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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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MARS KEYWORDS: Energy, aggressiveness, competitive, decisive, action, initiative, impulsiveness, adventurous, quick, rapid, physical energy, headstrong, courage, assertiveness and rash.

Mars in Leo - May 20, 2023 until July 10, 2023. This is a long transit, which will help you get an enormous amount of work or projects accomplished.

Mars is the planet of assertion and drive. Mars (along with the Sun) is the testosterone in the chart. It will describe the degree of force that we go after what we want. Depending on the sign that Mars is in, it will tell us whether we are forceful and confrontational or if we prefer to sit back and watch. It will also reveal what motivates us and what desires drive us most powerfully. The house that Mars occupies in your Natal Chart or Solar Return is where these characteristics will manifest the most.

Did you know that Mars in Leo is some seriously powerful energy? In fact, this is the kind of energy boxers want because it packs a powerful punch. This energy packs such a powerful punch, that with one punch the native with this in their natal chart can knock out their opponent in one punch. This energy can also kill someone in one punch. No kidding! And you know what, it's not even just a physical thing, where the person literally takes their fist and knocks someone out, it can be done verbally or energetically. Like him, Love him or loathe him, President Trump has this placement in his chart as well, and whether you embrace him or not, this is exactly what he uses when knocking out opponents. He also has Pluto in Leo (Pluto = power). I cannot wait to see what he does with his Mars in Leo this summer because he also has Pluto in Leo and is a Leo Rising. Wow Wee! Excitement is sure to come! Actually, it's already here!

Mars in Leo is the physically strongest and emotionally strong-willed placement. It is also the most confident placement. I've been called conceited and egotistical many times, but it pretty much doesn't even bother me, and that is the mark of the 'Mars in Leo' confidence. It is so high in confidence that it actually gives the 'Mars in Leo' native additional power. It's like a "watch this" type of thing. While someone else is hung up and pointing fingers, Mars in Leo counter-punches and moves forward, and the counter-punch does not even have to come through a physical punch.

Never bet or tell someone with Mars in Leo that they can't do something, because you will embarrass yourself and lose. You will see it done tomorrow or that afternoon. In fact, I always say, "Those with Mars in Leo in their chart are so physically strong that they can put a couch on their back and walk up a flight of stairs." My daughter always says this about me because it's True. I have Mars in Leo in my natal chart and the amount of physical strength I have is a bit shocking.

Mars in Leo is strong-willed, determined and does not understand the meaning of the word "can't". In fact, those with Mars in Leo in their natal chart (like myself) cannot even relate to that word. In the movie, "Taken 2" there is a scene where Liam Neesom and his daughter are in a car speeding through a town, she's driving and he's yelling at her where to turn. She keeps saying, "I can't, I can't" several times. Oh that scene just burns me. I almost had to mute the TV because I absolutely cannot stand hearing those words from anyone. It's more like you won't, not you can't because YOU (anyone) can do anything, if you really want to. I found myself yelling at the TV, "Yes you can! Drive you dumb-ass or you will both die!" Oh it just burned me!

Mars in Leo on DrStandley.com

Like him, Love him or Loathe him, President Trump has Mars in Leo and Pluto in Leo. If it makes you feel any better, Hillary Clinton has Mars in Leo as well, only her Mars in Leo conjuncts her Pluto in Leo, both at exactly 14 degrees. That my dear astrotators is 'a powder-keg of nuclear proportion' just waiting to go off. It'll be exciting to see if her ass finally gets handed to her this summer. I'll bring you back to 'a powder-keg of nuclear proportion' in this write-up to remind you.

Naturally I'm partial to Mars in Leo energy because Mars in Leo in my natal Mars placement. It's pretty much cocky energy. You should be partial too because this placement brings with it incredible self-confidence, which in turn inspires self-confidence in others. So I get how my self-confidence, excitement and enthusiasm can be given to others. It is truly infectious energy. I have to admit, if there is one thing I have, it is confidence. I will always take a chance on me and roll the dice on me, because I believe that I am a sure thing and I can count on me.

Now listen, Leo has a huge ego and this needs to be checked or this energy will not work for you. Believe me, I know! LOL! Remember, I have Mars in Leo and I have experience with a big head (ego). Self-confidence is one thing, but over-ego'd is another. I'll be honest, when I first started this website I was all up in myself and what I knew (intellectually) and it being "DrStandley.com". It was about a year after I created this website that I had to change my direction. I had a huge ego check from an intuitive hit, which I call a DLG ™  (Download from God ™ ) that said the site was to be named after me, but it was not about me. It wasn't supposed to be about me being powerful or the all-knowing Dr. Standley, it was about me empowering others. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Incidentally, I have a Moon in Capricorn which carries the motto, "I use therefore I am." So my name is 'used', not 'misused' or 'abused'. This website is not about me, it's about YOU and em'powering' you 'using' my Mars in Leo.

The best thing any of you can do with this Mars in Leo placement is keep that ego in check and use your power to empower. This is not about making you the 'All and Powerful Oz'. I see that my purpose is to 'use' my confidence (and I do have a load of it) and in turn motivate and stimulate others to have confidence (Mars in Leo). Mars in Leo on DrStandley.com It wasn't about me at all. That's when this site turned into being about YOU! It is all about you. I am to use my power to empower. It's not about me getting power and being more powerful and having all the knowledge on any one subject and hoarding what I know. I am to teach you the information. This is why I have to humble my Mars in Leo and use it as an example to show you I have been there and done that. This is also why in many Daily Messages I have used myself and those humbling experiences to show you that I have been where you are now and it is possible to move that mountain.

This aspect reminds me of Popeye. When Mars moves into Leo, spinach can tops are popping off everyone and a lot of people are gulping down their spinach. Watch PRESIDENT Trump!

I'm telling you folks, this is a powerful placement and when channeled appropriately you can move mountains. I always say if you want a mountain moved, then call a Leo. Mars in the sign of Leo and a simple nudge of the shoulder will knock down that mountain. Like I said, this is the kind of energy that boxers want and at that same time, one swift punch can actually kill someone. That's why those with Mars in Leo SHOULD NEVER hit anyone. EVER! I am absolutely serious. With this much energy involved in a placement, the proper channeling is vital.

Mars in Leo can also get you into some serious shape, muscle-wise! You never see a weak muscle-atrophied lion. Okay, maybe the weak brother 'Scar' in The Lion King but that is it. Lions are strong and muscular. In fact, those of us with Mars in Leo usually weigh more than we look (sometimes by 10 or 15 lbs) because our bodies are dense with muscle tissue. Mars in Leo natives develop muscle very easy. For this reason, during Mars in Leo it is a fantastic time to get your body STRONG. Dang peeps, this is the time to get your strong body back! You can actually melt the fat away and be left with muscle. Folks, if you use this Mars in Leo placement then you will see physical results. Use a calorie counter app on your phone or adopt a new lifestyle change and you will likely stick to it during this Mars in Leo transit simply because of the amount of willpower this transit carries. If you needed willpower, then this is the transit to use. MARS IN LEO!

Mars in Leo is extremely self-motivated and doesn't really need to be scared, prompted, pushed or challenged into action. Mars in Leo is self-motivated and action-oriented from the moment the eyes open. BAM! People often ask me, "How do you do it all and where do you get the energy?" My response is always, "Mars in Leo baby!" I'm hyperactive, energetic, self-motivated, stronger than some men (no kidding) and I get more accomplished by 7:00 AM than most people do in a day. It's a gift, called Mars in Leo. If you do not have Mars in Leo in your Natal Chart or Solar Return, then you can grab this gift right now and work it like you own it. This placement 'opportunity' will be available to you until July 10, 2023. That's enough time to get your project not only off the ground but in the mail or displayed with a big sign on it or the website published or that extra weight (fat) off of you. Imagine how much you will inspire others when you are doing your thing. Do your thing folks, do not hold back, humble yourself and keep your ego in check.

And you know what, I sure as hell would not be using this energy to clean out another closet and call that moving a mountain. Nooooooooooooooo! In fact, I would let the dishes go and let the vacuum cleaner sit in the closet while that 'thing' (desire, passion) gets my undivided attention. All of those miscellaneous chores can be distractions during a time like this. Stay on your game, stay focused and move that mountain once and for all. Now get off your ass and go do it!!! Stay Astrologized™

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**This web site's goal is to provide you with information that may be useful in attaining optimal health. Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your physician before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or are taking medications of any kind.

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