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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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NOTE - All times have been adjusted for Daylight 'Saving' Time.
Please adjust the time for your area of the world.
Central Time subtract 1 hour - Mountain Time subtract 2 hours - Pacific subtract 3 hours


May 2015
Void of Course Moon
When the void moves into the next day it is in RED
The Moon is void of course between
27 degrees of one sign and 3 degrees into the next sign
Compare this to how you feel when you move from one house (residence) to another

The Void Moon Begins
at 27 degrees in one sign

The Void Moon Ends
at 3 degrees in the next sign

After the Void Moon ends at 2 degrees 59 minutes the Moon settles in this sign at 3 degrees

Date Void Begins Time (EDT) Date Void Ends Time (EDT)
Thursday, Apr 30 3:59 am Thursday, Apr 30 4:07 pm Libra
Saturday, May 2 3:55 pm Sunday, May 3 3:39 am Scorpio
Tuesday, May 5 1:35 am Tuesday, May 5 12:50 pm Sagittarius
Thursday, May 7 8:52 am Thursday, May 7 7:40 pm Capricorn
Saturday, May 9 2:08 pm Sunday, May 10 12:35 am Aquarius
Monday, May 11 5:48 pm Tuesday, May 12 3:58 am Pisces
Wednesday, May 13 8:14 pm Thursday, May 14 6:13 am Aries
Friday, May 15 10:03 pm Saturday, May 16 8:02 am Taurus
Monday, May 18 12:21 am Monday, May 18 10:35 am Gemini
Wednesday, May 20 4:33 am Wednesday, May 20 3:21 pm Cancer
Friday, May 22 11:58 am Friday, May 22 11:29 pm Leo
Sunday, May 24 10:50 pm Monday, May 25 10:55 am Virgo
Wednesday, May 27 11:38 am Wednesday, May 27 11:47 pm Libra
Friday, May 29 11:42 pm Saturday, May 30 11:25 am Scorpio
Monday, Jun 1 9:06 am Monday, Jun 1 8:12 pm Sagittarius

Copyright 2000-2015: Dr. Loretta J. Standley - All Rights Reserved.
This Calendar was personally calculated and created by Dr. Loretta Standley and should not be found on any other website.

"If you believe things happen for a reason,
then don't freak out when things do happen, for a reason."
-- Dr. Loretta Standley
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WHEN THE MOON IS "VOID OF COURSE" THERE ARE DELAYS, FALSE STARTS AND UNEXPECTED HASSLES. Some people call this a "curve ball." This is because the moon will be moving between two different signs. This can last between a few seconds, minutes or hours and it can sometimes last a day or two. When the energy is faulty and unexpected, refrain from making decisions because judgment could be faulty because you would be making a decision when all the factors are not known. Do not sign contracts, shop or promise anything during this time. Also refrain from getting your feathers ruffled when the moon is "void of course" because it is better to just submit to spontaneity. How Fun? It can be plenty of fun if you work it right!

The 'Moon' itself describes what your immediate emotional response looks like with regard to daily Life circumstances, everyday affairs and domestic scenes. The Moon is a fast moving planet and changes every 2 - 2 1/2 days. How's that for dynamics and the ebb and flow of relationships? It also represents the attitude that you developed in childhood from your family.

Since the Moon rules the mother, it shows your relationship with your mother, just as Saturday, rules the father and shows your relationship with your father. It may also show dietary habits and preferences with food.

Look at it this way . . . you know how you feel when you move from one house (residence) to another house (residence)? There is a lot of packing, moving about and just general chaos keeping track of all of your stuff in trucks as it's being shuffled from one house to another. Well the energy of a planet preparing to move feels the same chaotic way. Energy is shifting and it feels off balance and cranky to say the least. This is not the time to sign something new or make a new plan while you are in the midst of change. If you notice in the dark blue areas of each of my calendars I call your attention to the 27 to 3 degree time period. So the degrees involved are 27, 28, 29, 00, 01, 02 and up until the start of 03 degrees. I calculate the start of the void at 27 degrees 00 minutes up until 02 degrees 59 minutes 59 seconds . . . once the next second ticks away and the 3 degree mark is reached, then it is out of the void and the planet has settled into the next sign. Now compare this to how you feel when you move from one house (residence) to another and need to get settled. I have checked some of the other Void of Course Moon Calendars out there on the web and I can tell you based on the time zone they have listed, it doesn't make sense and the Moon is 'still' making aspects to other planets. Go figure.

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