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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Daily Horoscopes are written according to where the Moon is located.
For that reason you will see the Moon information 1st paragraph (below),
the 2nd paragraph is the house that affects your Sign, and the 3rd paragraph is
the horoscope itself based on the information of the 1st and 2nd paragraph.

THE MOON IS IN GEMINI TODAY! Keywords: flirty, flighty, fiesty, the chameleon, variety is the spice of life, colorful (all colors), spontaneous, communication, transportation, siblings, neighbors, mental abilities, mental telepathy, the mentalist, thinking, brainiac, intellectual, puzzles, basic education (grades 1 thru 12)

The Gemini Moon is squaring (challenging) your 10th house public life. This house also rules fame, notoriety, occupation, career, ambition, government, military, chief executives, business life, goals, ranks, political position, status, standing in the public eye, position in society. It shows your standing in the community and social status. It can reflect your attitude to parenting.

The Gemini Moon is stronger today than it was yesterday. It is important to remember that this 10th house represents 'the public'. (See keywords above) In other words, this is where you are most likely seen. So when the Gemini Moon squares (challenges) your 10th house, then you are more than likely recognized for anything that you do. This is the time of the month where you need to be on you best behavior because if you have a slip up, then EVERYONE will notice. To keep yourself from slipping up, just act like the papparazzi will be following you ready to take that unflattering picture or video. This is a flirtatious Moon and you could easily meet Mr. or Miss Wonderful through a work related scenario. This means 'work related' and not the boss. The conversation will probably be intellectual and business in nature but there may still be a lot of batting eyelashes and flipping hair.

When a planet is "aspecting" another planet, that is the angle between two planets from earth. Aspects are called -- Trine, Square, Sextile, Opposition, Conjunction, Quincunx, Semisextile, Sesquisquare and Semisquare. Read about each "Aspect" here! Did you know there is also a HUGE "Astrological Glossary of Terms" on this website. Check it out!


Planets are in a sign for 29 degrees 59 minutes 59 seconds which completes a full 30 degrees after which the planet then moves into the next sign beginning at 00 degrees 00 minutes 01 seconds

S in the chart = Stationary
Rx in the chart = Retrograde
(Degrees and Minutes are calculated at 9:00 AM EDT)

Sun in Aries 08 15" - changes signs 04/19/12
Moon in Gemini 12 56" - changes signs 03/29/12
Mercury "Rx" in Pisces 26 03" - changes signs 04/16/12
Venus in Taurus 24 12" - changes signs 04/03/12
Mars "Rx" in Virgo 05 26" - changes signs 07/03/12
Saturn "Rx" in Libra 27 32" - changes signs 10/05/12
Jupiter in Taurus 12 33" - changes signs 06/11/12
Pluto in Capricorn 09 31" - changes signs 01/20/24
Uranus in Aries 04 43" - changes signs 3/06/19
Neptune in Pisces 01 57" - changes signs 1/26/26
Chiron in Pisces 07 16" - changes signs 4/17/18
Black Moon in Taurus 11 25" - changes signs 12/16/11
North Node "S" in Sagittarius 06 40" - changes signs 8/29/12
South Node "S" in Gemini 06 40" - changes signs 8/29/12
NOTE - The Nodes are ALWAYS opposite and ALWAYS retrograde

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