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May 22, 2024 Daily Horoscope on DrStandley.com

Astro Memes for major aspects for May 2024 on DrStandley.com

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The Moon moving through the signs on DrStandley.com

The Moon in Scorpio quincunx Mars in Aries at 2:49 AM EDT. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces at 6:03 AM EDT. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Sun in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius at 11:14 AM EDT where it began in applying degrees on May 14, 2024, it is exact today, and will last in separating degrees until June 1, 2024.

The Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus at 4:24 PM EDT. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

on DrStandley.com

The BIG NEWS today is its the 'Eve' of the Full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow, and the Sun in Gemini will trine Pluto in Aquarius at 11:14 AM EDT today, which has been in the 'orb of influence' since May 14, 2024 until June 1, 2024.

This aspect has a lot of power behind it. Think of how HUGE the Sun is and the power behind it. We know Jupiter is massive, but it is nothing in size compared to the Sun. When you look at a graphic of our Solar System (Solar = Sun), meaning our 'Sun System', you will see just how massive the Sun is in relation to the other planets. You will also see how massive the planet Jupiter is next to Pluto. It's fascinating. Look to the far left of the graphic below and you will see just how massive the Sun is to Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the rest of the planets.

When we think of Pluto, even though it is a dwarf planet, it packs quite a punch, so we always think power = Pluto. You can also think, Pluto/Plutonium. This trine brings more power to those who are already powerful, but it also gives power to those who are powerless (or helpless). Everyone gets a leg up with this aspect.

The powerful already have power, so we may not see much of a difference, but the powerless or helpless are getting a leg up, which can make a HUGE difference. Imagine, a HUGE population of powerless or helpless people getting a leg up and are now standing on their own. Well that's force to be reckoned with and sounds like our political environment.

Solar System on DrStandley.com

Even though the powerful get more powerful, what is important is those with less power now get more power, and see THAT IS a bigass deal. The ego, confidence, security, self-image and boldness in oneself gets ramped up. Perhaps more people will feel the need to stand up and take a stand rather than turn away and pretend like they don't see.

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, those who are in a position of leadership gain more power, at the same time those who are power'less' will grow some guts and will be able to stand up for themselves, if they just would. There is a heightened concentration 'in the spirit' of individuals, which makes them ready to take action. This aspect is most definitely action-oriented as it does not sit on its ass or twiddle its thumbs.

10 Pilate said to Him, "Do You refuse to speak to me? Do You not know that I have authority to release You and authority to crucify You?"

11 Jesus answered, "You would have no authority over Me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed Me over to you is guilty of greater sin." ~John 19:10-11

Look at that! The tattler is the one with the greater sin who is causing the chain reaction. Ya' know, my Mama Bear could not stand tattlers, as it reveals one who is disloyal. She did not take kindly to me and my siblings tattling on each other, so the one who tattled was the one who got in more trouble.

Back to Pilate, God gave him power. God is the one who says an individual can have power. What one does with the power is another thing. And those who obey, follow, accept, worship, idolize and walk behind those in a position of power (celebrity or authority) will have to answer for such compliance, dedication or submission. Keep reading, just a bit more . . .

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Wed. May 22, 2024

Applying degrees begin May 14, 2024
at 11:14 AM EDT
Separating degrees end on June 1, 2024

Sun Trine Pluto on DrStandley.com

Folks, humble yourselves. Never become so smug, lofty, vain, patronizing, proud and hoity toity, that you think you gained power on your own, through your own hard work. Please! That is an ego trip you need NOT go on. If you have power, status, rank and authority, then God gave it to you. Whatever gift you have, you received it from God, now let's see how you channel, use, work and share it.

The Sun trine Pluto is a fantastic aspect if you wish to upgrade, change and evolve into a better person. Even if you are not interested in leading others, or being in a leadership position, this can help in your own personal agenda to better yourself. You have an extra heaping helping of power, what will you do with it?

The Sun naturally rules Leo, which is ALWAYS concerned about growth and self-improvement. After all, everything grows toward the Sun. But let's not forget, the mark of a really great leader is NOT making it all about themselves (that's just ego), instead the mark of a really great leader 'empowers' others to see the greatness in themselves.

This is where the Sun can go dark, when ego sets-in and there is a fall from Grace or an embarassing situation. You don't need that, do you?

Watch the ego when the Sun is shining. The Universe will not respond well to or take a liking to taking advantage of others when 'Graced' with this aspect. The alternative is a 'fall from Grace' publically or in a public forum (social media). After all, you can't miss the Sun and when its out there shining.

So those of you with this aspect showing up in your Solar Return from dates May 14, 2024 until June 1, 2024 with the date of exactness today, make certain you DO NOT ruin a Good thing by throwing your power, weight and ego around. The Universe will thump you in the head so hard, it will prove to be embarrassing.

Think of moving meditations to heighten perception and stimulate the senses. This may show up as walking, yoga, tai chi, hiking or some other form of spiritual moving meditation that can help with hindsight, foresight and insight.

on DrStandley.com

Well folks, we are getting down to the wire. On May 31, 2024 I will STOP writing Natal Charts and Solar Returns through June, July and August 2024. I WILL ALWAYS continue to do phone readings until I turn to Light and leave the planet. But, the Natal Charts and Solar Returns I will pull from my offerings for three (3) months as I will be working on a project that I believe will take me three (3) months to complete. I am workaholic, juggler, super-organized and a Gemini, so I may be finished before my other self knows it. Get your orders in as it may take up to seven (7) days to get your order emailed if there are orders ahead of yours.

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