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The Moon in Scorpio quincunx Mars in Gemini at 1:16 AM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces at 3:03 AM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn at 9:38 AM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces at 1:16 PM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 3:16 PM EST until Friday - November 25, 2022 at 4:18 PM EST.

The Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts the Sun in Sagittarius at 5:57 PM EST. When the Moon and the Sun conjunct, this is the New Moon.

Jupiter in Pisces turns Direct at 6:02 PM EST and will re-enter Aries on December 20, 2022.

The BIG NEWS today is "I CAN SEE! I CAN SEE!" Eh hem . . . I mean, the BIG NEWS today is we experience the New Moon is in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces turns 'Direct'. This is wonderful and very 'telling' as Jupiter is the ancient-ruler of Pisces, so it is in its home placement, and Jupiter is the modern-day ruler of Sagittarius. Then of course there is the New Moon in Sagittarius, which is conjunct today.

Conjunction-junction what's your function? Remember that song from Schoolhouse Rock? Well, a conjunction in Astrology is when two (2) or more planets in the same sign (in this case Sagittarius) and are within 10 degrees of each other. That's a huge span of degrees, but that's how impactful conjunctions are when they are still feeling each other 10 degrees, even from 10 degrees away. The Moon and the Sun today are conjunct in exactness at the exact same degree and minute at 01 degree 37 minutes.

I know yesterday it might feel like I beat-up on Sagittarius, but that's the way it goes. Sagittarius is surrounded by challenging Mercury and Neptune aspects and you are on a need-to-know basis. I write Daily Horoscopes for you, so that you will be able to operate, manage, navigate and 'see' your way through your chart much easier. My 'aim' is to pull back my 'bow' and hit an 'intended target', which is some useful information that you can actually apply to your Life. My 'ambition', which means my desire to 'achieve', is to 'teach' you something that you actually 'learn'.

"One who teaches, not always teaches. And one who is taught, not always learns."
~Dr. Loretta Standley

My 'goal' is that you click out of these pages and 'explore' these 'signs' and 'directions' that God has provided you through His GPS (God Positioning System) so that you 'see' and 'foresee', meaning 'see' in the present moment and 'foresee' down the road.

I want you to notice the words I highlighted in the paragraphs above that I enclosed with an apostrophe ('). I am deliberately drawing your attention to the text for a specific reason as it should paint a picture. It's like I'm writing in code for your Sagittarius energy. Look for the code.

The highlighted words are - Direct, telling, see, aim, bow, intended target, ambition, achieve, teach, learn, goal, explore, signs, directions and foresee. These are all Sagittarius words.

Sagittarius is ambitious and has goals. What is the goal? That is the one (1) important question that Sagittarius needs to always ask themselves along their 'journey'. What is the goal? It doesn't matter whether you are going to the store, having a conversation, getting dressed, coloring your hair, giving advice, suggestion, guidance or 'insight' . . . what is the goal? Sagittarius always has an 'intended target' (goal).

Sagittarius always has an 'ambition' - which is a 'desire to achieve a purpose'. What is the purpose? What and why do you want to relay that message or teach what you know?

Sagittarius carries a bow and arrow for many reasons, and has many arrows in their quiver. Sagittarians often says, "If you can perceive it, then you can achieve it." If the 'desire' is there, it's a done deal. Game over. Sagittarius will hit their 'intended target'.

Sagittarius is far-reaching and pulls back its bow, aims high and releases. Sagittarius does not just pull back the bow and holds frozen . . . Sagittarius releases the arrow directed at the intended target. It is important that Sagittarius RELEASE! They must release. Keep reading . . .

Wed. Nov. 23, 2022

New Moon in Sagittarius
Exact on Nov. 23, 2022 at 5:57 PM EST
at 01 degrees 38 minutes

New Moon in Sagittarius - November 23, 2022 on DrStandley.com

Wed. Nov. 23, 2022

Jupiter in Pisces turns Direct
at 6:02 PM EST
changes signs on December 20, 2022

Jupiter in Pisces Direct on DrStandley.com

Sagittarius absolutely needs to unload their brain, which comes out of the mouth in their speaking, preaching or lecturing whether they are talking about politics, religion or Lifestyle. They are crusaders and there is no denying it. That's the way it is suppose to be because someone has to do it, and its usually a Sagittarius that leads the charge of a crusade. This is why Sagittarius needs a cause, an audience and a platform. Sagittarius is a crusader, an advocate and a promoter.

Think of that word platform. As I have told you many times, I'm a deliberate being. I'm pretty much 'on purpose'. I feel that I was 'purposed' into this world, so I'm doin' it, and I'm using my Sagittarius energy in my chart to do just that. Abso-dang-lutely ON PURPOSE. My platform is this website. My audience is you. My cause is for you to become your own best healthcare provider and I believe it begins with you knowing your astrology chart. That's the quickest way to learn about you.

As a Gemini, Sagittarius is my opposite sign. That's my balance. I have several very Good friends who are Sagittarius. That's my balance. Opposite signs are not necessarily a tug-of-war, unless you treat the energy that way. The energy is supposed to be 'the balance'.

Get your charts out and blow the dust off of them. Notice that wherever Sagittarius is, Gemini is on the direct opposite side. No matter what sign is in a certain house, on the opposite side of the chart is the opposite sign. Now look at the house cusps. You will see the opposing signs on the house cusps are in the exact same degree. THAT'S THE DANG BALANCE! If you are searching for balance, it's in your chart for Heaven's sake!

Back to Sagittarius being the seer of the zodiac. What I mean by that is Sagittarius energy is the one who sees, as the motto for Sagittarius is, "I see therefore I am" or "I perceive therefore I am." Sagittarius sees down the road. If you listen to a Sagittarius, you will pick up mounds of information if you listen. If you need to be heard, then you better have a piece of paper and pen handy so you can make notes to yourself so that you do not forget what you want to say once they come up for air. Otherwise, listen for the 'down the road' information. They 'see' something and if you want to 'see' it too, you'll listen.

Now here is how you apply this information in the horoscopes. We just entered Sagittarius Season. The Sun moved into Sagittarius yesterday. Venus and Mercury moved into Sagittarius last Wednesday (16th) and Thursday (17th). Venus and Mercury were conjunct on Monday (21st). Today the Moon and the Sun are in Sagittarius creating the New Moon. Therein lies a perfect Stellium.

A Stellium is when four (4) or more planets conjunct in the same sign (Sagittarius in this case) and within 10 degrees of each other. Certainly there are times when three (3) planets create a Stellium when they are so closely packed. This Stellium involves the Moon at 01 degree, the Sun at 01 degree, Venus at 09 degrees and Mercury at 10 degrees. Look at the chart wheel.

Now let's put it all together. In October I laid out all of the Monthly Astro Memes through March 2023. They are already posted. I announced it on this website. They are in the left-side navigation column. There are buttons at top of each months Monthly Astro Memes page, and I announced it on Fakebook. Whether you 'see' it is up to you. Whether you explore, journey or learn is up to you.

"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make 'em drink."

I can teach you every thing I know about Astrology, but if you are simply reading, and then putting the information back on the shelf, then you are not learning. You will only learn if you apply the information.

So I am suggesting point blank, that you SEE this information for what it is and apply it. LOOK down the road. LOOK at the Astro Memes and LOOK down the road. FORESEE DOWN THE DAMN ROAD FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! I'm laying out the Astro Memes with pictures and everything to tip you off. Do not just look at this information and wait for it to happen. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

If you have been keeping up with the November 2022 Astro Memes and 'watching ahead', then you already knew the New Moon was in Sagittarius today. This should have been no surprise.

If you have been coming to this website long enough or studying Astrology for even a little while, then you know that New Moon's are a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. ALWAYS AND FOREVER! The Full Moon to this New Moon will come 6 months from now, which will be your 6 month check-up to 'see' how you are doing on that new beginning or fresh start that you began today.

Did you 'see' ahead? Here we are at today, what are you doing that is brand spankin' new? If you are looking down the road at any aspects, then prepare for them. PREP! Prepare for these aspects whether they are Good, bad or indifferent.

On Sunday there is an aspect that has our mind busy with ideas. It's a quincunx and the energy only lasts for a day before and after its exactness. If you want to grab those ideas, then make certain your mind, schedule or day is not crammed so full that you cannot grab those ideas out of thin air and implement them. If you have been wanting a great idea, well then that great idea day is coming (Sunday) so prepare to tap into that energy. SEE DOWN THE ROAD. BE A SEER.

Sometimes at the end of my yoga classes when we are in savasana, which is also called corpse pose when we are laying splattered flat on our back, afterward we will roll into a little ball on our side, which is a sideways child's pose (balasana). If we began the practice in child's pose and we end the practice in child's pose then I will say these words . . .

"We have returned back to child's pose, which is the pose we were in when we began this practice and it's the pose we were in when we began this entire existence. And prayerfully along the way you have picked up some hindsight, some foresight and maybe even a little insight."

That statement right there is a totally Sagittarius statement and I use it when we begin and end in child's pose, and I use it on Sagittarius Moon days and I use it whenever the heck I want. LOL!

My point, there is more than what meets the 'eye' with Sagittarius - I see therefore I am. Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, which is half man and a half horse. Sagittarius has an eyeball on each side of their head so they have a 360 degree field of vision, just like a fish. They can see their own tail, just like the fish (Pisces). 180 degrees on this side of their head and 180 degrees on that side of their head. They have full vision . . I CAN SEE! Both Sagittarius and Pisces are the 'visionaries' of the zodiac. IT'S THEIR EYEBALLS!

And Sagittarius has TELL-A-VISION . . they have to tell someone what they see down the road. They need to release because they have a cause and they need a platform.

We ALL have the ability to 'see' down the road, which is the ability of prophecy. That is the Sagittarius in your chart. Get out your charts and locate Sagittarius. USE IT! It is global energy. Make this energy work for you. See it, achieve it.

Back in the day, when I had my Chiropractic clinic, and I was making my move out of the practice and into my radio show and website, I didn't quite know what it would look like, but I knew that I wanted a more global presence. I knew I did not want to be trapped in the clinic talking to one (1) patient at a time. What a nightmare!!! One person at a time. I couldn't do it. It would take forever at that rate to talk to as many people as I felt inspired to reach.

The Sagittarius energy in my chart was pushing me to go global in that area of my chart and talk to the masses on a global level. So I did. And here we are together now. The Sagittarius area in your chart is global. Remember that.

Folks, study your chart. Study your pattern. Look down the road. If you are reading ahead, then you have some information to look down the road to prepare and take action. What is so great about looking down the road and doing nothing? Everyone has the gift of prophecy (foresight) but whether you use it or develop it is up to you. It's a practice, as anything else is in Life.

Develop your gift of foresight to manage your own Life and 'see' the aspects down the road, so you can prepare and be ready. The Sun was trine Jupiter 'exact' last Sunday, just a few days ago, and is still in separating degrees. Who among you prepared for that aspect? If you were keeping up with the Astro Memes then you knew it was coming, or were you just sitting back waiting for the aspect to do something for you? Well, lah dee dah. Who are you?

Folks, DO NOT sit and wait for these aspects to lay something on you or you will miss the whole tip off. The tip off is the prophetic 'insight'. So many will look at the Astro Meme and date and just keep going about their day and do nothing about preparing for the aspect. 'Seeing' the aspect ahead of time, so that you can prepare, is the prophetic ability. Do you 'see' now? It's right there. Do nothing, receive nothing.

I don't know if any of you remember the old TV show, "Lost In Space" and the character that was the robot. In fact, his name was simply 'Robot'. First of all Sagittarius is the sign that is into UFOs, space, time travel, aliens and all of that outer space stuff. It's cool to have Sagittarius friends because they will turn you onto some wild stuff. Robot would always start flapping his arms and yell out, "WARNING WARNING", well Sagittarius energy is like that too. They 'see' down the road and have Good reason to yell out, "WARNING WARNING".

on DrStandley.com

The other BIG NEWS today is Jupiter in Pisces turns 'Direct'. As stated in the second paragraph above, "Jupiter is the ancient-ruler of Pisces, so it is in its home placement, and Jupiter is the modern-day ruler of Sagittarius."

Sun trine Jupiter on DrStandley.com

So we are getting a double-and-expanded dose of Jupiter. Yippy! And there's more, just three (3) days ago, on Sunday - November 20, 2022 the Sun was still in Scorpio and trine to Jupiter in Pisces. The Sun currently at 01 degree Sagittarius is within the 'orb of influence' of Jupiter in Pisces at 28 degrees 47 minutes (round up to 29 dgrees). So the Sun and Jupiter are still within a less than 03 degree 'orb of influence'.

Remember, the Sun trine Jupiter lasts until Tuesday - November 29, 2022. So Jupiter turning 'Direct' is really set to deliver on whatever the Universe (God) is gearing toward.

Folks, feast your spirit and eyes on revival, where God's school of fish is getting revived. People are getting revived. Spirituality is getting revived. This is not necessarily religious as much as it is spirituality.

There are a couple of reasons why spirituality and religious folk are getting awakened right now. First, Jupiter is the planet that rules - religion, one's religious views, leaders and affiliations.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, who is the non-stop talker and lecturer. So it stands to reason that Jupiter rules pulpits, preachers, lecturers, sermons, preaching, prophecy, prophets, robes, religious scholars, rosaries, scriptures, tabernacles, vespers and places of worship.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 on DrStandley.com

Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces - spirituality (without the religion), cloistered nuns, convents, priests, monks, monasteries and enclosed religious orders. It also rules - meditation, reflection, retreats and places where you can escape and be alone with yourself and God.

Think about it for a minute. Pisces rules places where you can be alone, which is where it is one-on-one, just you and God. This is why people have a 'Come to Jesus' when they are alone as in the cloistered nun, monk or the prisoner. This is where reflection is done on the soul and where the skeletons in the closet are confronted, addressed, accepted and forgiven. It's going to come down to that . . . meaning the masses (global energy) having their 'Come to Jesus'. It's usually desperate measures that wake us up.

So folks, if I were you, I would get my spiritual act together and stop turning everything into a wine party. If there were a time when people are going to be praying and dropping to their knees, it's going to be now, during Jupiter in Pisces. You might want to shut down and reflect on your Life and what is important and not so important anymore. Churches, the religious and our own spirituality is going to get tested, shaken and stirred. If you need to drink, then drink that like a fish! Read the entire write-up of Jupiter in Pisces right here!

on DrStandley.com

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