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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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The Sun moves into Sagittarius at 3:20 AM EST until December 21, 2022.

The Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus at 4:24 PM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius at 9:33 PM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

I'm attempting to proof this really fast before I teach my three (3) yoga classes. When this paragraph disappears, then you know I caught all of the typos.

The BIG NEWS today is the Sun moved into Sagittarius at 3:20 AM EST. This will be a whole LOTTA BIG DIFFERENCE in the 2022 Solar Return for Sagittarius, than it was in their 2021 Solar Return.

Last year at this time the South Node was in the final degrees (earlier) degrees of Sagittarius and kicking some Sagittarian's in the teeth and in the ass.

Keep in mind the North and South Node ALWAYS move backward (retrograde). Sometimes they wobble at a standstill (stationary) but then they continue moving backward in degrees. So when the Nodes change signs, they begin at 29 degrees 59 minutes 59 minutes and then continue on clicking backward in seconds, minutes and once 60 minutes hits that is one (1) degree. Then its 28 degrees 59 minutes 59 seconds. The nodes remain in a sign for 1-1/2 years. The Nodes shifted into the North Node Taurus and South Node Scorpio on January 18, 2022 and will continue until July 17, 2023.

So you see, at this time last year the Nodes were in sitting right at 01 degree and impacting early degree Sagittarians. The South Node pretty much had Sagittarians up on their hind legs shadow boxing themselves. There was a lot of boxing going on that just didn't need to be done.

Having said all of that, this year is different. The South Node 'has been' completely off your Sun Sign and it will show.

BUT WAIT! Arrrrrghhh, I don't like that word, but . . but I have to but here right. Even though the South Node is off Sagittarius, the earlier degree Sagittarians will have a tough time with communication and with what they think they see or heard.

Remember, the Sagittarius motto is - I see/perceive therefore I am. You will always hear a Sagittarius use the word see, sight, perceive, perception or words that describe the same.

Now I don't walk on eggshells very well so I will just flat out tell you that you WILL run into communication problems and you WILL have a hard time being heard.

When Sagittarius looks at the tailend of the November 2022 Astro Memes and the beginning of the December 2022 Astro Memes you will see all kinds of communication and illusionary aspects involving Mercury and Neptune.


When the Sun 'Returns'
to the same sign, degree and minute
as when you were born

Solar Return Report on DrStandley.com

Tue. Nov. 22, 2022

The Sun enters Sagittarius
at 3:20 AM EST
changes signs on December 21, 2022

Sun in Sagittarius from November 22 until December 21, 2022 on DrStandley.com

The Sagittarians that wiggle their ears and tune-in without feeling as though they have to rise up on their hindlegs and start boxing anyone who speaks or disagrees with their 'perception' will be the most in-tune and will able to get their point across. They will be heard. Oh yes, loud and clear, but rising up on your hindlegs and boxing others should not be part of it.

Here is the thing, as Sagittarius is the sign that rules 'the preacher' and 'lecturer', when you preach against something that you don't want preached to you, you are doing the same in reverse. It's pretty much the ol' religion or philosophic bent.

The one who doesn't want to be preached to about religion, is preaching about not being preached to about religion. Now that's not fair! "Don't preach to me about what I don't want to hear (religion, politics, Lifestyle), but I can preach to you about you not preaching to me about those same topics." That's preaching and its pretty much saying you want to control what is being discussed. OUCHY! Meaning, you don't want to talk if it's not what you want to talk about.

RED FONT ALERT - You WILL have to take turns talking, or you, or they, will feel like they are being preached to. That means you have to take a sip of air, you have to also wiggle your ears, tune-in and listen.

Sagittarius really does like to engage in higher-level conversation, but a conversation is a dialogue, which means it is between two (2) people. If you are the only one speaking, then it is a monologue and chances are, you may be preaching to or lecturing someone. If they are not talking too (discussion), then you might be doing all the talking.

This is an honest question I'm asking you - do you want to get paid to talk? If so, then create an experience, Lifestyle, or career that allows you to do that. Otherwise, people do not like being preached or lectured to if they are not paying for it. Okay, maybe in church, but other than that, they pretty much don't. And if you do not like being preached to, then don't do it to others. Remember, the ol' monologue.

Sagittarians often want to keep talking to get everything out before they forget, but so do others. You still have to take a sip of air, wiggle your ears, tune-in and listen. We learn the most by listening, watching or reading, not talking.

Folks, I'm telling you, this will be tough. IT WILL! Earlier degree Sagittarians will have tough Mercury and Nep-tune aspects slathered all over their 2022 Solar Return. Mercury is throwing-up (literally) everything at Sagittarius and it will take some enLightened, conscious and comfortable-in-their-own-hooves Sagittarians to get through this.

Think about this . . the careers of a lot of Sagittarians have abused their power and they are going to take a HUGE hit!

Listen-up, if you are a Sagittarius, listen more and talk less. Let others bury themselves in the steaming horsesh!t. Let them suffer from hoof-in-the-mouth-syndrome. This is probably going to be one of the toughest years for Sagittarius being caught or held to what they said. YOU MUST LISTEN MORE and talk less. YOU MUST!

We will start seeing news outlets, publishers, reporters and journalists all having to dance around what they said and what they are having to retract. Picture a horse stepping, side-stepping, backing-up and doing their little dance at the horse show. Watch and learn. Keep your mouth shut Sagittarius! It's going to be hard, but once you see what you REALLY SEE, then you can say, "Told'ja so!" but wait until the news outlets, publishers, reporters and journalists get caught with their pants down. Let them bury themselves. Let others bury themselves. Not everything needs a response. Some things that are said will stand on their on merit or demerit.

And remember this, if others are side-stepping, horse dancing or backing away from you slowly, then they might have heard enough and they are trying to back-up out of the conversation.

Even if your beef is not about religion, politics, Lifestyle, the same approach holds True for whatever subject matter you are in with - family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, volunteers, employees, etc. It doesn't matter. Let the other one bury themselves in horse doo-doo.

As a Gemini, I used this same approach when I had my political radio show back in the day. My astrologer (may God rest his soul) explicitly told me to make them say it. Whatever it was, that needed to be said, make my audience say it. That way I was clear and they said it. Keep in mind folks, these political commentary shows, they are entertainment. They are NOT TRUTH! You have to remember that. Even my radio show was entertainment because we survived on what all political radio shows survive on and guess what that is . . . ADVERTISING!

So I would get into my monologue at the beginning of the show, like all political ranters do, and then I would stop short of saying what 'I think' really needed to be said and then the phone lines would Light up. The whole board was blinking. One after the other, the callers would finish my sentence. I didn't say it, THEY DID! And that's how Gemini/Sagittarius, the communicators of the zodiac work in real time. DO NOT get caught with your hoof in your mouth. You must listen.

Remember, if you are the only one talking, then you are in a monologue and not a dialogue. Then get yourself a podcast, no kidding! This is not kidding even a little bit. I mean it.

CBS retracted on their Twitter stance, before they could even implement not being on Twitter. They began side-stepping and dancing like a horse at a horse show. We are also seeing reports and videos about COVID and the backtracking has begun.

I don't know if you can see or it not (probably not) because I posted it last night and their is no response yet . . . but I posted the link to the documentary with Faux-chi called, 'DIED SUDDENLY'. I'm telling you folks, when Pluto moves into Aquarius (and likely before as we are seeing) people are going to be dropping like flies. The death toll from COVID will rise, but not from the unvaccinated, it will be the vaccinated. They don't know what they have done. But they will. It's sad and it will be deafening. Everyone made their choice.

Keep in mind, Aquarius rules the circulation as Leo rules the heart. Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs and work together. Aquarius circulates the blood through the heart and around the body. This is why Aquarius is 'the circulator' of the zodiac and gets around to groups, associations, memberships, and lots of people.

We will see a shift in media outlets. Not only have I written to you that some social media will FALL, but some news media outlets. They will be leveled! Why? Because Gemini and Sagittarius rule .... THE NEWS, reporters, journalists, local (Gemini) and global (Sagittarius). All opposing signs ALWAYS rule the same thing, just at a different level.

Gemini rules NEWS, reporters, journalists, writers, messengers, marketing, promotion, etc., on a local level - NBC, CBS, ABC. Sagittarius rules the same on a global level.

Gemini rules the local news outlets and Sagittarius rules the larger news outlets like - CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, BBC, all of them. Watch the dominoes fall.

Gemini rules cars and motorcycles and Sagittarius takes it bigger to trucks and CARGO SHIPS. Folks, I could write to you forever . . there is so much in my brain.

The same is True for education. Gemini rules lower education grades K-12 and Sagittarius rules technical schools, trade schools, colleges, universities. Watch the dominoes fall.

Folks, I will be back. I need to get ready to teach three (3) yoga classes back-to-back and I want to add more information about Pluto in Aquarius. I wrote a ton back in September (I think) but I will compile that and place it on a page and link it in the left-side navigation column. I will post on social media when that is complete and alert you right here in this paragraph when it is completed. We are edging and inching closer to Pluto in Capricorn arriving back at 27 degrees and heading toward Aquarius at full steam ahead. Pluto will quickly pass through the final three (3) degrees of Capricorn and then enter Aquarius. It will be swift and action will occur so f-a-s-t, we might not really know what hit us. This is not to scare you, but we all made our decisions. We did. We all claimed to be informed. We are now seeing who was informed and who flat out wasn't. Check back here in a few hours for that information on Pluto in Aquarius, I don't want to leave you hanging.

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