like that and Life gets a helluva lot easier.

Watch for drama and theatrics to blow-up either like a hot air balloon or maybe it will crash and burn like 'The Hindenburg'. Keep in mind that no one tells a bigger fish story than Pisces. My Poppy Seed (dad) is a Pisces and that guy is so animated it's hysterical. He has a great sense of humor and tells stories much like Albert Finny's character in the movie, 'Big Fish'. No other sign knows more strange and unusual characters than Pisces. They will find Pisces in the parking lot, gas station, anywhere, every single time.

It's also uncanny how stranded people seem to find my Poppy Seed. He could be five (5) states away from home and someone will come up to him and need help. Now mind you, my Poppy Seed is 6'4", probably 250 lbs or more, and has biceps the size of my upper thigh. No kidding. You would think he would not be approachable. He's not a meek guy by any stretch of the imagination. He's a pretty big guy. Big shoulders, big hands, big feet, big head, thick lips (fish lips). There is something about him that causes stranded people in need to find him. It's not one guy who finds him, it's a family who needs a hotel for the night, or groceries, or money and gas to get back home.

Did you know that Pisces is an animal Lover. Pisces rules big animals, while Virgo rules small animals. Watch for large animals to get more attention. I'm talking BIG animals, like elephants, whales, and the like. Even horses since Jupiter also naturally rules Sagittarius. My Poppy Seed has had horses, goats, pigs, dogs, ducks, chickens. They seem to find him too. My Mama Bear and Poppy Seed drove to Georgia one day in their Prius and picked up a pig and brought that pig back home to the reservation (Cherokee, NC). They drove home with their heads hanging out the window. That's Pisces for ya'. They do crazy shit for needy animals and/or needy humans.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

The is a perfect place to mention Pisces is 'the empath' who has more than enough empathy, compassion and sensitivity for everyone. A lot of what I see on social media, when it comes to empaths, I absolutely disagree with, but this could be due to the fact that I am a South Node Pisces.

Whatever your South Node is, it means you have been there and done that. You DO NOT re-learn your South Node, instead you use what you brought into this lifetime to help you along the path you are currently on, but you DO NOT repeat what you already learned in a previous lifetime, which is the South Node. You would never go back and repeat the 8th grade, or go back to your first job, and there is no need to look up the boyfriend or girlfriend from high school. It's THE PAST! Pisces rules 'the past.' It's just experience now.

I believe my South Node Pisces is why I disagree with a lot of what is said, believed, perceived, written and stated about empaths on social media. Pisces is the empath, which means South Node Pisces is the empath. I DO NOT agree or believe that anyone has the right to pick up on energy of another person and hold on to it or read that person without their permission. I believe that is bad karma.

No one has the right to take on other people's stuff, so much so that it drains the empath. It is my belief that if a so-called empath claims they are drained by people, then you should get your reading, intuitive guidance or healing from someone else lest that empath dump a collection of someone else's stuff on you. NO ONE has the right to take on other people's stuff, drama, issues, etc. When the healer or reader is complete, then the cord should be cut.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

Certainly the empath is a 'sensitive' who can pick up on energy, but I also believe that to be a choice. Anyone can walk into a room, read it, and pick up the surrounding energy. Anyone! Some more than others, we all have the ability to be an 'empath', which is having the capacity and sensitivity to understand another human being from their frame of reference. An empath has the ability to understand a person by placing themselves in another person's moccasins. An empath is NOT a rescuer. We have a Rescuer, whose name is Jesus. That job is already taken.

Empaths are well-known for talking about being overwhelmed and overloaded by others energy. I don't really call that an empath, I call that being dramatic. To me, a True empath would innately know not to take it all on, and certainly not to brag about it. What Good is it to others if you are an empath taking on others stuff and holding it? How can that not interfere when interacting with others? That's not pure energy! Interacting with a dramatic empath? . . . No thank you! How in the heck can you help others while still sucking up the energy of others? That's on you if that's what you do. Then the so-called empath blames the person they sucked on for draining them. PLEASE! If that empath does not have boundaries, perhaps they are really not an empath. It doesn't make sense, so I call, "FOUL and BS!"

Empaths are also known for not being able to keep healthy boundaries, which I think is bullshit. Someone who needs drama may not know how to keep healthy boundaries, but I want you to know there are plenty of us empaths who know when the service, reading, help, guidance or assistance is over, and then we hang up the phone and go about our business. Your stuff is your stuff and I will leave that with you, thank you very much. This is why, unless I talk to you fairly often, I will not even remember your Sun Sign, much less what we talked about. I won't be holding on to your stuff for you so that you don't have to deal with it.

Empaths are NOT rescuers, but those who behave in 'that' way, are rescuers and need a lot of attention themselves, not empaths. True empaths know better.

Okay, I'll just say it . . some so-called empaths are more like enablers than empaths, and that's very Pisces. Knock it off! If you need drama to clutch, then watch an Academy Award winning dramatic movie.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

We are entering such a spiritual time that this could not be more of a 'COME TO JESUS' moment if it tried. Typically we humans have a 'Come to Jesus' when we are in trouble. It's when the tough has gone way beyond tougher, which means this is a job for Jesus. We often hear of those in jail or in prison who have a 'Come to Jesus'. I have heard these individuals being made fun of for finding Jesus in prison. So what's wrong with that? I have heard, "Oh yeah right. They go to prison and have a 'Come to Jesus'." So what's wrong with that? Isn't that what should happen? Isn't that better than the alternative? If that's what it took, why is that not okay and why make fun of someone who had a 'Come to Jesus' in prison?

Folks, we are entering a time when a helluva lot of people are going to need spiritual and mental aid, coaching, help, assistance, ideas, suggestions, guidance and Love. Pisces rules psychology and mental health. Virgo is Pisces opposite sign and rules physical health. So many people are suffering from depression and even worse, clinical depression. This is going to be BIG.

Many months ago I wrote about those of you in a position to help the masses better get your spiritual game face on because so many will need help. There is going to be such a huge AWAKENING AND RECKONING that it almost seems as though people will be walking around kinda shell-shocked. I don't know how to describe it. It's loss. It's sadness. It's unbelievable. This could also have something to do with the clergy and some sort of shocking event that shakes the spirituality of some to its core. Believers need to be ready to assist those who did not take their spirituality seriously.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

I don't know if churches cave-in, or what it is we find out about the clergy and the churches they run, but remember Jupiter in Pisces expands all things Pisces - including enclosed religious orders like cloistered nuns, monks, priests, monasteries, spirituality and places that are hidden from the public.

So not only does Pisces rule secret societies, it rules conspiracy theories. Well this should be fun because those of us who think for ourselves instead of what the alphabet news chooses to tell us, we are called 'conspiracy theorists'. The shame is that the conspiracy theories are mounting as Truths that still so many refuse to acknowledge.

This reminds me of the movie, "Don't Look Up!" It's an entertaining movie that could easily be seen as crazy from either side of the isle that you sit. They think we won't look up and see a pan-demic and we think they won't look up and see a plan-demic aided with clotshots and certain death. Be ready for reality to sit in.

Pisces rules the 12th house of behind-the-scenes plotting and scheming. It's the house of 'the hidden' and that which we do not want others to see or know about us. It is hidden money. Money of friends, since it is the house of friends 2nd house. Meaning, it is the 2nd house to the 11th house. Friends money. Detectives, cheaters, cheating, liars, artists (including con artists), clandestine meetings, smuggling, ships, shipping, shippers, cargo ships, schemes, schemers, private investigators, swindlers, treachery and spies.

I think it's going to be exciting when the Sun enters Pisces and we end up with Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. You can definitely expect BIG things to happen as more and more is revealed and all that was hidden bubbles up to the surface.

It is also worth it to note that Pisces rules the feet, shoes, podiatrists, podiatry, toes, socks, stockings, tissues of the body, synovial fluid and blood. Folks, I'm going to fire a HUGE WARNING SHOT! The clotshot causes blood clots. If you are a Pisces, Pisces Rising, have several planets in Pisces or you are a South Node Pisces, make certain you are well-aware of this astrological warning before deciding to get the clotshot or another booster. Do your own research and follow your intuition. It's your Life, but the astrology does not support a shot that could result in blood clots. Pisces already has to be mindful of blood clots without inviting trouble.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

I recently wrote that Neptune actually has stronger winds than Uranus. While Neptune is smaller, it is denser than Uranus. While Uranus is in Taurus shaking the ground, Neptune is in Pisces whipping up the wind and the Ocean, and Pluto is bubbling up anything from the Earth that has gas, fire and heat associated with it. The Earth is definitely being rocked, rattled and rolled. It goes without saying that we can expect some Oceanic activity that whips up the 'ring of fire.' I'm open to this being asteroid-ish as well. Who knows? I've learned since my Pluto in Capricorn write-up that when I mentioned "virus" who knew it would have unfolded the way that it did.

Having said that, Pisces rules 'relief workers' and those who come to the rescue for others including Life guards and those who help the poor and those in extreme poverty. Remember the story of my Poppy Seed. Pisces to the rescue. Remember, if you are an empath you do not have to 'save' or 'rescue' anyone. It would be better if you teach people to fish rather than just feed them.

Remember, we have a Savior and a Rescuer. Do your best and be there for those in need, but you DO NOT get permission to take on other people's stuff. Either help them or get out of the way, but by all means, do not promote and enable someone in distress. Empaths have a way of doing just that. Help or get out of the way. Creating another injured person in yourself is not the way to be an empath. It's a decision folks. Just decide to let go and save the drama for the Academy Awards where you can watch the Oscars there. There is a reason why the awards shows take place during Pisces season or when the planets begin shifting to Pisces.

And finally, as we move through this incredibly enlightening, eye-opening and kinda-sorta-scary time, if you do not have your spiritual act together, then you might want to settle down and consider a relationship with your Creator. I'm a loud and proud Jesus freak and accept no other in His place. Jesus is 'The Superhero' of all superheroes. I have written many times over that I absolutely do believe in superheroes, so naturally these Superhero astro memes rhyme with my spirit.

Pluto in Capricorn on DrStandley.com

So let's talk about revival. I've been mentioning 'revival' here and there since late 2019 and now we are entering into the space where we will be seeing the big white tents and hearing, "Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!"" We had a brief peek last summer from May 10, 2021 until July 28, 2021 when Jupiter entered Pisces and then retrograded back into Aquarius. Now we get a second helping of Jupiter in Pisces and a third helping in October 2022 until December 2022. Folks, feast your spirit and eyes on revival, where God's school of fish is getting revived. People are getting revived. Spirituality is getting revived. This is not necessarily religious as much as it is spirituality.

There are a couple of reasons why spirituality and religious folk are getting awakened right now. First, Jupiter is the planet that rules - religion, one's religious views, leaders and affiliations. Jupiter naturally rules Sagittarius, who is the non-stop talker and lecturer. So it stands to reason that Jupiter rules pulpits, preachers, lecturers, sermons, preaching, prophecy, prophets, robes, religious scholars, rosaries, scriptures, tabernacles, vespers and places of worship.

Pisces rules - spirituality (without the religion), cloistered nuns, convents, priests, monks, monasteries and enclosed religious orders. It also rules - meditation, reflection, retreats and places where you can escape and be alone with yourself and God.

Think about it for a minute. Pisces rules places where you can be alone, which is where it is one-on-one, just you and God. This is why people have a 'Come to Jesus' when they are alone as in the cloistered nun, monk or the prisoner. This is where reflection is done on the soul and where the skeletons in the closet are confronted, addressed, accepted and forgiven.

Fear is a spirit on DrStandley.com

The monastic Life has such appeal to me that I cannot even express to you how easy it is for me to be alone. I can spend the entire day in a small room, with the drapes closed, the door closed and no sound. I can spend hours on end without a sound. I can drive to Cherokee, NC, which is a 10-hour trip with no sound whatsoever coming from the radio. It's my South Node Pisces. I could go weeks without seeing or talking to a single soul. This is because in previous lifetimes I was doing all of those things and which is precisely why they would not be Good for me to do in this lifetime. I have to migrate to my North Node Viro and participate in Life with others. Arrrggggh!

One more thing that is VERY IMPORTANT to remember, if you insist on drinking heavily or over-indulging, then this will likely be your year to get a DUI, ticketed, restricted or held to account for such behavior. With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, it will not mix well with escapism. If you are going to escape, then go on a retreat or a vacation, but DO NOT, drink and drive or put yourself in a position to lose it all, over alcohol (or drugs).

IMPORTANT, if you are a South Node Pisces (like myself) then you need to really abide by a self-imposed restriction on drugs and alcohol because by nature, we are light-weights. My Poppy Seed is a Pisces and never drank. Somehow he knew better. He might have held a beer a couple of times that I can remember, but he probably did not finish it. And as a South Node Pisces, I don't drink alcohol. I will drink non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic wine, but not alcohol.

Folks, keep yourself aware, awake, clear and mindful during this incredible time of Pisces. Last time Jupiter was in Pisces, Neptune was in Aquarius. That was in 2010. Each meme above is linked to the Jupiter in Pisces Transiting Degree Calendar with the exception of the Pluto in Capricorn meme. And remember ... God Always Wins!

If I think of other stuff or someone tosses a question to me . . . I will add to the bottom. After typing all day, I'm calling it a day. Muah!

Oh I just thought of something. Someone asked me if I thought this was a time when Jesus would return. I stand with Scripture that says, "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only." ~Matthew 24:36

So folks, if I were you, I would get my spiritual act together and stop turning everything into a wine party. If there were a time when people are going to be praying and dropping to their knees, it's going to be now, during Jupiter in Pisces. You might want to shut down and reflect on your Life and what is important and not so important anymore. Churches, the religious and our own spirituality is going to get tested, shaken and stirred. If you need to drink, then drink that like a fish!

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