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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Astro Memes for major aspects for January 2019 on DrStandley.com

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The Moon is in Aries on DrStandley.com

The Moon in Aries square Mercury in Capricorn at exactly 4:05 AM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn at exactly 4:36 AM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius at exactly 7:31 AM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn at exactly 8:31 AM EST. This energy began in applying degrees on January 6, 2019 it is exact today, and it will last until January 20, 2019.

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces at exactly 2:01 PM EST. This energy began in applying degrees on December 2, 2018 it is exact today, and it will last until November 4, 2019.

The Moon in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn at exactly 8:28 PM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

**NOTE -- The 'Quickie Daily Horoscope' is tailored to each Sun Sign, while the 'Extended Daily Horoscope' is just this page and is intended for all 12 Sun Signs to further and deepen your astrological study.

The BIG NEWS today is we have two (2) major aspects occurring, which you probably already saw in the January 2019 Astro Memes, which are accompanied by four (4) lunar aspects as indicated above. In this write-up I will remain focused on the two (2) major aspects instead of the four (4) lunar aspects, although I will say that three (3) out of the four (4) lunar aspects are squares, which is a sharp angle and like having an elbow in your side. So it's a challenging day emotionally speaking since the Moon rules the emotions, feelings, moods and sensitivities. The one (1) trine lunar aspect can easily cause you to self-indulge, over-eat and party watching football all day, get drunk and act stupid. You get me?

Mercury conjunct Saturn on DrStandley.com

The day also begins with Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury rules the mind, mental abilities, meaning how you learn, as well as sales, marketing, promotion and gadgetry. Let's not forget travel within your own locale, state or country. Saturn is the planet of limitation, strictness, discipline and responsibility. Saturn goes by the letter of the law, follows the rules and has a military-like approach. SARG! So this is mental discipline, at its core and foundation. It is SUPER-IMPORTANT that you embrace this mental self-discipline on a day like today, especially if you have a birthday when these two planets are in play. This aspect of painstaking logic, which will help keep your head screwed on straight.

If you have checked-in with the January 2019 Astro Memes or you can just see above in the list of aspects today, that Mercury conjunct Saturn began in applying degrees on January 6, 2019, it is exact today, and it will last until January 20, 2019. So birth dates between January 6th and January 20th will have this aspect in their Solar Return. Not only that, these birth dates will also have Jupiter square Neptune in their Solar Return during this time because Jupiter square Neptune has been impacting us in applying degrees since December 2, 2018, it is exact today, and it will last until November 4, 2019. So right now, both of these aspects are exact today. Those of you with birth dates between January 6th and January 20th will have the strictness of Mercury conjunct Saturn to keep you from over-indulging, over-eating, over-spending, etc. You will have the discipline to control yourselves.

For the rest of us, we will have the discipline to control overselves from January 6th to January 20th, but once the mental discipline is over with, that may be a whole other story.

NOTE - IMPORTANT - EMAIL ME - If I have already written your Solar Return and your birthday is between December 2nd, 2018 and November 4, 2019 pop me an email and I will add more information to your Jupiter square Neptune in your Solar Return. It is that important that you understand the rest of what I am writing below. So it would only be if I wrote your 2019 Solar Return, not your 2018 Solar Return (unless you had a birthday recently from December 2, 2018).

Jupiter Square Neptune on DrStandley.com

This is the classic aspect of 'blind optimism'. Jupiter is the expansive, fat, juicy, lucky, adventurous and abundant planet, while Neptune is the planet of imagination, fantasy and illusion, which can often turn into delusion when the separation between fact and fiction are not realized. Neptune rules drugs, alcohol and anything that could result in escapism.

IT IS IMPORTANT to remember this aspect indicates a great deal of 'natural' Pisces energy simply because Jupiter is the ancient-ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the modern-day ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is also the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Pisces and Sagittarius are natural squares to each other creating challenging energy. So not only do we have squaring signs poking each other in the rib with their elbows (Pisces and Sagittarius), the two planets that naturally rule Pisces are opposed to each other. This is like two siblings fighting. Two planets (like two people) who are supposed to Love each other, instead they are rivalries attempting to sabotage each other's progress. DANG IT! So while Jupiter is amplified in its home placement of Sagittarius and Neptune is amplified in its home placement of Pisces, Jupiter is also amplified in Pisces since it is its ancient ruler, but it is opposing Sagittarius. Arrrrghhhhhh! Talk about confusion and that's all we need is confusion during a Neptune hard aspect (square). Neptune is an oddball and drunk already without any help from the outside world.

Now let's stretch this a bit further, think of Jupiter as a magnifier, like a magnifying glass. Whatever Jupiter touches it is magnified, amplified and expanded. It doesn't matter what Jupiter is touching, it will expand. That means anything good, bad or indifferent, it will expand. Think of Jupiter expanding like a balloon. The balloon either expands to its fullest without popping, or it blows beyond its fullest and blows to smithereens. So if something is 'not good' then it could potentially blow to smithereens. RATS! In this case, since it is touching Neptune, the planet of dreams, drugs, alcohol, chemistry, mental health, the hidden realm, what lies beneath, skeletons in the closet and what you don't what others to see or know about you, then Jupiter will expand this, which is why you are being required to walk a deliberate, conscious and on-purpose path. Jupiter Square Neptune on DrStandley.com

Since Pisces rules the Ocean (Jupiter and Neptune) this aspect is the classic 'bloated belly". The weight you gain is more than likely water-weight gain and not really fat gain, although this aspect can cause you to plump-up with excess fat as well if you are not mindful. Those of you with Jupiter square Neptune in your natal charts know exactly what I'm talking about with this 'bloated belly' and 'double chin'. Your weight looks like fat, but you know its not because you eat right, you exercise and you can also lose weight pretty damn quick when you get your mind straight. Still, Neptune rules the Ocean and Jupiter is expansive, the body tends to bloat and retain water with this aspect. The body retains water because it needs water. So make certain you drink plenty of water to keep the belly bloat at bay. Fill up a gallon jug and do your best to get through that gallon of water every single day. So you will have to urinate frequently, BIG DEAL (pun intended), it will still beat having a bloated belly and puffy eyes and at least the liquid will be in the toilet and not your belly or underneath your chin. Am I right?

There is so much to write about this aspect, it's crazy, but one of THE MOST important is that this aspect can be super-deceptive. Either you are being deceived or you are deceiving others. It's just deceptive and gives a false illusion. You are just fooling yourself. "I only had one beer!" Look at the belly, that'll tell ya'. You can also use the bloated belly as a monitor for your own deception (giving or receiving). Things just aren't as they seem and a lot of time is spent on the 'cover up'. It's like trying to hide the bloat with black yoga pants, but instead yoga pants are really showing everything, the entire form of the body and the exact size. Sorry, but its the perfect delusion/illusion for this aspect. The deception is on the self and not really fooling anyone.

This aspect over-promises and pretty much doesn't deliver. It's a great story, but alas, it's all in the imagination. While the imagination is great, it goes from fantasy to fanatic. It goes from creative to crazy. Unless of course you get a handle on it. The story is a dream, a fairytale or a really big fish story. This is how a person could easily fall in Love with someone and create a relationship in their mind where there is really no relationship at all. IT'S A FAIRYTALE! Hmmmm, sound a bit stalker-ish? I wonder how many stalkers are going to come out of the woodwork during this aspect - December 2nd, 2018 until November 4, 2019.

Jupiter Square Neptune on DrStandley.com

There is a large degree of self-indulgence associated with this placement, which can result in a failure to attain potential success. Self-indulgence could come through having fun, drinking, eating too much and getting tired or lazy, shopping and spending all of the money that you should have invested in your project (dream), which leads to the unrealized dream. You will need to focus on self-discipline. There are too many ideas flowing and projects with flaws that are getting your attention. You are attracted to the wrong things. Stay focused, stay disciplined and do not drink alcohol. And I mean DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL if this aspect is hitting you super-close in degrees. In the charts I write, I do indicate the degrees and a square impacts us up to 08 degrees. The closer to 08 degrees the wider the aspect and the less it impacts us, the closer to 00 degrees the closer the impact. So if you see 01 or 02 or 03 degree orb for this aspect, it is impacting you closely. Today it is at 00 degrees, meaning it is exact. But again, those experiencing a birth day between January 6th to January 20th have the gift of Mercury conjunct Saturn to give them the self-discipline everyone else may be lacking.

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