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Dr. Loretta Standley is an 'Experienced' Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance

Dr. Loretta Standley is an 'Experienced' Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance

Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

eBooks and more

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Mercury in Sagittarius on

Mercury in Sagittarius from November 24, 2021 until December 13, 2021.

Mercury stands for the intellect, common sense, cold reason, commerce and business. Its qualities are fluidity and versatility. Its position and aspects tell us about our communication and learning habits and our modes of thinking. The house that Mercury occupies in your Natal Chart is where these characteristics will manifest the most.

Here is a nice little piece of Mercury trivia for you. Mercury will never be more than one Sun Sign away from the Sun. This means someone who has their Sun in Sagittarius, will have their Mercury within 1 Sun Sign on either side of Sagittarius or it will be in the sign of Sagittarius. This means there are only three possibilities that a Sagittarius Sun Sign individual might have their Mercury in -- Mercury in Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius or Mercury in Capricorn. This helps you guess someone's Mercury even if you don't know their exact birthdate but you know their Sun Sign. You can pretty much rule out Mercury in the opposite sign (Gemini) or the four signs on each side Gemini (Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra) and (Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius). Cool huh?

It is important to note that Mercury in Sagittarius is in its 'Detriment'. The 'detrimental' placement is like a feisty child throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store. Basically, it acts out inappropriately at the wrong time and wrong place. This is because Sagittarius opposes Gemini and Mercury naturally rules Gemini. Sagittarius also squares Virgo, which is also ruled by Mercury. So you can see, this is a double-whammy of a 'detrimental' placement for Mercury. This communication is like a 4 year old asking an overweight woman if there is a baby in her belly. It's just inappropriate communication. The 'Detri-mental' placement is interesting here because Mercury is the 'mental' planet of the zodiac and being in an 'out of place' space can make communication somewhat difficult and probably offensive. There is a demand for mental freedom where there is a tendency to say what one thinks without thinking of the consequences.

This can also lead to social conformity (going along with the crowd) and when carried too far it can lead to hypocrisy because your morals standards may be no better than the next guy.

Sagittarius is the sign of society at large (really large) in fact global. Mercury rules the mind and mental abilities. So here we have codification of social thought and the moral compass. The arm chair philosophers and religious fanatics come out of the woodwork. Pay attention to what others are saying because they are more concerned about the attitude and approach than the facts. Mercury in Sagittarius is out of place and next thing ya' know, one tiny little remark turns into a religious discussion or a political dog fight. This reminds me of when I made a comment on Facebook about grocery shopping and someone else responded with a religious comment. It came out of left field and I thought, "Wow, that is so Mercury in Sagittarius." It was out of place!

Mercury in Sagittarius on

Now pay attention to your energy more than anyone else's because if you are living Life as a hypocrit, then you will be called out on it. In some form or another, if we are all honest with ourselves, we can see how we are hypocrits. Look internally folks, this placement is for you to work on you, not for you to point fingers at someone else's moral code when you are not living within your own.

The Truth or just a plain ol' conversation gets lost and all muddied up with this Mercury placement. In the middle of a conversation, someone interjects or interrupts and takes the conversation in a whole other direction. Getting back to the original topic can be maddening. If you know a person who is a Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn, then the chances of them having Mercury in Sagittarius is high. This makes communication very tough and frustrating because sticking to the original subject matter is like herding cats. The subject matter (or the Truth) of the subject matter is lost because details and factual information are overlooked and not given proper attention. A Virgo or Gemini Sun Sign communicating with this energy can just about make them lose their mind. I'm a Gemini and when I have phone readings with individual's with Mercury in Sagittarius, I have to let them know that I will need to continually reel them back in to the original subject matter. It can be a bit comical once the Mercury in Sagittarius individual sees themselves running off to a different topic, much like a child running to a carnival ride or chasing an ice cream truck. These individuals will likely be labeled ADD (attention deficit disorder) and not necessarily ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). [Keep reading . . . ]

When this energy is harnassed, tamed and controlled, then it can provide the individual with profound insight and quite possibly, prophecy. These individuals can read public opinion like an open book. Mercury rules the mind and Sagittarius is bold, frank and blunt, so this transit will cause all of us to say exactly what is on our mind. Those with this placement in their natal chart always say what is on their mind and now it will just be more of the same, only layers of it. These individuals with Mercury in Sagittarius will often feel as though others are trying to tell them what to think, when maybe others are just trying to get them to shut up. Sorry folks, but Mercury in Sagittarius can make you want to say STFU (Shut the 'f' up) to a lot of people who have diarrhea of the mouth or who can't take a breath long enough to let others speak. This transit is so bold and blunt, there will be a lot of hypocritical accusations thrown around and many cans of worms opened because someone 'went there'.

The nutshell? This transit of Mercury through the sign of Sagittarius has a severe case of 'hoof in the mouth syndrome'. This Mercury transit will say 'orgasm' instead of 'organism'. It will say 'sex' intead of 'text'. It will say 'my girlfriend' instead of 'my wife'. Right! The words may not even be similar and out of the mouth comes an embarrassing moment of Truth that is on the mind. Go figure.

We are going to see a lot of Truth seekers during this transit and then those with this placement in their natal chart will likely let you know that they are the authority of 'Truth'. Depending on how the individual with Mercury in Sagittarius in their natal chart is aspected will tell whether all their sermonizing hits home or falls on deaf ears. Stay Astrologized™.

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